• NotConnectedException

    Hello, We're getting the following exception from the Trimble Catalyst Android SDK. We're using the CatalystFacade to interface with the Trimble DA1. The stack trace below shows up in the playstore with no additional...
  • Feature Definition Manager - Create/Edit Layer Groups

    Hi there.   While assigning a point or line code to a layer within Feature Definition Manager, you are able to edit the name/colour/line-style/group etc. However, I am unable to create a new later group. &#...
    Barney Brotherhood
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  • All Trimble Business Center software owners please update its Trimble Configuration Utility asap

    Trimble Configuration Utility To eliminate the possibility of getting a leap second error in this Trimble software (and any other software that updates with Trimble Configuration Utility) please update as soon as po...
    Alexander Holsteinson
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  • Export Access from measure rounds points.

    In Trimble Acess 2020.01  i have used measure rounds on some old points that i have in my project.   When i try to export them, only the original points get exported. Tryed CSV but again only the...
    Tom Hjelden
    created by Tom Hjelden
  • Instrument Collimation Report

    I have just done a check and adjust on my S9 including the compensator calibration and both collimation and trunnion calibration. I did not make a new job for this and had left it on my previous job. When I try to exp...
    Jody Savage
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  • I am unable to use 0,0 in my local site settings in TBC 5.3 when projecting from grid to ground. Is anyone else having this issue. I haven't had any problems using 5.1 and earlier.

    I have always used 0,0 in my local site settings when projecting from grid to ground using NAD83 State Plane Coordinates. In TBC 5.3 it now states my "projection is out of bounds" when trying to apply these setti...
    Sean Shropshire
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  • S6 & S7 autolock issues using TSC 7 trimble access

    About a month ago we updated out Trimble Access in our TSC7 data collector.  When we started using it in the field with our S6 and S7 total stations the autolock feature is working terrible.  It takes longer...
    Ralph Wakeling
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  • Layer Draw Order

    Is there a way to change the order of different layers?   For example, we have an object inside a circle. We would like to display the object in front of the circle, but when printed, it is plotted behind the ci...
    Jacob Barnes
    created by Jacob Barnes
  • EC520 Crash

    Is there any reason as to why when we update some Earthworks systems that it crashes the EC520. But when we go out the next day to swap with a new one the old one that crashed is working perfectly fine. We have had 2 ...
    Stephen Miraglia
    created by Stephen Miraglia
  • Component Failures

    Has anyone else been experiencing an increase in out of the box failures? We have had a significant amount as of recent on what I would call major components such as GS520, TD520, EC520, 855 Base, TSC7. 
    Jeff Rippy
    created by Jeff Rippy
  • Trimble Earthworks TD520 Screen Brightness

    Our TD520 brightness I think has gotten turned down. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the brightness when the screen is dark?   Thanks, Tom
    Thomas Mauriello
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  • Can you import a coordinate system file exported from epsg.io?

    There are many file format options for exporting the details of a coordinate system from epsg.io as shown below: Is it possible to use any of these to import a coordinate system into the Coordinate System Manager?
    Tom Miller
    created by Tom Miller
  • Can I combine my Sitevision with Hololens 2?

    Hi  I have a Sitevision and want to purchase a Hololens 2. I dont want to buy another GNSS, ie. Trimble XR10 and Hololens 2.   So can I utilise Sitevision? And can I use trimble connect to view my models i...
    Jeremy Hopson
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  • Problem Total Station S6

    Dear Trimble, I have several Total Station  S6  and three of them have problems like when we turn from face face1 into 2 telescopes vibrating otherwise when reversed back to face one still vibrates a f...
    last modified by Masmono
  • Model Dimensions in the profile view?

    I have a profile view of a hill section(see attached), when I add lines and dimensions in paper space it uses paper units. I don't see a drawing units scale setting in the dimension style and I don't seem to be able ...
    John Whidden
    created by John Whidden
  • Extend an existing calibration in Siteworks

    Is there a way to extend out a calibration that has already been performed and saved on a project in Siteworks/SCS900? We are looking to add 2 or 3 more calibration points to an addition of the project we were aw...
    Tom Silicato
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  • Can you place multiple profiles on a drawing page?

    I am using corridor profiles to plot sections through a hill, I only see a way to place 1 profile per sheet. Is there a better way to cut and plot sections, or a way to plot multiple profiles to one page?
    John Whidden
    created by John Whidden
  • Trimble Access multiple elevations staking report

    I have been using LandXML file to stake rim and inverts for utility staking. I am looking for a way to generate a report that shows the cut/fill to the rim and all inverts. Currently the staking report for Trimble Acc...
    Brandon Elia
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  • Trimble x7, Perspective Measurements. 

    Trimble x7, Perspective Measurements.    Is there a way to save the measurements that were done?  Each time we re-open a project, our measurements are gone.  I know we can add annotation markers b...
    Scott S
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  • Geotiff does not display?

    I imported Geotiff image to TBC, the frame arrives in the correct location but the image does not display. When I launch external viewer from TBC the image is fine. I am trying to view the image from the plan view, wh...
    John Whidden
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