• Trimble S6 not connecting with Spectra Ranger 3 over radio link.

    I've got an older S6 that works fine with my TSC2 running survey pro 4.11 over the radio, but it won't connect with the newer Ranger 3 running Survey Pro 6.1. The S6 firmware is version 12.5.x, does it need a firmware...
    K Jac
    created by K Jac
  • Is there any way to display the distance to the end of a line or arc in Trimble Access?

    Trimble TSC7 with Access 2019.01
    Todd Bronson
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  • Applications Master window not displaying outlines of imagery once all data is loaded into project and saved!

    I am self taught in Inpho and Applications Master and am learning how to generate Orthos.  I have created a SCOP file, prepared my project by entering the camera info, photography, EO data and set the coordinate...
    Erica Summers
    created by Erica Summers
  • Trimble Scan Explorer Viewer (Publisher) not Working after Windows update

    Hi there   The Publisher does not work after the latest Windows update.   It tells me I need to install .Net Framework 4.7.1.   When I do, it says its is installed or a newer version is installed ...
    Quintin König
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  • How can i select a point by its vector when it is a distance offset?

    With any ordinary vector, I can select the vector, right-click and select Points by Vector.    With a Distance offset, I can select the vector and I have the option to select the point by vector, but no poi...
    Daniel Muir
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  • S6 Measurement Wavelength Details

    Hi,  Does anyone know if a 10 yr old S6 has the same measurement frequencies/wavelengths as a current day model? Also are there 2 different sets of wavelengths for standard & reflectorless (DR) measurement?...
    kieran o'shea
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  • Siteworks crash

    I have a customer who has a T7 tablet running  the Siteworks application. It shuts down after receiving this error message. Am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?
    Kirk van Maanen
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  • MS955 Excavator 336 Earthworks Setup - Help!!!

    MS955 Excavator 336 Earthworks Setup -   I am trying to do a setup in my shop of the Excavator 336 Earthworks, Currently by the schematic I was given to assemble this in our service center, My coworker and ...
    Scott Field
    created by Scott Field
  • IBSS Advantages and Disadvantages

    Hello   We are looking to set up a site soon where we will be using up to 8 3D machine control systems, plus 2 rovers for surveying. The cell coverage is good across the site, however the cost of VRS for each ma...
    Sam Williams
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  • TDC600 USB connect is not recognized under Windows 10

    Hi, do someone know how to fix the issue, that the TDC600 is not recognized under Windows 10 via USB connection? I get the following error message.      Connection to other PC´s is working, so...
    Martin Westers
    created by Martin Westers
  • TRW 11.1 Enhancement suggestion and apparent bug

    1. Additional Constraints for Regular Cone: I regularly use cloud based modeler to model Power and Light Poles. The vertical portion of many poles are cone (rather than cylinder shaped). The Auto-fitting for regu...
    Ronan Kelly
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  • Earthworks GO! on skid steer.   phone mount bracket

    We're rigging our first EWG!.  What company or catalog is a good source for the phone or tablet mount in the cab for ROPS mount?
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  • hello , is there is any method with trimble to sync GoPro Camera Time with GPS R2 .

    hello , is there is any method with trimble to sync GoPro Camera Time with GPS R2 . The Camera is fixed out of my car and take a picture every 0.5 sec . my GPS is fixed  also behind the camera and measure contin...
    Ahmad Abu Baker
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  • EC520 - Version Differences

    Good afternoon, We still have stock of part 100435-10 EC520.   Are there any machines that we should not install these units on for Earthworks installs?  We'd like to use them up before moving into our ...
    Austin Rodger
    created by Austin Rodger
  • I want to view xsr files on Trimble connect

    I would like to view XSR files on Trimble connect as it would be useful on Site ie: Loadings Lists & Assembly Bolt Lists
    terry bilton
    created by terry bilton
  • Realworks segmentation tool bug

    Hi,   Did anyone know if there is a problem with the sgmentation tool of Trimble Realworks ?  When I'm using it with the clipping box, I'm keeping all the cloud outside to erase the points in. It works nic...
    Pierre PEGOSSOFF
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  • How to setup TCC on a Yuma tablet

    We recently got 2 new T7 tablets and are handing down 2 of our Yuma 2 tablets with SCS900 on them to other foremen. I am having trouble setting TCC on the Yuma 2 site tablet and as I go to connect through SCS900 in th...
    Tom Silicato
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  • Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver and GNSS Status app overriding Geolocation API

    Does anybody ever tried the solution presented by Andy Gup at the DevSummit with a Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver and the GNSS Status application in the background to override phones location services and use the data provi...
  • Permanent delete/clean Cloud Segmentation Tool

    Realworks needs a pre-registration cleanup tool (i.e. permanent delete of noise/traffic etc). Basically looking for a permanent delete/ clean cloud segmentation tool to use in registration mode. Preference would ...
    Ronan Kelly
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  • WGS 84

    I received a point cloud in WGS 84 (meters). Everything else in the project is in State Plane (Alabama East (USFT)).   Is there any way to put these together in a single TBC project short of converting the poin...
    Sam Billingsley
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