• SurveyPRO in a SP FOCUS 8 total station repetition shots routine doesnt show a button to delete bad shots?

    I have 2 SP FOCUS8 total station with SurveyPRO 6.4 and when doing repetition sideshots there is no way to review and eliminate bad shots.    Also it doesnt show the store mean or all observations for repeti...
  • Why TBC doesnt include latitute/longitude errors in the Network Adjustment Report?

    These errors expressed in meters are needed and also TBC post processing algorithm should use them in PP and NA
    Alexander Holsteinson
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  • Trimble ACCESS displays its RTK fixed residuals at 68% or at 95% confidence level?

    I know that ACCESS allows user to select the confidence interval (68%, 95% and 99.9%), but I have searched in all Trimble literature about how ACCESS reports by default its RTK error for a fixed position since I have ...
    Alexander Holsteinson
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  • Hi i have problem in the send my background file

    I have problem in the send my background file to my range so its no available to send
    Hamada Afroun
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  • How to change language for terrasync 2.53

    How to change language for terrasync 2.53 from germany to englech
    Hamada Afroun
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  • Network adjustment problem

      Ok. Where?
    Attila Tóth
    created by Attila Tóth
  • Delta Elevations in Elevation Table?

    This may seem like a dumb question but is there a command to make add delta elevations to an elevation table or vice versa? I am working on special ditches and trying to combine them all into one instruction with the ...
    Buck Lawson
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  • Merge .T02

    Hi everyone,   In TBC or some utility by Trimble, is there a way to merge two .T02 files in one file ?   Regards
    Franco Cereceda
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  • Station and Offset points file upload Question

    Trying to upload a points file using the Station and Offset. There are multiple station equations in this alignment. It will not let me upload any points because of this.
    Scott S
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  • R8s Base SP60 Rover

    Hello,     I have a pair of trimble R8s and a Spectra SP60, however I had a problem with an antenna, I now have (1) a Trimble R8s antenna and an SP60 antenna. Is there any option I can enable the trimble R...
    Danilo Rosa
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  • TBC Version 5.0

    Recently upgraded to verson 5.0 for TBC. We had a HASP key replaced with an upgraded license. Now all other current users running 3.51 (This is the license version we have for all other machines) will not open TBC pro...
    craig draper
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  • Trimble TSC7 Controller User Guide

    Rev C
    Joseph Markham
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  • Error - New Base Station Being Used

    Hi,   I'm having an intermittent issue with my GNSS setup:   - SPS855 base receiver - Zephyr 3 Base Antenna - SPS785 Rover Antenna - TSC7 running Siteworks   I'm getting random occurrences of an e...
    Kevin Johnson
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  • Enhancement Suggestion: High Precision Scanning mode

    Currently when using High Precision scanning mode with the TX8 (correct me if I am wrong), the scanner keeps all points from the first pass scan and only adds detail from coinciding points captured from subsequent sca...
    Ronan Kelly
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  • Trimble RealWorks 11.1 is now available!

        New features and enhancements included in this version: New modeling tools: Automatic cylinder extraction / Geometry Visual Check Visualization & Navigation: Improved cloud display performance / Adju...
    Jason Hayes
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  • TBC Tunnel design, template positions, Asbuilt points and Volume point cloud

    Hello, We are calculating/checking tunnel progress and volumes through point clouds data in TBC, first time using the module. We got the data we were looking for but we still having some issues with the Tunn...
    last modified by CARLOS RUIZ SALA

    When using the template editor, my lines do dot display, only the break points display. If I zoom out far enough, the lines appear.   Thought it would be a display issue. I tried this file on a different machi...
    Dan Torson
    created by Dan Torson
  • What will replace SNM941 3g modem set to be obsolete in July??

    I have several machines that we do file transfer using the SNM 941. These modems are to be useless after July of this year. Will there be a program set up for users to upgrade their modems so we can continue using the...
    Tom Mauriello
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  • Download Trimble Business Center 3.3 e 3.4.

    Where can I download the Trimble Business Center version 3.3 and 3.4. Can someone help me?
    Gustavo Ferreira de Souza
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  • Scale Factor 1 and Local Site

    I am looking for a remedial explanation for why you would want to keep gun work out of a calibrated local site file.  It is a practice I have already been observing due to some crews in the past trying it and fin...
    Gabe Emery
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