Efreen Diaz Diaz
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  • Merging calibrations

    Hi Does anyone know how to merge calibrations? When completing stage apon stage on the same site theirs a frustration about starting a new job file each time. Anyway of merging them all? Hi has anyone merged cal...
    Pasquale Gattuso
    created by Pasquale Gattuso
  • Is there an easy way to create a ortho without distortion

    we area having quite a bit of distortion in our ortho-mosaic generation using uas master
    TIm Janes
    created by TIm Janes
  • How to connect tsc7 to mifi jet pack

    For some reason it won’t connect.  Is there a how to Manual plz?
    mike malling
    created by mike malling
  • Anyone using UASMaster stereo for mapping?

    I am using UASMaster with DJI Phantom 4 Pro images for features extraction. The Best-fit-Stereo tool is automatically selecting 2 images for stereo view of any selected area. The problem is inconsistency in Z value of...
    Rami Kopelman
    created by Rami Kopelman
  • Orthophoto and pointcloud generation without GCP

    Hello, I have enough experience in creating orthophotos and point clouds using the corresponding Ground Control Points (GCP) for the process, however in this case I want to create them without GCP, I heard is possible...
    Santiago Cuevas
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  • R8s Base SP60 Rover

    Hello,     I have a pair of trimble R8s and a Spectra SP60, however I had a problem with an antenna, I now have (1) a Trimble R8s antenna and an SP60 antenna. Is there any option I can enable the trimble R...
    Danilo Rosa
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  • Dji phantom 4 pro process and camera setting error?

    Hi everyone   I ask DJI Phantom 4 Pro process setting in UASmaster.   I'm making all the project settings individually   The extract tie point stage is errored.   Photo in attachment.   A...
    enes saglam
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  • New controller

    TSC7 - Why that direction? Am I the only eveyday surveyer which are unhappy with the size and weight of the new TSC7 controller? Me and many og my coworkers would very much prefer a TSC3 size housing with an upgrade...
    Allan Sommerlund
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  • Is there a way to increase printed plan PDF resolution to preserve high resolution imagery?

    Is there a way to increase printed plan PDF resolution to preserve high resolution imagery? I am trying to print plan sets with large GeoTIFF files in the background. The GeoTIFF files are very high resolution (3 cm p...
    Graham Spitzer
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  • Processing PPK data from DJI Phantom 4 RTK

    Does anyone know if any TBC module can process the PPK data from the new DJI Phantom 4 RTK? We would like to use the PPK functionality (no mobile coverage) without the DJI base station. We also don't want to purchase...
    Caleb Baildon
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  • Using the R10 as base for RTK mapping (NTRIP)

    Hello everyone! I want to link my Trimble R10 (using it with a T10) with a Phantom4RTK for RTK-mapping. I know that it supports the NTRIP service, but i never used it in that way. Maybe someone here already has some...
    Marc Mühleisen
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  • UASMaster not using all CPU cores

    Hello,   We are currently trialing UASMaster and have found the final process only uses a single core. The documentation states it supports up to 16. I have set the CPU affinity to use 16 of the 18 available. Is...
    Yinkma Zchmalya
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  • Positional Accuracy Report for Multiple

    I have just added the Style Sheet - Positional Accuracy Report to my TSC3. I went out, shot a random control point for testing purposes, shot that same point will the same point name. Now, I have exported that point (...
    Keegan Lumley
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  • [UASMaster 9.0.2 the referenced geoid egg97_eu/qg_g10’_15’.hdr was not found in the database

    I’m using UASMaster 9.0.2 bundled with TBC V4.10.1. I tried the UAS Master tutorial found in Help menu >Tutorials>English>UASMaster… and I can’t set the project coordinate system.   ...
    Aurélien Di Meo
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  • How to process phantom 4 pro data

    When I run the tie point extraction command during the process of 2 block flights data acquired by phantom4 pro, this error "Child process Classic AT Blunder Detection terminated unexpectedly" appears. What should I d...
    Enkhbaatar Ulziibaatar
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  • hi my 5700 gps receiver don't detect settelites . i upgrade software to v 2.32 ??

    trimble 5700 receiver
    harry Hamilton
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  • Different IFC placement in TCD and Trimble Connect Web

    Hello, I have two IFC 2x3 models coming from Revit which have been exported with the "shared coordinates" configuration. TC Web and TCD show them differently (TCD is correct). Is there a way to have the correct pos...
  • How can I convert a TSC2 .job file to a usable format?

    We have a .job file from a TSC2 Trimble Unit, and we can't import them to a TSC3 unit, and then export them.  We want a shapefile, or a csv.  Is there a way to convert the files?     The erro...
    Virginia Brink
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  • Can I just create a mosaic?

    I have aerial photography that I want to make a mosaic with it. Is this possible? I have no ground control or flight paths. The file is a JPG that was created by a DJI camera and it has the properties embedded into th...
    James Barnett
    created by James Barnett