• 46240 gps report as december 1999 when it 28/7/2019

    46240 gps   Small Trimble GPS.   On a large fleet of vehicles in New Zealand.   on the 28/7/19 the date jumped back to Dec 1999.   I have checked and this does not appear to be the norm...
    Michael Prior
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  • IBSS Advantages and Disadvantages

    Hello   We are looking to set up a site soon where we will be using up to 8 3D machine control systems, plus 2 rovers for surveying. The cell coverage is good across the site, however the cost of VRS for each ma...
    Sam Williams
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  • How do I view bldg files on desktop?

    The unit is being used in the field and are missing points. Is there a way to view a bldg file on the desktop? I would like to see what points were not imported into the device.
    Rogelio Robles
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  • Is there an easy way to create a ortho without distortion

    we area having quite a bit of distortion in our ortho-mosaic generation using uas master
    TIm Janes
    created by TIm Janes

    Good afternoon community. Is it possible to enable RTCM 3.1 on a Geoxplorer XH 2008? How would it be done? through a firmware update?
  • Is there any way to display the distance to the end of a line or arc in Trimble Access?

    Trimble TSC7 with Access 2019.01
    Todd Bronson
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  • TSC7 saved photo location

    Is it possible to change the default saved photo location on the TSC7 from Camera roll to C:\ProgramData\Trimble|Trimble data\Projects\?  When I select in "Settings" Change where new content is saved and select t...
    David Given
    created by David Given
  • Does anyone know where I can down load and old copy of TBC?

    Does anyone know where I can down load and old copy of TBC? we have and old donlge and I think it runs up to TBC 3.5 0r 3.6 but cant find a link to download it anywhere except some dodgy web sites ?   Thnaks
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  • Is there a report in TBC or Access for reporting grid deltas between points and a line, in this case a vertical line?

    This relates to verticality checks where we may have a line defining a plumb vertical edge and we wish to compare point measurements on a structure to that line. Essentially to check how vertical the structure is. 
    Richard Selby
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  • ALL Things AutoBid Mechanical

    ALL Things AutoBid Mechanical   This is for those of us who use Autobid Mechanical to ask questions and to help our peers.   Thanks for helping!   Todd
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  • GDB Export and Feature Alias Being Maintained

    I am having an issue with the GIS connection manager.   I have a custom FXL we have designed for all survey activities. When I export the features to a Geodatabase it changes the feature name to be compatible wi...
    Scott Lehr
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  • To recover the deleted job/project files in Trimble M3

    Because of plenty of jobs has been created the Trimble M3 boot-up gets slower. The remedy is to delete the old job/project files.   But accidentally one job/project was deleted and that job/project is important....
    Melchor Rey Nery
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  • How to remove white marks from profile view?

      Hi, Is it possible to remove these white marks from profile view ( existing ground surface profile marks) .(pic. below), or to make them smaller. I cant find any options how to do it. Thank...
    Vaidas Markevicius
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  • Side slope Subgrade V 5.1

    I see considerable improvements in Version 5.1. Thanks for that.   Still, I am having challenges to get a suitable Subgrade layer placed with respect to the finished surface model. However I try to def...
    Saif Bin Darwish
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  • Hello, we had a calibrated base stationed that malfunctioned today. What are the steps to using a different base staion with the same calibration thats on our data collectors?

    Any information will help! 
    Michael Blais
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  • Error importing .job -file

    Hi!   When i am trying to import (drag n drop) a .job -file from my T10 i only get a error message. Its a project containing scans from our SX10. Anybody knows what the problem is? I have only copied the folder ...
    Fredrik Bergström
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  • Trimble Scan Explorer Viewer (Publisher) not Working after Windows update

    Hi there   The Publisher does not work after the latest Windows update.   It tells me I need to install .Net Framework 4.7.1.   When I do, it says its is installed or a newer version is installed ...
    Quintin König
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  • Renaming Points

    I feel like I'm missing something basic about renaming points in TBC. Say I have a large number of points with duplicate names, and some without: Point1 Point1 Point2 Point2 Point3 Point4 etc...   They a...
    Kevin Johnson
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  • Anyone used WMS and Google Maps on Access 2019?

    Would like to know if anyone has used WMS on Access 2019 in conjunction with Google Maps or Google Earth satellite views? If so can you share your URL parameters?
    Ross Smith
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  • How to update Trimble Access on TSC3 using TIM when have hundreds job files

    Would like to update Trimble Access from version 2016.03 to 2017.23 on TSC3. Using TIM (Trimble Installation Manager) on Windows 10 Enterprise (1903). Problem is that during update TIM disconnects from TSC3 with som...
    Gerardas Viršuta
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