• Is it possible to use TSC3 with Trimble R12?

    Is it possible to use TSC3 data controller with new Trimble R12. If not, is there going to be a new firmware release for the TSC3 for this to happen?
    Juan Serpas
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  • TBC ERROR v5.20

    Hello,   An error  "Recursive Transaction manager call'' showing in the new version of TBC v5.20.There is 21 run in a single mission. After registering the whole run with control points and u...
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  • Is it possible to use wms with tbc5.0?

    Just installed TBC 5.0. Does it support using WMS, for example to underlay SX10 survey with aerial pictures or official maps?
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  • Trimble to Topcon conversion

    Our company currently has a grader set up with Topcon automation that is tasked with finegrade at various jobsites. Most of the companies in our area run Trimble machine controls (as do we on all our dozers and Excava...
    josh erwell
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  • TBC 5.20 lost the Smart Pick?

    What happened to the smart pick option in 5.20? This was great for line work and creating points along break lines such as curb. Was this an oversight?
    john blaikie
    created by john blaikie
  • Importing a POD point cloud

    Has anyone come accross a point cloud in the format of a *.pod extension? I have received one and cannot find anything (apart from having to purchase Bently) that says it recognises the file. Any help would be ap...
    Julian Flynn
    created by Julian Flynn
  • TBC 5.2 All Text Rotated 180 Degrees?

    Hi Fellow TBC users, I just upgraded to TBC 5.2 and now all text objects from old sessions and from imported title blocks are showing up rotated 180 degrees. I work in Hawaii and we use South Azimuths. I'm not sure i...
    Kevin Clarke
    created by Kevin Clarke
  • Convert SVD and SVL to a DSZ file for excavator

    How can I convert a SVD and SVL to DSZ file in Business Center 5.1? Can I export directly to DSZ file from the project info I have in Business Center already?
    Tom Silicato
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  • How can I cut a .T02 file by time

    Hello everyone.   I need to be able to cut a .T02 file (or Rinex file) using time as we have a program that does't like files that span over 00 UTC. As that's 8am local time, it happens a lot! Is there a way to...
    Peter Chaplyn
    created by Peter Chaplyn
  • How to stop trimble newsletter emails

    I am still recieving Trimble Newsletter emails and I can not unsubscribe.   How to I stop these Newsletter email notifications without blocking the Trimble email domain?
    Jay Kay
    created by Jay Kay
  • Trimble Sync Manager is not brining in Text from my TBC Session into Access on TSC7

    Ever sine I started using Trimble Sync Manager my field crew no longer sees text in there Access 2018 jobs in the TSC7.
    Kevin Clarke
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  • Trimble Sync Manager not Exporting Text from TBC to Access on TSC7

    I have not been able to get Trimble Sync Manager to Export Text from my TBC session into my Access job file on TSC7
    Kevin Clarke
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  • IBSS Advantages and Disadvantages

    Hello   We are looking to set up a site soon where we will be using up to 8 3D machine control systems, plus 2 rovers for surveying. The cell coverage is good across the site, however the cost of VRS for each ma...
    Sam Williams
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  • Count of point cloud points selected?

    I select point cloud points with rectangle or polygon select tool. I see them orange. I need to know how many are selected. Any way besides like exporting them or anything heavy duty? thx
    James Maeding
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  • Export cad points from point cloud - no elevation attributes

    Novice user of TBC. Trying to export cad points created from point cloud as either dwg or dxf...no elevation attributes are coming across so all I see in Autocad is a grid of 2-d points.
    Damian Crozier
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    The error while occurring the SX10 data colourizing process.
    created by VIPIN MU
  • how to shift survey data and coordinate system

    I have a survey that was setup using the "here" command for the base on an autonomous point with the survey setup using State plane Oregon North. When I bring the raw data jxl into TBC the coordinate system lists the ...
    Andrew Muller
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  • Retiring Old Data Collectors

    I am replacing several older TSC3's with T7's this winter and I was wondering if the folks from Trimble had any good workflows for how to do this without creating a huge mess in TBC with conflicts since I am using TCC...
    Ben Ryschon
    created by Ben Ryschon
  • earthworks simulator project load

    how to load a self created project in earthworks simulator? I have already saved the project folder in this path: c:\Program Files (x86)\Trimble\EarthWorks Simulator\bin\earthworks\_duplo\projects\ but whether in ea...
    Frank Poetschke
    created by Frank Poetschke
  • Coordinate systems

    This question has probably been answered before but I cant find it. When trying to export a KML file to google earth which puts me near Africa. I tried to adjust the coordinate system so it puts me in the correct area...
    Scott S
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