• Terraflex on Geo 7X

    I cannot find the link that used to be on the Insphere's mainpage to load TerraFlex on to a Geo 7X .  Can someone please direct me to the link please.  Thank you
    Evelyn Creel
    created by Evelyn Creel
  • Creating a corridor

    Just wondering is there an easier way to build corridors in TBC in case I'm doing it wrong. I have a roads project here that I want to build an earthworks outline for. Sample Cross Sections below: Cut Through Rock ...
    Ronan Bonner
    created by Ronan Bonner
  • Having an issue to dispute for Cash App Refund?

    While you go for a dispute for any recent Cash card purchase, please wait until you see the complete message on the screen for a Cash App Refund. Now, you should have to contact the merchant which appears on your acti...
    Mary smith
    created by Mary smith
  • What is to best way to contact the software developers of Access to report problems, issues and glitches?

    Would like to be able to send or upload screenshots or short video of issues that I come across using Access 2020. Please don’t tell me to simply take these issues to my local Trimble dealer. I would like for th...
    Jacob Larson
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  • TBC and RINEX Converter output incompatible with TEQC and Auspos

    Hi, I just did a long static survey and I found some compatibility issues of TBC and the stand alone RINEX converter.   I had downloaded the data as RINEX 3.04 from the receiver. As it turns out Auspos doesn't ...
    Ronny Schneider
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  • Exporting in TBC 4.10

    I'm using TBC 4.10 and i'm trying to export my drawing to a dwg file. All is ok apart from when I add fills to my drawing for buildings and ponds etc.. I then get an error message saying it could not be completed due ...
    Martin Riley
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  • Best workflow for this data, SX10, X7 and drone.

    Hi guys!   How would you recommend me to get the best out of this data set? This is a test set for me because i want to know how good the X7 scanner are together with other data.  In the dropbox link you wil...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Connecting to an Android across the Trimble Universe of Software

    Issue: A recently purchased TDC600 with access connected immediately to TBC 5.3 (after just one minor install). Why couldn't this same device, or any other android connect so efficiently.  Trimble positions work...
    Joel Cusick
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  • Positions Session Incorrectly Sensing The Model of Receiver

    Here is a screenshot of the Device Type attribute (a common field) in Positions when consuming data from a GeoXH 2008 receiver.  Positions is incorrectly sensing the device is a GeoXH 2005, which it is n...
    Joel Cusick
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  • EGM96 Geoid to NAVD88 Datum conversion

    I collected data with my Trimble Catalyst using screen shots of the "Status" page in TMM (beta).  The coordinates were collected in ITRF2014 and the elevations were collected according to EGM96 (Geoid).  I u...
    Matthew Skakun
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  • Downloading new GEOID18 for use in Pathfinder Office

    Hello all,   Probably an easy question for some of the folks using this forum. Is there a way to download GEOID Models for use in Pathfinder Office? I'm interested in the GEOID18 model that was just released. Pa...
    Collin Fridley
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  • Anyone used WMS and Google Maps on Access 2019?

    Would like to know if anyone has used WMS on Access 2019 in conjunction with Google Maps or Google Earth satellite views? If so can you share your URL parameters?
    Ross Smith
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  • IS there a way to create a coordinate point along an existing line that has an existing elevation and coordinate?

    Hello,  My issue that I am having is that I am wanting to create another coordinate point along that line string at a specific distant. I have an existing line string that has all its correct coordinates and ele...
    Damon Evans
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  • Changing Coordinate Systems From One To The Other?

    Hello, I recently went and shot a job site and when setting up my rover i selected the wrong coordinate system best of my knowledge. When I returned to my office to build the model I noticed I had selected the w...
    Damon Evans
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  • export todos to excels

    Hello, Since 3 days i try to recieve a excel file of todos i ask on trimble connect web for the project of IRRIGO.   i dont recieve it and in my spam i have nothing.   normaly how many time in maximum we ...
    julien merlet
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  • coordinate system for CenterPoint RTX Post Processing Service

    hello everyone...... about Trimble center point RTX Post processing Service .....  I'm just asking about the coordinate systems which in here, I'm working in medal east IRAQ, normally we are using the UTM-WGS84 S...
    Mohammed A.Homadi
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  • Anyone knows NetR5 repair centers?

    Have several Trimble NetR5 that require replacing their internal battery and some other minor repairs such as GPS port replacement.     Does anyone here know companies in the USA that service the NetR5 ...
    Alexander Holsteinson
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  • establish new BMs by DGPS Trimble R10

    Hi there, I don't think if I send this asking message in the right place, I'm asking about establishing new BMs according to 2 references points. because I don't have full idea about the new Techn and programs which u...
    Mohammed A.Homadi
    last modified by Mohammed A.Homadi
  • 3Dmouse Space Navigator support in TBC

    Hello,   does TBC supports 3D mouse 3DConnexion - SpaceNavigator ? I can navigate with this 3Dmouse in TBC 2D map view, but in 3D view it does not work.      Thank you very much Best regards ...
    Matej Oros
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  • Corridor Overlap Smoothing

    Hello   I am trying to built a corridor model but am having some issues on changes in direction.   Where the corridor makes a turn the grade of the surface becomes irregular and often there are gaps in the...
    Sam Williams
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