• Is there an easy way to create a ortho without distortion

    we area having quite a bit of distortion in our ortho-mosaic generation using uas master
    TIm Janes
    created by TIm Janes
  • How to connect tsc7 to mifi jet pack

    For some reason it won’t connect.  Is there a how to Manual plz?
    mike malling
    created by mike malling
  • Anyone using UASMaster stereo for mapping?

    I am using UASMaster with DJI Phantom 4 Pro images for features extraction. The Best-fit-Stereo tool is automatically selecting 2 images for stereo view of any selected area. The problem is inconsistency in Z value of...
    Rami Kopelman
    created by Rami Kopelman
  • Orthophoto and pointcloud generation without GCP

    Hello, I have enough experience in creating orthophotos and point clouds using the corresponding Ground Control Points (GCP) for the process, however in this case I want to create them without GCP, I heard is possible...
    Santiago Cuevas
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  • Match-AT no_valid_photo_for_adjustment

    In inpho (ApplicationsMaster 8.0) Match-AT is returning the message NO_VALID_PHOTO_FOR_ADJUSTMENT when calculating imagery pyramids. It can often calculate pyramid levels 5 and 4 but cannot go further. Any suggestions...
    Allison Dykstra
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  • R8s Base SP60 Rover

    Hello,     I have a pair of trimble R8s and a Spectra SP60, however I had a problem with an antenna, I now have (1) a Trimble R8s antenna and an SP60 antenna. Is there any option I can enable the trimble R...
    Danilo Rosa
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  • Dji phantom 4 pro process and camera setting error?

    Hi everyone   I ask DJI Phantom 4 Pro process setting in UASmaster.   I'm making all the project settings individually   The extract tie point stage is errored.   Photo in attachment.   A...
    enes saglam
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  • Is there a way to increase printed plan PDF resolution to preserve high resolution imagery?

    Is there a way to increase printed plan PDF resolution to preserve high resolution imagery? I am trying to print plan sets with large GeoTIFF files in the background. The GeoTIFF files are very high resolution (3 cm p...
    Graham Spitzer
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  • SX10 scan station raw sensor value error

    After scanning from two known points and then performing 5 random scan stations, I imported my data into TBC 5.0 and am unable to register the scan station setups due to a Raw Sensor Values error. It looks like all of...
    john blaikie
    created by john blaikie
  • Processing PPK data from DJI Phantom 4 RTK

    Does anyone know if any TBC module can process the PPK data from the new DJI Phantom 4 RTK? We would like to use the PPK functionality (no mobile coverage) without the DJI base station. We also don't want to purchase...
    Caleb Baildon
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  • Using the R10 as base for RTK mapping (NTRIP)

    Hello everyone! I want to link my Trimble R10 (using it with a T10) with a Phantom4RTK for RTK-mapping. I know that it supports the NTRIP service, but i never used it in that way. Maybe someone here already has some...
    Marc Mühleisen
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  • why is point cloud panel doesn't active in TBC v5.00

    after installing the TBC v5.00 the point cloud panel doesnot appear in the workspace.i think problem may be with the licence.how can i get licence  for it.?
  • Positional Accuracy Report for Multiple

    I have just added the Style Sheet - Positional Accuracy Report to my TSC3. I went out, shot a random control point for testing purposes, shot that same point will the same point name. Now, I have exported that point (...
    Keegan Lumley
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  • Resection is inconsistent with 0 backsight Observations

    Hi all, my question is: Where do I go to change the settings for a Resection? I am playing around with Panoramic photos and took 3 panoramic of my site. 2 were taken on Typical Station setup, I didn't have good geomet...
    DeWayne Manon
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  • Techsheet_DTMaster_Stereo.pdf

    Techsheet for DTMaster stereo - DSM / DTM / Pointcloud editing and basic mapping including 3D stereo visualization
    Thomas Koch
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  • How to process phantom 4 pro data

    When I run the tie point extraction command during the process of 2 block flights data acquired by phantom4 pro, this error "Child process Classic AT Blunder Detection terminated unexpectedly" appears. What should I d...
    Enkhbaatar Ulziibaatar
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  • hi my 5700 gps receiver don't detect settelites . i upgrade software to v 2.32 ??

    trimble 5700 receiver
    harry Hamilton
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  • Is there a trimble software that can transform geospatial data into local grids based on parameters in a .dc file?

    I want to transform LiDAR-based point clouds and rasters from a known national grid into a local grid based on transformation parameters in a .dc file.
    Yoel Temin
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  • How can I convert a TSC2 .job file to a usable format?

    We have a .job file from a TSC2 Trimble Unit, and we can't import them to a TSC3 unit, and then export them.  We want a shapefile, or a csv.  Is there a way to convert the files?     The erro...
    Virginia Brink
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  • Can I just create a mosaic?

    I have aerial photography that I want to make a mosaic with it. Is this possible? I have no ground control or flight paths. The file is a JPG that was created by a DJI camera and it has the properties embedded into th...
    James Barnett
    created by James Barnett