• Automatically detect correct UTM Zones

    Hello everyone, my surveying company regularly does work near the border of UTM Zones 18N and 17N. Thus, it is common that the field crew selects the incorrect UTM zone before completing their fieldwork. I am wonderin...
    Michael Pardassie
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  • Trimble r2 very low accuracy over bluetooth/web apps

    Hi all,   Posted this last week but it seems to have disappeared.   We are using a trimble R2 receiver and the accuracy subscription is RTX viewpoint - however we've noticed when we pair the trimble w...
    Luke Smith
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  • What are the best practices for building site models for machine control?

    I see a lot of information pertaining to corridor modeling on here, but very little about creating surfaces for things like ponds, parking lots, and landscaping areas where alignments aren't used and the only info you...
    john chronister
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  • Nomad 800L

    I recently bought a Nomad 800L in very good condition.  I'm trying to load a version of Survey Pro suitable for this machine.  every link I've located on the Trimble website returns a 404 type response. ...
    Mark Gage
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  • Corridor Instructions Request

    2) request for instruction types inside the corridor. 1. Add an option/instruction to set horizontal offsets from the alignment when using a offset table. Currently, we can use plan view lines and offsets from p...
    Brian Van Pelt
    created by Brian Van Pelt
  • Slow TBC for Large Projects (some solutions)

    So over time I have noticed some best practices for speeding up your project file. I have found some of these best practices in these community forums. But a lot of the effort has been put on projects with Surfaces or...
    Scott Lehr
    created by Scott Lehr
  • A way to copy Feature definitions between FXL's?

    I have TBC 3.81, Feature Library v. Version 2.22.5948.9286  I have the GIS Module and have imported successuflly my GIS  schema. Now, i want to copy between FXL's, Feature definitions. Appears, with two...
    Joel Cusick
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  • TBC not exporting attributes from .csv file...Just a white Question Mark

    Ive carried out a small topographical survey of a construction site using a Trimble R8-s setup with TSC3 logger running Trimble Access 2017/2018. Ive taken a couple of text shots, and other features were measured usin...
    Niall Dunne
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  • Survey Styles & Templates Version Conversion?

    Is it possible to convert .jot & .sty files within TBC? I have .jot & .sty files that I have been using with a TSC3 running Access 2017.23 and I wish to convert these styles and templates so they wor...
    Brandon King
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  • tsc7 insufficient memory

    Has anyone had an issue in that while trying to perform a scan using the sx10, a warning pops up regarding insufficient memory. The TCS7 has plenty of available GB when looking at its C: drive properties, so how can I...
    Scott Sherbut
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  • SAP Business One for Wholesale and Distribution

    SAP Business one is a solution to many challenges that Wholesale and Distribution market faces daily. The software helps you to manage cost, inventory or stock management and much more. SAP Business One prepackaged an...
    SAP Business One
    created by SAP Business One
  • Trimble SiteWorks stake out point.  How to turn off the popup menu?

    Hi, I'm an Surveyor for large construction company. I've used both Trimble and Topcon.  I've been using both systems for the past 5 years.   I was thinking of creating a small program that works in the back...
    Greg Timmons
    created by Greg Timmons
  • NAIP Imagery in Trimble Business Center

    I just figured out how to display a background map in Trimble Business Center. According to the help file, I should be able to chose from the following background maps: Trimble Mapview with OpenStreet Map data Trimb...
    Andrew Milanes
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  • Trimble Access Emulator for 2017.23 (18392)?

    Is it possible to download a Trimble Access Emulator for release version 2017.23 (18392)? I have the 2019.01 version but most of crews run 2017.23 on their data collectors so that would be the version I would like to ...
    Brandon King
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  • Hi i have problem in the send my background file

    I have problem in the send my background file to my range so its no available to send
    Hamada Afroun
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  • Internet Download of CORS Data

    I can't seem to get the Trimble Reference Station List in the Internet Download to work. The "Automatic Download" options is grayed out. Any idea how to take advantage of this as opposed to manually downloading CORS d...
    Sam Billingsley
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  • Firmware 1.82 or 1.80 for  trimble pro xh

    Hi I need firmware for trimble pro xh 1.82 or 1.80 can any one help me Thanks
    Hamada Afroun
    created by Hamada Afroun
  • Can you add units description to contour label in TBC?

    Is there a way to add the unit (as in "USFT") description to the contour labels in TBC?
    Sam Billingsley
    created by Sam Billingsley
  • Trimble Scan Explorer Viewer (Publisher) not Working after Windows update

    Hi there   The Publisher does not work after the latest Windows update.   It tells me I need to install .Net Framework 4.7.1.   When I do, it says its is installed or a newer version is installed ...
    Quintin König
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  • Siteworks crash

    I have a customer who has a T7 tablet running  the Siteworks application. It shuts down after receiving this error message. Am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?
    Kirk van Maanen
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