• Exporting 3D Models into Sketchfab

    Hi   My company uses UAS Masters and TBC to create point clouds and 3D models.   We would like to be able to share our work with our clients through Sketchfab (Not Sketchup) or anything similar.   We...
    David Ryan
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  • TSC7 not connect with Trimble R8-2

    my Tsc 7 not connect with Trimble R8-2 (with two devices) but for example with R6 model 1 is working   any ideas?
    Dariusz Szczecinski
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  • How to edit Legal Description Writer

    I have been looking at the legal description writer, and I was hoping for a little more customization. Am I missing something or can I not have the legal description writer pickup the points the parcel passes though? ...
    James Barnett
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  • Uses of Laser Rangefinder

    We are currently looking at possibly purchasing a Bluetooth laser rangefinder that will connect to our TSC3s and TSC7s. We think this will be useful for measure downs when the box has low flow or is dry, but we are no...
    James Barnett
    created by James Barnett
  • Trimble Catalyst precision issues

    I'm interested your experiences of the Trimble Catalyst product. I purchased the DA-1 antenna and a Catalyst precision subscription six months or so ago and for me it's been less than awesome in its performance. ...
    Tony Gilbert
    created by Tony Gilbert
  • Using laser catcher with 2D Earthworks

    Has any one had any experience using a laser catcher with 2D Earthworks on an excavator? It is doing all sorts of funky things. Some times after setting the bench mark on the ground and then catching the laser. I woul...
    Nathan Larden
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  • Product registration - TerraSync

    Greetings   Back in March of 2018, I paid for 3 software maintenance agreements through Pacific Survey Supply for 3 TerraSync software.   When I look at the "My Products" page, I do not see that my softwar...
    Lindsay Large
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  • Why Trimble doesnt have a Convert to RINEX for MAC OSX ?

    With so many MAC users it would be a great idea for Trimble to create an app that Converts to RINEX for MAC OS X
    Alexander Holsteinson
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  • Limit on Custom Export from TSC3

    Hi Trimble Users,   I've encountered this problems  few times recently and I'm wondering if there is a way around it.   I have completed driving surveys with the continuous topo running before but cou...
    Kim Rose
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  • TBC Spreadsheets

    In TBC under Project Settings / View, there is a Point Spreadsheet that can be edited in a limited way by showing or hiding columns. Can we please have the ability to add the 3 columns containing the 95% positional er...
    Jesse Kozlowski
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  • Equipment Manager Has Moved To AllTrak

    Trimble Equipment Manager has been discontinued within the Insphere portal, and has moved to the Trimble AllTrak service. For more information about migrating your account and data, please contact support at: Glo...
    Michael Dix
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  • upgrading ssd drive

    Hello,   I bought a new HP PC with a 250 GB SSD and 2 TB hard drive, I would like to install a 500 GB SSD. I have created a copy of the Windows 10 ISO file on a DVD. After I install the new SSD drive do I just r...
  • New Spectra Green Beam Pipe Lasers

    Just heard about these today, did not get much information so asking around to see who may have more and start a discussion on them...Like does the DG813 also come with a green beam? 
    Blake Oliver
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  • A quick list of ideas for Trimble product development teams

    Traverse Kits - boresight, or "coarse sight" like on total stations, on top of prism "can" for more accurate aiming, would help on vertical aiming for sure Tribrachs - laser engrave the accuracy of the bullseye leve...
    Jeff Jalbrzikowski
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  • Trimple Connect Server reactivity

    I am using the European server, and on the web interface I notice that the it randomly becomes frustratingly slow : Any input requires many seconds to get update and feedback ; if I start typing an e-mail address to ...
    last modified by osuire@gmail.com

    I've recently did a firmware update on a Trimble S6 DRplus but the process was interrupted and when i restart the firmware update tool, the S6 is not detected but it is detected by the laptop as ARM7 SATELLITE. attach...
    last modified by emanwelli@gmail.com
  • The next Trimble Rxx receiver's wishlist

    Lets face it  the R10 has been too long in the market without any enhancements so please feel free to suggest them here: 1.-   USB-C port (for power, LAN, data) 2.-   Long range Bl...
    Alexander Holsteinson
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  • Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

    What is Android Device Protection, or Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?Google Android™ OS based devices such as the MM50 or TDC100 provide built-in security features you can use to protect your device and informati...
    Matthias van Doorn
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  • RTCM 1021-1023

    Hello For a last two weeks my colleague and me are trying to use RTCM 1021 and 1023 massages. I have R8s receiver with latest firmware 5.20 and TSC with latest Trimble Access software. In General survey user manual w...
    Dzevad Krdzalic
    created by Dzevad Krdzalic
  • Inpho, UASMaster, TBC Photogrammetry - Luftbildphotogrammetrie und Fernerkundung Version 8.0 (2016)

    Unserem Anspruch entsprechend, unsere Softwarelösungen fortwährend zu verbessern, können wir heute unsere neue Produktversion 8.0 für all unsere Inpho Module vorstellen. V8.0 enthält eine Rei...
    Thomas Koch
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