• As-Staked Reports in TBC 5.20?

    Does Anyone know how to get the As-Staked Reports in TBC to work? each time we try to use it we get an error message.
    john blaikie
    created by john blaikie

    Hello Community, Today I have a project to locate with precision <10cm the underground cables HTA of my electricity distribution network. I wish to have the technical solution that would be most appropriate. I wish...
  • DC and CAL files in Business Center

    The company I work for, we import both DC files from a TSC3 collector as well as a CAL file from our new TSC7 tablet. When we import the DC file we are able to see the base station location that the calibration came f...
    Tom Silicato
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    Efreen Diaz Diaz
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  • Feature Code processing - Match Properties

    I am using Windows 10 and TBC 5.0.  If I have a code that is in a line string generated from its feature code, but is lacking some attributes I can use the "Match Properties" command to match the attributes from ...
    Nathan Sellers
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  • Line strings are losing integrity post rotation

    This has been happening consistently in both versions 5.1 and 5.2, previously I've had no problem.    These are the two main problems I face post rotation: Line strings no longer follow the original sequen...
    Lachlan McKinnon
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  • Merging calibrations

    Hi Does anyone know how to merge calibrations? When completing stage apon stage on the same site theirs a frustration about starting a new job file each time. Anyway of merging them all? Hi has anyone merged cal...
    Pasquale Gattuso
    created by Pasquale Gattuso
  • Trimble Link Civil 3D

    Hi!   I am trying to install the Trimble Link plugin for Civil 3D. But when it is installed it has a ribbon of its own but when you press any button I get the "Error connecting to the application object. (aeccAp...
  • Changing Coordinate Systems From One To The Other?

    Hello, I recently went and shot a job site and when setting up my rover i selected the wrong coordinate system best of my knowledge. When I returned to my office to build the model I noticed I had selected the w...
    Damon Evans
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  • What are the best practices for building site models for machine control?

    I see a lot of information pertaining to corridor modeling on here, but very little about creating surfaces for things like ponds, parking lots, and landscaping areas where alignments aren't used and the only info you...
    john chronister
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  • TBC Point Descriptors

    I would like to show (and export) the point descriptions instead of the codes. We use numeric point codes and have a FCL developed that we use in the field and TBC. Even after processing the feature codes the "descrip...
    Matt Schrader
    created by Matt Schrader
  • Trimble Dini Connection Issues to Windows 10

    Has anyone tried to connect their Trimble Dini to a windows 10 computer to download the .dat files to process in tbc? The current downloads from the Trimble site only show drivers up to Windows 7 and its unable to con...
    Anthony Gothard
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  • Trimble Business Center - multiple crashes

    Hi,   Recently we've started working with TBC, since we've bought an SX10. After my first scan, and trying manage the pointclouds, I've decided to buy a new laptop. Although my previous one was a pretty robust,...
    Nico Louagie
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  • Earthworks infield design

    I am wondering if anyone has exported an Infield Design out of a machine and open it it in TBC? I would like to do this for an as-built design to show an owner. Can Infield Designs be transferred from machine to machi...
    Ken Bork
    created by Ken Bork
  • Is there any way to display the distance to the end of a line or arc in Trimble Access?

    Trimble TSC7 with Access 2019.01
    Todd Bronson
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  • TBC 5.20 Bug

    Hello Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this glitch in V5.20. I am unable to generate an "as-staked report".     Are there any other reports I could use as a substitute? Is it likely ...
    Michael Pardassie
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  • Drone Elevations Not Staying Consistent

    Hello,   I am trying to take two drone surface designs and do a surface to surface takeoff from the original to completed. However, the two different drone surfaces have come back with two completely different e...
    Ryan Beyer
    created by Ryan Beyer
  • Sysque user ?

    Hi I would like to know if theres any Sysque user in here ?
    John Monds
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  • We would like to assign layers to out data as it is being collectd in the field  ( TSC 7 ) .  Is there any way to have each line shot go to a unique layer.

    We are trying to workout our work process. When importing several .spj files that all drop to SCS_Meassure_Line data can be alittle hard to deal with if we could get them to import on layers that were created in the f...
    Kurt Crispin
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  • Process Feature Codes Very Slow

    Hi,  I have a project that currently had 150 JXL files loaded and about 12,000 Points.  When I merge in a new JXL file with say 3 or 4 new points and process the feature codes for only that file, the proce...
    Scott Lehr
    created by Scott Lehr