• Trimble R10 Model 2 and scs900 connection issues

    Hi,   We have a mixed fleet of receivers and have recently tried to connect a R10 Model 2 without success to scs900(v3.74 on a TSC3),   It is displayed in the receiver list after being added through Window...
    Tim Leah
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  • machine Earthworks software - reference (selected) coordinate system

    Where, on the machine Earthworks software, I can check coordinate system/site calibration in use for the project? thanks
    Pawel Kotnis
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  • How can we insert a customized .CSD file in a TSC7 with Site Works installed,in other words would like to know the root folder to save the .CSD file ?

    How can we insert a customized .CSD file in a TSC7 with Site Works installed,in other words would like to know the root folder to save the .CSD file ?
    Arun Kanth
    created by Arun Kanth
  • Tuning autos

    Has anyone had luck tuning autos on a excavator in Earthworks? Or is there anything that you would recommend to speed up the process? Do you have any "default" settings that you use?   I am basically just usi...
    Chris Pelzel
    created by Chris Pelzel
  • HCE Corridor Surface Rebuild Error

    I am working on a large project, nine miles on an interstate highway. I have a surface created by a corridor that shows an error even after rebuild (set to by user).     How can I find out what is causing...
    Andy Griner
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  • Local Zone Position GSOF message fields eastings and northings order

    What is the correct ordering of the Local Zone Position GSOF message fields as far as the Northing and Easting fields are concerned?   On the Trimble website found here: GSOF messages: LLH  The descriptio...
    Brendan Betke
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  • The antenna height converted to APC

    I tried use TBC and Convert TO Rinex tool, Whether using TBC or Convert to Rinex, the converted Rinex file antenna-height always at the bottom of the antenna. I know that TGO can convert to the antenna phase center。...
    junning wang
    created by junning wang
  • Why does my Plan View keep losing viewable data?

    I keep losing my Plan View when I import CAD files. I generally work with the Gridlines turned-on, when this happens I lose my Gridlines, even though it show as "on", the Scale bar disappears and no data is visible in...
    Peter Hamilton
    created by Peter Hamilton
  • Siteworks emulator V1.20 does not show project info

    I have Siteworks emulator V1.20 installed and when I go to open a project nothing shows up. I see the list of projects but no matter what project I try to open it does have any info on the screen. Not sure what is goi...
    Tom Silicato
    created by Tom Silicato
  • Baseline Processing, SV Tracking

    Hello All   More of a 'what is this question' for my own understanding.   I've attached two PDF pages from a baseline processing report as a typical example from the SV Tracking section.   Theres lot...
    aaron bundy
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  • Can I email my project exported data file (.csv) directly to myself from the TSC3 data logger?

    My PC sucks and I cant connect the Trimble to it (new version of Windows will not allow). I also have a lot of issues with security so it will not allow me due to company policy. Cant the TSC3 email the data to me dir...
    Sommer Carter
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  • Convert As-Staked (now As-Set Out) Points moving coordinates... Why!?

    I am having issues with TBC in some high precision work.  Surveyor shot his data using As-Staked Points. When I bring his JXL into TBC and convert As-Set out Points (formally As-Stakeout Points). It appears to re...
    Scott Lehr
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  • Trimble Access multiple elevations staking report

    I have been using LandXML file to stake rim and inverts for utility staking. I am looking for a way to generate a report that shows the cut/fill to the rim and all inverts. Currently the staking report for Trimble Acc...
    Brandon Elia
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  • Linking Documents to Trimble Connect

    Hi Guys, I have just installed the right version for TEKLA 2017. The installation was working properly and the extension is being shown in Tekla, but when I try to open it, its window appears and after that it disapp...
    Kristóf Szigeti
    created by Kristóf Szigeti
  • TBC Point Groups?

    I have sequences of point numbers I want to organize into point groups.  Is this possible with TBC?  Could be in layers etc.  I just want to be able to quickly get a sequence of points. Thanks,  ...
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  • Have a question about (m) meters? TSC7

    Hello all,   I'm kind of green when it comes to the TSC7 so please take it easy on me. lol. My guy in the field is using a TSC7. He has dumped a few point files onto our server. When I look at the data all seems...
    Chad Hawthorne
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  • Siteworks Map Background Color

    trimble siteworks tsc7   Is there any possibility of having an option available in Siteworks to choose a light or dark plan view background?
    Matt Voge
    created by Matt Voge
  • Creating IFC Slices and Exporting to CAD

    Using Planes and an alignment it is quite easy to make slices at intervals through an IFC model and view them in the Cutting Plane View. See attached image. Does anybody know of a way to export slices through an IFC t...
    Richard Selby
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  • TSC3: Error This version of general survey cannot open a version 1.0.5 job

    We recently updated to the latest TBC 5.30 and are running the most current version of Trimble Access (Trimble Access 2017.24) on our TSC3's. We just started getting this error message on the TSC3 when we export a .jo...
    john blaikie
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  • TBC - GNSS and Total Station Data

    I have a project with GNSS data, I imported a DC file with a local site calibration (i.e. scale factor). I set my control with GNSS and then came back with a total station and collected data with 1.00000 scale factor....
    terra survey
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