• Renewing TBC HASP key license

    Hello,   I am trying to renew the license on one of our TBC keys and a, getting an error (attached). Any ideas?   Thanks
    Cael Neathamer
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  • csd problem

    I am having trouble with my CSD file in TBC. When I want to change system I get this message The newly selected coordinate system is invalid   It was working fine. How do I specify where TBC looks for CSD file...
    Mark Booth
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  • *Check for Updates - SiteVision AR Exporter*

    Dear TBC Users,   Please see 'Check for Updates' in TBC to download the updated SiteVision AR Exporter enabling you to export points, lines, surfaces, areas, CAD objects, and utilities module objects from your pr...
    Jeffrey Ryan
    created by Jeffrey Ryan
  • Importing a POD point cloud

    Has anyone come accross a point cloud in the format of a *.pod extension? I have received one and cannot find anything (apart from having to purchase Bently) that says it recognises the file. Any help would be ap...
    Julian Flynn
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  • Re-usable material in Corridor Modelling

    Is it possible to model a corridor of say a road where the existing road surface is to be milled and re-used in a structural layer of the new road? From what I have seen so far even if I nominate the existing road lay...
    Julian Flynn
    created by Julian Flynn

    I am looking for, or want to create a REVIEW JOB REPORT or style sheet.  A report of everything done on a .job from x date to y date.  hoping for a cleaner version of the FBK FILE.xsl or SURVEY REPORT.X...
    DeWayne Manon
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  • A problem in the TBC v5.20 and Feature Definition Manager when importing user defined line styles contained in a DWG file

    Hello to anyone,   I experienced a problem, when I tried to import into a TBC v5.20 project, the user defined line styles which were contained in a DWG file (the DWG file was created from original MicroSTATION D...
  • Curve Line Control Curve

    Hello Everyone,    I have been implementing many line control codes and I would really like to see a line control code that both spirals into the adjacent straight lines as well as generate a smooth cu...
    Michael Pardassie
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  • Trimble Access 2019.10+ LINE ISSUES

    In TA 2019.10 the ability to see the name of the linestring as it is in TBC is a nice feature that has been sought after.  But the step forward also seems to have an issue to complement it: before when you select...
    Cary Williams
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  • Is it possible to create a 2D smooth curve upon export to DWG?

    When we export from TBC to a DWG, the 3D lines that are curved are line segments. I have seen they are spaced about 1-2 feet along the curve. I would like to have TBC export a 2D smooth line with no segments or have t...
    Garrett Brown
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  • Base setup on R10 via Bluetooth from TSC3 controller clears all Bluetooth ports

    We have designed an application to read NMEA data from a R10 via NMEA over Bluetooth ports.  Everything works as long as the ports are setup to export the NMEA string via Bluetooth correctly.  However we hav...
    Tony E
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  • A Problem with drawings coming from Line Type Editor after importing them into Layer manager (TBC v5.20)

    Hello anybody,   I defined a new line symbol (a line with some signs) for fence using Line Type Editor utility included with TBC v5.20 as follows (see Picture 1).   I saved it as a n...
  • My trimble nomad doesn't load windows mobile

    I have a problem with my name and it does not load the windows gives some errors: Boot loader V08031218 Error: no boot partition found. Windows CE not Loaded   Can someone help me solve this problem?
    Gabriel Marquez
    created by Gabriel Marquez
  • Porque trimble access no se conecta a mi radio pasific crest

    Porque Trimble Acess no se me conecta a mi radio Pacific Crest PDL 4535, se queda conectando y nunca logra conectarse. He probado con varios colectores y varias versiones; Survey Pro, Survey Controller y otros program...
    Gabriel Marquez
    created by Gabriel Marquez
  • Problem importing files in TBC time conflict.

    I am using Trimble R 5 that logs .dat and .T02 files. One file is of duration 6 hour and othe one of 6 hour 15 sec. TBC is not allowing to import the file at the same time as it gets time conflicts.I want to know the ...
    Indrajit Patra
    created by Indrajit Patra
  • *Check for Updates - Coordinate System Database v89*

    Dear TBC Users,   Please see 'Check for Updates' in TBC to download the new Coordinate System Database v89 for new or updated coordinate systems, zones, datum transformations, ellipsoids, and geoid models.  ...
    Jeffrey Ryan
    created by Jeffrey Ryan
  • AMD Ryzen 9 and TBC?

    Does anyone know of any known issues with running TBC on a CPU with an AMD Ryzen 9 processor? I install TBC on a new CPU this afternoon and received a runtime error on initial startup of TBC. will post a screenshot
    john blaikie
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  • price of products?

    In the US it seems to be somewhat easier to get product prices. Why can't we get the same in Europe? Why can't manufactures start listing prices again? Surely it's counter-productive not displaying prices or even ...
    kieran o'shea
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  • kmp_affinity warning

    I have a kmp_affinity warning coming up with TBC v5 saying affinity not supported. Anybody know what this actually does and how will it effect my user experience? I am running an amd ryzen threadripper which apparent...
    Wayne Heaslip (alternate)
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  • Editing dini dat files

    I would like to edit a dat file from the field but when I do this in a text editor, the file becomes unreadable in TBC.  Is there a specific text file type that I need to save the file as after the edits?  I...
    Tyler Mikkelson
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