• Precise Orbit download fail in TBC

    In trying to download precise orbits using the "Internet Download" tool in TBC, I get a message about an error occurring "while trying to log in to cddis.nasa.gov", stating I should check my username and password (see...
    Marianne Okal
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  • S8 BS/FS Distance differences of up to 5mm @100m when measuring to reflective tape or surface but not prism?

    As the title says im getting significant differences at times with my BS/FS when measuring to an effectively perpendicular surface, and i cant figure out the cause. The key points here:   done a comp calib, hz, ...
    Angus Keane
    created by Angus Keane
  • In Trimble  Access how do you inverse between the endpoints of 2 separate lines?

    In Trimble Access how do you inverse between the endpoints of 2 separate lines? (From a linked dxf file)
    Chris Webster
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  • Why when I DXF export a points file the attributes come in as metric and the properties show the points in US Units?

    When I complete a survey we often DXF Export to an AutoCAD file and the point attributes come in with metric values but the properties show US properties.  How can I resolve?? 
    Kevin Wendell
    created by Kevin Wendell
  • Phantom 4 rtk camera

    What setting I have to set in camera setting for phantom 4rtk in uasmaster camera dialoge? Is it differ if the pictures are distortion or undistorted..  Is the phantom 4 pro camera define in the database is goo...
    Ns Hb
    created by Ns Hb
  • How to get money off Cash app without card on a cell phone?

    Cash app makes your exchange simple from your cell phone. Thus, to realize how to get money off Cash app without card, you have to guarantee that you didn't attempt to utilize any pre-loaded card there. Further, ...
    Emma Emily
    created by Emma Emily
  • Discrepancy in TRM55971.00 antenna calibration

    Hey Everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has noticed a discrepancy in the vertical phase offset in the Zephyr 2 Geo antenna (TRM55971.00 NONE)? The label on the bottom has it at 8.564cm, the Trimble...
  • Exporting Data

    Hello,    I'm trying to export data within the Trimble Connect account to my email as a csv file. I have exported numerous times; however, I'm trying to export the full 148 assets. After inputting everythin...
    Cole Thompson
    created by Cole Thompson
  • DragnDrop Cad line with keys

    Hi all.   I have found that I can use shift-key while DnD end-point (or other points in the cad-line) and it guides me only in 90% direction (XY) move from that point.  DnD+CTRL-key helps to move the whole...
    Luboš Bejček
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  • Quicker V10

    Good afternoon, We own a V10 and we use it mostly to record the state of the site from time to time. One of the things that stops us to use it more is that it is a bit slow. I wonder if now that Trimble rolled out th...
    William maestre larrad
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  • JOB file from TSC7 cannot export Design coordinates by Stakeout

    I have a JOB file was create as a new file with GNSS template. After a open this project I import CSV file as a grid points (ID, East, North, Elevatin, Note). After working with this points by stakeout its I can expor...
    Evžen Hlavica
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  • Query Elevation on Isopach

    Can anybody recommend an easy way to query the elevation value on an Isopach, anywhere on the surface not just at the triangle vertices?
    Richard Selby
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  • S9 suddenly froze and disconnected. Possible corruption of file.

    I was using my S9 and TSC7 to do some basic monitoring which included shooting retro targets. During the monitoring, the instrument would not respond to me turning the screws on the side to aim it. The controller then...
    Jody Savage
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  • I am unable to use 0,0 in my local site settings in TBC 5.3 when projecting from grid to ground. Is anyone else having this issue. I haven't had any problems using 5.1 and earlier.

    I have always used 0,0 in my local site settings when projecting from grid to ground using NAD83 State Plane Coordinates. In TBC 5.3 it now states my "projection is out of bounds" when trying to apply these setti...
    Sean Shropshire
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  • IFC and TTM in SiteVision

    Hi!   I am trying to make a complete model of the worksite that I am on to make it easy to understand what it is that we are building for people that are visiting the site.   In doing this I have a couple ...
    Håkan Pettersson
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  • Demo-License RealWorks

    Hi all!   Anyone knows where i can get a demolicense for RealWorks today, a saturday?  I have a project with a lot of scans from X7 ans SX10 wich i am using in TBC but i would really like to see what i can...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Orthophoto segmentation not in TRW 11.2 and 11.3

    Within Orthophoto in TRW 11.2 and now 11.3, the segmentation tool has been removed. Is this permanent? Or is there a work around for producing multiple images of parts of the point cloud without having to break it up ...
    Martin Watts
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  • Billing in TILOS.

    Revenue Recognition we can do in TILOS as Income, But how we can configure Billing in TILOS. As TILOS show Income or Cost on the basis of the progressed part. But raising Bill will be different, So how can we do it in...
    Rahul Singh
    created by Rahul Singh
  • IBSS not selectable in Siteworks/SCS900 anymore, but no problems with machines

    Hi, I've run this through our local SITECH support already but they haven't found an explanation yet. Maybe one of you guys has come across that issue.   We've got several Trimble Panasonic Toughpads running t...
    Ronny Schneider
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  • 3D view rotation not working in TBC v5.32

    I am running the latest version of Trimble Business Center v5.32 and I am having difficulty rotating in the 3D view. It works occasionally and does not seem to be related to a particular job or how much information is...
    Stefan Taschner
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