• H-and V-precision

    Why is the H- and V-precision (RTK-survey) doubled in trimble TBC.?. The H-and V-precision in TBC is 2X the precision in my controller. Why?.....How come???
    Harjanto Samat
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  • Can TBC take an existing FXL file and write Blank GDB with Domains?

    There appears to be plenty of information regarding the Reading of a GIS schema and writing it to an FXL file.  What if the Schema is designed in the feature definition manager (FDM) and the user then wants to c...
    Scott Lehr
    created by Scott Lehr
  • exporting to a shape file with attributes problem

    Greetings....I have created a feature definition file (fxl) in Trimble Business Center. I have uploaded it to my surveyors data collector.  This fxl file only has 1 feature in it. "Manhole". Within this feature, ...
    Mike Henson
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  • TBC 5.1 Not reading full GIS Schema

    I am having some issues reading in a full GIS schema into TBC. It seems to only read on feature data-set within the Geodatabase and ignore or skips the rest. Anyone know any possible causes or solutions?   Than...
    Scott Lehr
    created by Scott Lehr
  • Remotely control GCS900 from computer

    Now something has happened so you can remotely control GCS900 from computer I have the right program on the computer with Firefox and Java. Has Trimble made any updates so you need some other software on Firefox and J...
    Jimmy Nordholm
    created by Jimmy Nordholm
  • Trimble Earthworks 450MHz Radio

    Hello,   I have a D6N with a 450MHz radio on it that we are using with Topcon bases.  We are having trouble with it connecting with a Topcon HR.  Our machine does not seem to be getting Glonass correct...
    Jason Pingel
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  • FDM: File Conversion

    Can you convert .fxl to .fcl file format in latest version of FDM?
    David Bowers
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  • Windows 10 Compatibility

    Since our company upgraded to windows 10, Trimble BC locks up when printing a plot box.  Never had problems with Windows 7. Please help.  I've updated to all latest versions of Trimble BC software. 
    Jeff Reinier
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  • Download Trimble Business Center 3.3 e 3.4.

    Where can I download the Trimble Business Center version 3.3 and 3.4. Can someone help me?
    Gustavo Ferreira de Souza
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  • Is there a way to add a different map service(google) to the backgtound map in plan view?

    The DigitalGlobeImagery is very blurry when zoomed in.
    Woody Proffitt
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  • Permanent delete/clean Cloud Segmentation Tool

    Realworks needs a pre-registration cleanup tool (i.e. permanent delete of noise/traffic etc). Basically looking for a permanent delete/ clean cloud segmentation tool to use in registration mode. Preference would ...
    Ronan Kelly
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  • Network GPS - Physical base station message

    While attempting to log into the local vrs network one of our collectors is giving the following message;   "physical base station information not available. continue and store points as positions"   What ...
    John Alexander
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  • Grid coordinate shifts when changing a coordinate system

    We are changing a coordinate system in an existing TBC project. The office entered grid coordinates are changing by -408mm in the easting and +332mm in the northing when the coordinate systems are changed.&#...
    Liam Jagvik
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  • Coordinate Transformations - Imported Objects

    I've got multiple TBC Jobs for (generally) daily Surveys over the last 3 years, Exported VCL Files by Project Link Explorer with subsets of data (and attached As Built Photos - which is why I'm going down this route ...
    John Mill
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  • How to connect tsc7 to mifi jet pack

    For some reason it won’t connect.  Is there a how to Manual plz?
    mike malling
    created by mike malling
  • TBC Site Calibration Issue "GNSS base points [1000] are not derived from global GNSS positions"

    Please help, I keep getting the following message:   "GNSS base points [1000] are not derived from global GNSS positions; therefore, GNSS points measured from these base points are not available for the site ca...
    Kevin Clarke
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  • Error - New Base Station Being Used

    Hi,   I'm having an intermittent issue with my GNSS setup:   - SPS855 base receiver - Zephyr 3 Base Antenna - SPS785 Rover Antenna - TSC7 running Siteworks   I'm getting random occurrences of an e...
    Kevin Johnson
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  • DPS900 / Groundworks with MPS865

    Hi All,  Is it possible to complete a DPS900/Groundworks install using the MPS865 ? Has anyone done this yet. It would be great to use this receiver instead of SPS855+555H if it is possible.  I would think...
    brent Dawson
    created by brent Dawson
  • TBC Freezing CAD BLOCK import

    TBC V5 extremely Slow / Freezing when import CAD Blocks into the plan view   Screen freezes and lags when trying to position the CAD block, any solution to speed up this process to allow the block to be inserted...
    Gavin Jones
    created by Gavin Jones
  • Trimble Sync Manager not Exporting Text from TBC to Access on TSC7

    I have not been able to get Trimble Sync Manager to Export Text from my TBC session into my Access job file on TSC7
    Kevin Clarke
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