• Launching Earthworks emulator problem

    Hi, I am trying to get the Earthworks emulator going on my laptop and I have seem to be having a problem. I am running it through Bluestacks. I start up Bluestacks, then start the dozer simulator, and then in Bluestac...
    Michael Siddall
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  • is there a free version of Trimble Business Center that will calculate volumes of two surfaces

    is there a free version of Trimble Business Center that will calculate volumes of two surfaces
    joe savage
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  • Datum Transformations in TBC v5.20

    Is it possible to do real 7,6, 5 and 3 - parameters Datum Transformation (between the global WGS-84 geocentric ellipsoid and the local ellipsoids) in the TBC v5.20 (Helmert and Molodensky´s transformations) ? I...

    I am looking for, or want to create a REVIEW JOB REPORT or style sheet.  A report of everything done on a .job from x date to y date.  hoping for a cleaner version of the FBK FILE.xsl or SURVEY REPORT.X...
    DeWayne Manon
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  • Cannot see point info from created points in a layer

    I am creating a water line construction layout for our survey crew and when I create points in a certain layer I cannot see them (points 212A to 219A) Also when I label them my point symbol, an X, does not show up. On...
    Tom Silicato
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  • Is is possible to view Random Forest

    Is it possible to view the training structures produced by machine learning algorithms. Specifically I would like to be able to view the decision tree produced by Random Forest.
    Matt McLean
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  • Can I transform point cloud data in TBC v5?

    I'm collecting my point clouds using a SX10 and was wondering how I go about transforming my point clouds in TBC if I have new values for my survey control stations?   On some occasions I have to setup an assume...
    David Elford
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  • TBC Power Hour Announcement!

    Join the TBC and SiteVision teams February 26th at 8am MST. as we demonstrate data preparation within TBC and display the data within SiteVision. Register Here to get a look into Augmented Reality as we bring the data...
    Jeffrey Ryan
    created by Jeffrey Ryan
  • Earthworks Simulator

    Anyone knows where I can get that kind of Scaled Excavator? My apology, I got it from different brand. I find it useful than the Existing Earthworks Simulator. Thanks!
    Denmark Marcelino
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  • Difference between RTK and Fix Solution

    When I am checking the vector information in TBC sometimes my solution is "RTK" and sometimes my solution is "Fixed".  What is the difference between them?
    Tammy Demers
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  • Trimble acces and tilt compensation

    I like the people from the Belgian Trimble dealer, But do Trimble really want to lose clients and let them buy Leica? I have to buy a new gps now, I really want a gps with tilt compensation, there is one on the SPS s...
    Paul Van de Voorde
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  • TA Linked File Attributes W/ Pipeline Module

    When I select a point in Trimble Access - Map using the Pipeline Module, there is a warning when I select a Point with the Code "Weld" and review the attributes. The warning that comes up "Mismatch between FAL informa...
    Aaron Melin
    created by Aaron Melin
  • Trimble Access 2019.10+ LINE ISSUES

    In TA 2019.10 the ability to see the name of the linestring as it is in TBC is a nice feature that has been sought after.  But the step forward also seems to have an issue to complement it: before when you select...
    Cary Williams
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  • Help with RTX satellite correction with an R10 using access software and processing through TBC

    "RTX Subscription" I recently had to get a subscription for RTX for a large mapping project. What was the 1st thing i did. I went out and check it. So I set up on one of my known points that i put in from the VRS syst...
    Tony Deane
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  • Error 10051 while Point cloud scan w SX10

    When we start a scan with SX10, it collects images but it doesn't start scanning. When we try, we receive Bluetooth 10051 error code.What's the meaning of that code?  TA version: 2019.01 (19491) - 19.00.219
    Gizem Karslioglu
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  • Is there a basic online course for modeling

    My company wants me to start doing some of our modeling rather than outsourcing it. Wanted to know if there were some on the Trimble site or library that started with the basics.
    josh erwell
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  • Alguém poderia me ajudar como posso gerar uma lista de conjuntos pré selecionados para o excel ?

    Preciso saber como posso criar uma lista no Excel com os conjuntos selecionados no trimble connect ?
    Alifer Paranhos
    created by Alifer Paranhos

    We have Geo referenced a PDF in TBC we exported it as a Tiff as we would like to see it as a background on the map in Access when we go to add the tiff it see's it but then gives message that we need a world file with...
    Rich Eaton
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  • HCE Corridor Surface Rebuild Error

    I am working on a large project, nine miles on an interstate highway. I have a surface created by a corridor that shows an error even after rebuild (set to by user).     How can I find out what is causing...
    Andy Griner
    created by Andy Griner
  • A Problem with drawings coming from Line Type Editor after importing them into Layer manager (TBC v5.20)

    Hello anybody,   I defined a new line symbol (a line with some signs) for fence using Line Type Editor utility included with TBC v5.20 as follows (see Picture 1).   I saved it as a n...