• FDM: File Conversion

    Can you convert .fxl to .fcl file format in latest version of FDM?
    David Bowers
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  • Windows 10 Compatibility

    Since our company upgraded to windows 10, Trimble BC locks up when printing a plot box.  Never had problems with Windows 7. Please help.  I've updated to all latest versions of Trimble BC software. 
    Jeff Reinier
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  • Download Trimble Business Center 3.3 e 3.4.

    Where can I download the Trimble Business Center version 3.3 and 3.4. Can someone help me?
    Gustavo Ferreira de Souza
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  • Possible solution for installation/update TBC 5.10

    There is the possibility that some issues and errors show up when installing the update to TBC 5.10. We had customers that couldn't export svd and svl anymore, it kept showing errors. I read some other issues on the ...
    Rick Gillesen
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  • Is there a way to add a different map service(google) to the backgtound map in plan view?

    The DigitalGlobeImagery is very blurry when zoomed in.
    Woody Proffitt
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  • Permanent delete/clean Cloud Segmentation Tool

    Realworks needs a pre-registration cleanup tool (i.e. permanent delete of noise/traffic etc). Basically looking for a permanent delete/ clean cloud segmentation tool to use in registration mode. Preference would ...
    Ronan Kelly
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  • How to update Trimble Access on TSC3 using TIM when have hundreds job files

    Would like to update Trimble Access from version 2016.03 to 2017.23 on TSC3. Using TIM (Trimble Installation Manager) on Windows 10 Enterprise (1903). Problem is that during update TIM disconnects from TSC3 with som...
    Gerardas Viršuta
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  • Network GPS - Physical base station message

    While attempting to log into the local vrs network one of our collectors is giving the following message;   "physical base station information not available. continue and store points as positions"   What ...
    John Alexander
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  • Grid coordinate shifts when changing a coordinate system

    We are changing a coordinate system in an existing TBC project. The office entered grid coordinates are changing by -408mm in the easting and +332mm in the northing when the coordinate systems are changed.&#...
    Liam Jagvik
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  • Renaming Points

    I feel like I'm missing something basic about renaming points in TBC. Say I have a large number of points with duplicate names, and some without: Point1 Point1 Point2 Point2 Point3 Point4 etc...   They a...
    Kevin Johnson
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  • How to connect tsc7 to mifi jet pack

    For some reason it won’t connect.  Is there a how to Manual plz?
    mike malling
    created by mike malling
  • TBC Site Calibration Issue "GNSS base points [1000] are not derived from global GNSS positions"

    Please help, I keep getting the following message:   "GNSS base points [1000] are not derived from global GNSS positions; therefore, GNSS points measured from these base points are not available for the site ca...
    Kevin Clarke
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  • Error - New Base Station Being Used

    Hi,   I'm having an intermittent issue with my GNSS setup:   - SPS855 base receiver - Zephyr 3 Base Antenna - SPS785 Rover Antenna - TSC7 running Siteworks   I'm getting random occurrences of an e...
    Kevin Johnson
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  • Anyone using UASMaster stereo for mapping?

    I am using UASMaster with DJI Phantom 4 Pro images for features extraction. The Best-fit-Stereo tool is automatically selecting 2 images for stereo view of any selected area. The problem is inconsistency in Z value of...
    Rami Kopelman
    created by Rami Kopelman
  • Feature definition manager library - What's the use of choosing either block definition or point definition over the other?

    There are new block definition in the latest FDM library. So what is their use? We have point definition that can take symbols and scale them etc. What can we do now that we could not before and in what circumstances ...
    Todd Jordan
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  • Juno 3b

    Hi  I have code for terrasync 2.53 i instaled  GeoExplorer 2005 series (Windows Mobile Version 5.0) the gps no detected Please whats the solution
    Hamada Afroun
    created by Hamada Afroun
  • Scanning Module: .fls files

    Has the FARO .fls file issue been resolved in TBC 5.10? I'm still have problems with scans taking to long to import and load.
    David Bowers
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  • TBC. Associate Dynaview with Existing Drafting Templates

    Hello,   Newbie question here:   How do I associate a dynaview with an existing drafting template? I created a custom sheetview with my company logo and when I refreshed the view by rebuilding the sheets I...
    Matt Weller
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  • Unregistered snap-in components

    I just upgraded to v5 and I can not access my old .vce files. I get the following window. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but this has not fixed my problem.  Thanks for the help
    James Kiser
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  • Siteworks crash

    I have a customer who has a T7 tablet running  the Siteworks application. It shuts down after receiving this error message. Am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?
    Kirk van Maanen
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