• Im trying to use the corridor cut sheet macro. I would like to be able to get a comparison between fg and existing grade from a corridor at every 100' station. Is this possible in this report. Also when I try to launch this macro I get an error message

    Using corridor cut sheet for 100' stations?
    jason owen
    created by jason owen
  • is there a way if I have scanned cross section and created surface to then put them in a corridor at one time or do you have to do them one section at a time?

    I have scanned pdf cross sections and created surface out of them. I would like to take that surface and put in a corridor all at one time. we figured out how to do one cross section at a time.
    jason owen
    created by jason owen
  • Curve Line Control Curve

    Hello Everyone,    I have been implementing many line control codes and I would really like to see a line control code that both spirals into the adjacent straight lines as well as generate a smooth cu...
  • Automatically detect correct UTM Zones

    Hello everyone, my surveying company regularly does work near the border of UTM Zones 18N and 17N. Thus, it is common that the field crew selects the incorrect UTM zone before completing their fieldwork. I am wonderin...
    Michael Pardassie
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  • Trimble r2 very low accuracy over bluetooth/web apps

    Hi all,   Posted this last week but it seems to have disappeared.   We are using a trimble R2 receiver and the accuracy subscription is RTX viewpoint - however we've noticed when we pair the trimble w...
    Luke Smith
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  • Any way to invert the Z values of a point cloud in TBC?

    When merging Hydrographic Multi Beam data with terrestrial point clouds there is often a need to invert the Z value only on the hydrographic point cloud as most hydrographic software reads a positive Z value as a dept...
    Kevin Lesika
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  • What are the best practices for building site models for machine control?

    I see a lot of information pertaining to corridor modeling on here, but very little about creating surfaces for things like ponds, parking lots, and landscaping areas where alignments aren't used and the only info you...
    john chronister
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  • Trimble TBC - Property Panel Locked / Greyed Out

    How do you unlock the properties pane   It's currently greyed out, so I'm unable to change the setting     thanks for your help in advanced
    Gavin Jones
    created by Gavin Jones
  • Nomad 800L

    I recently bought a Nomad 800L in very good condition.  I'm trying to load a version of Survey Pro suitable for this machine.  every link I've located on the Trimble website returns a 404 type response. ...
    Mark Gage
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  • Corridor Instructions Request

    2) request for instruction types inside the corridor. 1. Add an option/instruction to set horizontal offsets from the alignment when using a offset table. Currently, we can use plan view lines and offsets from p...
    Brian Van Pelt
    created by Brian Van Pelt
  • How to make one surface take precedence over another

    Im trying to create a combined, existing grade surface in order to model a design layer on top and get corresponding cut/fill and mass haul maps. I have a LIDAR file from a year ago, as well as a survey that covers an...
    Kaden Dauter
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  • Sysque user ?

    Hi I would like to know if theres any Sysque user in here ?
    John Monds
    created by John Monds
  • Export dwg from TBC erases all line work, and it is not exported

    We created line work from csv files in tbc and created surfaces. When we export a dwg file to be used in C3D, all the line work disappears in TBC, and what is left is only labels. These labels are seen in the dwg file...
    Juan Serpas
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  • Looking for Status Sharing functionality in the web application 3D Model Viewer

    On the mobile application, under Features, there is an option to visualize and update Statuses.   Where is this feature on the web application?
    Phil Lutz
    created by Phil Lutz
  • Does TBC version 5.x support reverse baseline flow functionality? I can't seem to find the ability or the command.

    TGO had the ability to flip the direction of a vector or baseline when performing static surveys by right clicking on the baseline. Is this function supported in Trimble Business Center?
    Mel Philbrook
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  • TSC7 R10 bluetooth connection issue

    I am trying to connect my TSC7 via bluetooth to my R10 unit and it will not connect.  I keep getting the error "Try connecting your device again".  Does anyone know why and how I can connect.
    Ralph Wakeling
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  • String name label - color in Cross section View

    Is there way to change color for String Names on Cross section View to match surface color?? Please see attached. Slop label match surface color but String Names don't - all are red.
    Radoslaw Myszak
    created by Radoslaw Myszak
  • TDC600 USB connect is not recognized under Windows 10

    Hi, do someone know how to fix the issue, that the TDC600 is not recognized under Windows 10 via USB connection? I get the following error message.      Connection to other PC´s is working, so...
    Martin Westers
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  • Is there a basic online course for modeling

    My company wants me to start doing some of our modeling rather than outsourcing it. Wanted to know if there were some on the Trimble site or library that started with the basics.
    josh erwell
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  • Slow TBC for Large Projects (some solutions)

    So over time I have noticed some best practices for speeding up your project file. I have found some of these best practices in these community forums. But a lot of the effort has been put on projects with Surfaces or...
    Scott Lehr
    created by Scott Lehr