• Downloading Trimble R10 static files

    How do I connect to a R10 to download static files for post processing?  Is the Trimble UI with the IP address the preferred route?
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  • internal uhf radio not recognized

    hi i have a trimble gps r8s rover with an internal uhf radio my probleme is that radio is not recognized , in trimble access software show me message that the radio is not connected but it is realy connected . i dont...
    Rachid Harnaf
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  • Transport of Total Station for short distances (ON? OFF?)

    Good afternoon, Sometimes we have to setup our Total Stations several times in several locations which are not very far from each other. Should I switch OFF the instrument or it is OK if I leave it ON while I move f...
    William maestre larrad
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  • WorksManeger`s access to Web Interface

    Hello,   the WM get access to Web interface added machine and this function I used successfully. 12.09.20 this function didn`t work up today and support can`t answer me why.   The ability to access the web...

    124/5000 I have a dat file in TBC that is merged by several files. Is it possible to export the merged dat file as a dat file.
  • JUNO T41/5 wont connect to SPS585 

    I have a couple of JUNO T41/5 controllers that wont find SPS585 receivers The JUNO's are running SCS900 V3.4.0 and am wondering if that is too old for SPS585 recognition ? It will connect to an SPS985 without i...
    Dave Nelson
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  • Cloud Based Modeler Alignment

    Trying to create a model for a vertical I-beam in order to do a surface to model inspection. The box geometry is not giving a good fit. Is there another tool to fit this shape or what constraints would work best?
    Casey Cook
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  • Orthophoto segmentation not in TRW 11.2 and 11.3

    Within Orthophoto in TRW 11.2 and now 11.3, the segmentation tool has been removed. Is this permanent? Or is there a work around for producing multiple images of parts of the point cloud without having to break it up ...
    Martin Watts
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  • X7 Scans, 2 stations wont fit.

    Hi all!   I really hope you can help me with this.  I have a project were we are doing a lot of scannings with our X7. From the first day we have 120 scanstations and this weekend i was going to start work...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Download site for TRW Will not provide link to EXE

    Just like TBC, we in the federal government (maybe there are others), never get an email back from this site. https://go2.trimble.com/download-TRW.html?_ga=2.83983321.1517166060.1600128791-582797669.1597507477&_g...
    Joel Cusick
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  • Is there any way to edit the color of the polylines you create in Trimble Access?

    I create a lot of polylines in the field on Trimble Access to connect many of the calc points I get from the office. Some of the lines I use for staking and some just for a visual aid.  On a busy construction pro...
    Jacob Larson
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  • ACCESS 2020.10 upgrade causing error on import

    Is anyone suddenly getting this failure notification after upgrading to ACCESS 2020.10?:   the fix is the newest remote device manager update.     Carry on.  
    Jason Lord
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  • X7 Error when refining scans, why

    Hi!   Take a look at the report wich is attached here, why do i get a error for ALL scan stations in the report?  I will uppload the project here ASAP so you can test if you want.
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • v5.32.1 Patch Now Available

    All,    As you may be aware, there was a bug discovered in the release of v5.32 that prohibited proper imports of total station data using the standard resection method. We now have a patch available to reso...
    Jeffrey Ryan
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  • Earthworks Simulator

    Anyone knows where I can get that kind of Scaled Excavator? My apology, I got it from different brand. I find it useful than the Existing Earthworks Simulator. Thanks!
    Denmark Marcelino
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  • TSC7 Map is duplicating and moving points by itself?

       I have linked an active map which contains just lines, circles and points in the centre of the circles. Once linked, I went onto the map and I noticed a few of these have been duplicated and moved to...
    Jody Savage
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  • Problems rotating in 3D view

    Hi,   I am experiencing some problems while orbiting in 3D view. The model is rotating  around the point I have my cursor on when I press my mouse wheel instead of using the centre of the screen. Anyon...
    Pablo Garcia
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  • Standard Resection Issues in TBC v5.32 - Support bulletin

    Hello TBC users,   Trimble Business Center v5.32 users are currently experiencing difficulties when importing all total station data in which a Standard Resection is used as a Station Setup. Data such as point cl...
    Jeffrey Ryan
    created by Jeffrey Ryan
  • Point Cloud Functionality Disabled

    Has anyone seen anything like this before? Do you know if there is a Disable Point Clouds option somewhere? I can bring the data into a new project no problem, but for some reason cannot bring it into my existing pro...
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  • How to synchronise comments from Solibri to Trimble Connect?

    Hi everyone,   Could you synchronise the comments from Solibri to Trimble Connect? My issue is that the synchronisation seems to work for the presentations generated in Solibri but the comments does not sync? I...
    Anne-Solène Dris
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