• TBC software

    how do I open TBC v3.7 with a lower TBC version like v3.6 or v3.4
    ronaldo gatchalian
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  • Why is the laser not aligning with the clip associated with the road?

    The data goes through the trajectory corrector, and then the LAS file is recomputed. When this is done, the clip for the specific section of road still does not line up with the clip and the line is shown above or bel...
    Thomas Yancheck
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  • How do I permanently increase the size of my points for Trimble field points?

    I am working with Trimble field points on AutoCAD 2019 and I am having a scaling issue with my points size wise.  When they are placed they are to small to be recognized. Looking for a permanent way of increasing...
    Lincoln Boehmer
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  • csd problem

    I am having trouble with my CSD file in TBC. When I want to change system I get this message The newly selected coordinate system is invalid   It was working fine. How do I specify where TBC looks for CSD file...
    Mark Booth
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    In TBC 5.0 how to you change the pop-up window display properties so that they stack on top of one another rather than layer or appear side by side? Using the hide, floating and auto hide options doesn't appear to fix...
    john blaikie
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  • Is there a style sheet for Trimble Access to reduce Star Observations?

    I want to carry out a Star Observation at the Poeppel Corner marker using my Trimble S8 Total Station. I use Trimble Access software and thought maybe someone has written a style sheet for the positional reductions to...
    David Lees
    created by David Lees
  • Manhatten: which browser is supported

    Manhatten: which browser is supported or not support
    Henrik Rasmussen
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  • m3

    Buenos días comunidad: ¿Puedo utilizar una estación total M3 de 01 seg de precisión para trabajo de monitoreo de muros?
  • Different IFC placement in TCD and Trimble Connect Web

    Hello, I have two IFC 2x3 models coming from Revit which have been exported with the "shared coordinates" configuration. TC Web and TCD show them differently (TCD is correct). Is there a way to have the correct pos...
  • How can I convert a TSC2 .job file to a usable format?

    We have a .job file from a TSC2 Trimble Unit, and we can't import them to a TSC3 unit, and then export them.  We want a shapefile, or a csv.  Is there a way to convert the files?     The erro...
    Virginia Brink
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  • What are the dimensions of TSC7?

    I was wondering of the TSC7 controller fits only in it its specially designed holder or if there are any holders that the TSC7 fits in.    Does anyone have a drawing with the dimensions? I would like to kno...
    Hanno Kant
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  • how to change the displayed measurement orientation

    How do i change the orientation of the number displayed ?
    sankshap kandada
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  • Trimble Touch Control App not found on TSC7

    Can not find Touch Control App anywhere on new TSC7... 
    Michael Maier
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  • "trimble scan explorer" filter level

    hello i'm using a point cloud for a project i've got too the picture of the camera which takes the cloud i'm using "trimble scan explorer" to view the different pictures and it’s quite useful unfortunately t...
    Phil Good
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  • TBC Date format changes when exporting to Excel

    When I import data points into TBC v3.61, everything looks good with attribute information. However, when I export to Excel 2010 (.csv), the date attribute changes from 9/27/2016 to being separated into three columns ...
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  • How to silently install Realworks?

    Hi, Really struggling to find the right switches to silently install Realworks. Any suggestions? Cheers.
    Jeremy Saunders
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  • Trimble Link rxl file will not import into TBC

    I am using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 with Trimble Link v13.0.1.0 (Trimble Link Engine v2.0.31.0) and when I export a road to an RXL file it does not export to a version that Trimble Access v2017.2 or Trimble Business...
    James Barnett
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  • Can I just create a mosaic?

    I have aerial photography that I want to make a mosaic with it. Is this possible? I have no ground control or flight paths. The file is a JPG that was created by a DJI camera and it has the properties embedded into th...
    James Barnett
    created by James Barnett
  • R2 - Firmware Update Error

    I'm attempting to update the firmware on our R2 to v5.40 but I've been receiving the following error message:     Any idea what might be causing this?
    John Smith
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  • EGM08 & EGM96

    How to get the geoid file in .gem format  for EGM08 & EGM96 (Global)?
    prabakaran alg
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