• Are Trimble GNSS receivers ready for the GPS Week 2019 rollover?

    in April 6th, 2019 there will be the second rollover for the GPS week   The GPS 2019 Week Rollover - What You Need to Know | Spectracom      which Trimble GNSS CORS, base and rover receivers ...
    Alexander Holsteinson
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  • Trimble Dini Connection Issues to Windows 10

    Has anyone tried to connect their Trimble Dini to a windows 10 computer to download the .dat files to process in tbc? The current downloads from the Trimble site only show drivers up to Windows 7 and its unable to con...
    Anthony Gothard
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  • Create quick variable side slope?

    I want to use the 3d reference line as control and project to existing ground by setting a -12% (begin) and -4:1 (end) of line to create a variable side slope. Is there a command already created to do this task? ...
    Brian Van Pelt
    created by Brian Van Pelt
  • Problems with OPUS

    I have downloaded some files from off NRCAN Base station 24hours data for 1st March 2019 to process through NGS OPUS. I extracted the required length of data- 30 mins, 1 hr, 2 hrs, 3hrs, 4 hrs up to 12 12 hrs. I am on...
  • Tsc2 + R6-2

    Hello ladies and gents,    I am completely new to this entire field. I currently do a lot of trenchless pipe installs under highways/railways.    I decided to endeavour into this GPS equipment so...
    Brandon Erhardt
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  • TX8

    Hi ,    My Trimble TX8 3DLS Suddenly not getting power ON, I was tried with internal battery and external power supply also but the problem remains as same , how to rectify this issue.
    prabakaran alg
    created by prabakaran alg
  • generate contours around structures

    I am attempting to generate contours in TBC on a site with structures, including retaining walls. The retaining walls are surveyed in, as well as ground shots along either side of the retaining walls. How do I pr...
    Jean Mathieu
    created by Jean Mathieu
  • Two sets of R8s as one base and three rovers

    Hello. The company I work has two sets of R8s receivers with two TSC3 controllers. Can we one base controller and the other three receivers as rovers? Can I use an application on a smartphone.as a third contro...
    Claudio Bogado
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  • Renumber point ids

    Hello. Is there a way in TBC to renumber point ids giving clicks in a random order over existing points? Greetings from Paraguay. Claudio Bogado.
    Claudio Bogado
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  • Trimble CenterPoint RTX Reference Point

    For the first time in a long time, I tried using Trimble CenterPoint RTX Post-Processing to compare the results we get from OPUS when using our R10 GNSS receivers. With OPUS, we have to manually calculate the antenna...
    john blaikie
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  • UASMaster not using all CPU cores

    Hello,   We are currently trialing UASMaster and have found the final process only uses a single core. The documentation states it supports up to 16. I have set the CPU affinity to use 16 of the 18 available. Is...
    Yinkma Zchmalya
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  • TSC7 R10 bluetooth connection issue

    I am trying to connect my TSC7 via bluetooth to my R10 unit and it will not connect.  I keep getting the error "Try connecting your device again".  Does anyone know why and how I can connect.
    Ralph Wakeling
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  • Trimble Installation Manager for Access

    I was doing a routine check for updates on our TSC3's today and the Access version is stuck on 2019.20. However, I noticed that the latest version is 2019.22, which is not automatically being suggested for install. Is...
    john blaikie
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  • Inspect Surface

    Why is there nothing like the “Leica Captivate Inspect Surface app” on a Trimble Tsc7 with access?  I really need it for not being the laughing stock at the construction site, with my expansive fancy ...
    Paul Van de Voorde
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  • Trimble Sync Manager not Exporting Text from TBC to Access on TSC7

    I have not been able to get Trimble Sync Manager to Export Text from my TBC session into my Access job file on TSC7
    Kevin Clarke
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  • Trimble Sync Manager is not brining in Text from my TBC Session into Access on TSC7

    Ever sine I started using Trimble Sync Manager my field crew no longer sees text in there Access 2018 jobs in the TSC7.
    Kevin Clarke
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  • Trimble R4-3 does not log static meas.

    Trimble R4-3 antennas used to auto log static data at power up. But by the time i did a full reset it stopped.   GPS configurator does not connect to it so i can not use it. Next to pressing the Connect button ...
    Anastasios Vidouris
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  • Multiple Ntrip connections

    Does any know if the SPS855 is limited to 10 Ntrip connections per port?
    Cameron Sims
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  • Trimble Touch Control App not found on TSC7

    Can not find Touch Control App anywhere on new TSC7... 
    Michael Maier
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  • State plane grid and ground in Trimble Survey Controller software,

    When toggling between state plane grid and ground in Trimble Survey Controller software, where is the data scaled from, 0,0? Is the elevation scaled as well? Your input would be appreciated, Thanks, Paul
    Paul Quagge
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