• Changing Coordinate Systems From One To The Other?

    Hello, I recently went and shot a job site and when setting up my rover i selected the wrong coordinate system best of my knowledge. When I returned to my office to build the model I noticed I had selected the w...
    Damon Evans
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  • export todos to excels

    Hello, Since 3 days i try to recieve a excel file of todos i ask on trimble connect web for the project of IRRIGO.   i dont recieve it and in my spam i have nothing.   normaly how many time in maximum we ...
    julien merlet
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  • coordinate system for CenterPoint RTX Post Processing Service

    hello everyone...... about Trimble center point RTX Post processing Service .....  I'm just asking about the coordinate systems which in here, I'm working in medal east IRAQ, normally we are using the UTM-WGS84 S...
    Mohammed A.Homadi
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  • Convert TGO Project command - End of Life Announcement

    Hello TBC users, The Convert TGO Project command used to migrate data from TGO to TBC will be sunset effective September of 2020. Please review the attached document for more information.    Than...
    Jeffrey Ryan
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  • Anyone knows NetR5 repair centers?

    Have several Trimble NetR5 that require replacing their internal battery and some other minor repairs such as GPS port replacement.     Does anyone here know companies in the USA that service the NetR5 ...
    Alexander Holsteinson
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  • TBC Support Note - Blue screen | Windows 10 version 2004 (May Update)

    Hello TBC Users,    Two issues affecting Trimble Business Center (TBC) have been identified in association with Windows 10 version 2004 (May Update). When installing Trimble Business Center (TBC) on a PC ru...
    Jeffrey Ryan
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  • establish new BMs by DGPS Trimble R10

    Hi there, I don't think if I send this asking message in the right place, I'm asking about establishing new BMs according to 2 references points. because I don't have full idea about the new Techn and programs which u...
    Mohammed A.Homadi
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  • 3Dmouse Space Navigator support in TBC

    Hello,   does TBC supports 3D mouse 3DConnexion - SpaceNavigator ? I can navigate with this 3Dmouse in TBC 2D map view, but in 3D view it does not work.      Thank you very much Best regards ...
    Matej Oros
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  • Corridor Overlap Smoothing

    Hello   I am trying to built a corridor model but am having some issues on changes in direction.   Where the corridor makes a turn the grade of the surface becomes irregular and often there are gaps in the...
    Sam Williams
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  • Can UASMaster manually add extra tie points in the project

    Hi, I am using UASMaster to do 3D reconstruction. I used GCPs in my project as well, but the accuracy is not good. Thus, I want to ask is there a function that extra tie points can be added manually in the project to...
    Yajie Liu
    created by Yajie Liu
  • Trimble R10 Model 2 and scs900 connection issues

    Hi,   We have a mixed fleet of receivers and have recently tried to connect a R10 Model 2 without success to scs900(v3.74 on a TSC3),   It is displayed in the receiver list after being added through Window...
    Tim Leah
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  • machine Earthworks software - reference (selected) coordinate system

    Where, on the machine Earthworks software, I can check coordinate system/site calibration in use for the project? thanks
    Pawel Kotnis
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  • How can we insert a customized .CSD file in a TSC7 with Site Works installed,in other words would like to know the root folder to save the .CSD file ?

    How can we insert a customized .CSD file in a TSC7 with Site Works installed,in other words would like to know the root folder to save the .CSD file ?
    Arun Kanth
    created by Arun Kanth
  • Tuning autos

    Has anyone had luck tuning autos on a excavator in Earthworks? Or is there anything that you would recommend to speed up the process? Do you have any "default" settings that you use?   I am basically just usi...
    Chris Pelzel
    created by Chris Pelzel
  • HCE Corridor Surface Rebuild Error

    I am working on a large project, nine miles on an interstate highway. I have a surface created by a corridor that shows an error even after rebuild (set to by user).     How can I find out what is causing...
    Andy Griner
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  • Local Zone Position GSOF message fields eastings and northings order

    What is the correct ordering of the Local Zone Position GSOF message fields as far as the Northing and Easting fields are concerned?   On the Trimble website found here: GSOF messages: LLH  The descriptio...
    Brendan Betke
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  • The antenna height converted to APC

    I tried use TBC and Convert TO Rinex tool, Whether using TBC or Convert to Rinex, the converted Rinex file antenna-height always at the bottom of the antenna. I know that TGO can convert to the antenna phase center。...
    junning wang
    created by junning wang
  • Why does my Plan View keep losing viewable data?

    I keep losing my Plan View when I import CAD files. I generally work with the Gridlines turned-on, when this happens I lose my Gridlines, even though it show as "on", the Scale bar disappears and no data is visible in...
    Peter Hamilton
    created by Peter Hamilton
  • Siteworks emulator V1.20 does not show project info

    I have Siteworks emulator V1.20 installed and when I go to open a project nothing shows up. I see the list of projects but no matter what project I try to open it does have any info on the screen. Not sure what is goi...
    Tom Silicato
    created by Tom Silicato
  • Baseline Processing, SV Tracking

    Hello All   More of a 'what is this question' for my own understanding.   I've attached two PDF pages from a baseline processing report as a typical example from the SV Tracking section.   Theres lot...
    aaron bundy
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