• Determine Floating Pathfinder Office License User?

    I am wondering if there is a method of determining the current user (or computer ID, etc.) of our "Floating" Pathfinder Office license? We share a single Floating license in our shop, and occasionally a user forgets t...
    Vince Edwards
    created by Vince Edwards
  • Trimble Post-Processing Service RTX

    Need help from a Trimble employee to help me understand the height of receiver (ARP) computation that the Post-Processing RTX Technology is calculating based on the user input measure to the Bottom of Antenna Mount wh...
    john blaikie
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  • Sidewalk Modeling for Existing Roadway, False Surfacing Issues.

    I have a  model for a sidewalk project that adds sidewalk to the adjacent roadway. the model is only for the new sidewalk and sideslope changes and does not have the existing roadway surface. the surface models a...
    Jason O'Brien
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  • Superelevation

    Is there a way to adjust the rate of change in a superelevation transition?  I created a superelevation with a low side rotation point, but my transition slopes are not matching the plans.  Is there a way to...
    Staley Beck
    created by Staley Beck
  • Big difference between ground and grid distance.

    I'm having a big difference between grid and ground distance after a site calibration. I've never had this trouble before.  
    Jack McAdams
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  • Trench not populating around nodes correctly

    When I insert my trench template into my run, for some reason its not adjusting properly around the manholes and i'm not sure what i'm doing incorrectly. I also need to have a stone base under the manholes, so I had s...
    Patrick Retallack
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  • Trimble Access Emulator Pc

    Hello   Looking for Emulator for Pc trimble Access geodetic software equivalent SCS900_Emulator_v3.74.18.exe I will ask for links to download or description on how to wall the 30-day version on Pc Looking for ...
    kstelmach kstelmach
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  • TBC Power Hour 4/1/2020: Field to Finish with Confidence

    TBC’s mission is to be the tool for surveyors to complete their CAD and survey office work efficiently, effectively, and accurately. After importing Trimble or third-party data into TBC, our customers can levera...
    Jeffrey Ryan
    created by Jeffrey Ryan
  • Assimilation Progress - Processing viewer data (In queue)

    Hi, Is it normal to wait more than an hour for this task to be done ? Thanks
  • Constant Corridor Error Message

    Every time, and I'm not exaggerating when I say every time, I build a corridor model I constantly get the same error message.  Its not a fatal error and most times I just ignore it, but it always pops up.  I...
    Brandon Knight
    created by Brandon Knight
  • Key in slope to create point elevation.

    New user to TBC 5.2 and was wanting to create a Point Bearing distance from another point, then go up or down in elevation depending on a keyed in slope.  Is this possible?   Thanks
    Staley Beck
    created by Staley Beck
  • Convert units

    Can I use TBC to convert dms angle data to gradian?
    Attila Tóth
    created by Attila Tóth
  • Inverse point to line to get elevation difference

    So, I am trying to check some sanitary sewer house connection elevations to make sure I have my 1.25' difference with the line running out at 2%.  When I do an inverse point to line all I get is a station and off...
    John Harless
    created by John Harless
  • Trimble Ranger 3L (TSC3) Not taking a Charge: Battery Communications Failure

    I have a Ranger 3L (TSC3) that will not charge.  I replaced the battery with a new one and also a new power adapter.  The tsc3 comes up with the following error message: Battery Warning: Battery Communicatio...
    Matt Silvers
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    Hi,   this is Andrea Armani from Parma, Northern Italy. I am a small business owner working in the security range. We realize outdoor alarm and CCTV systems for residential and commercial use. We are developing...
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  • Por favor quisiera un foro en español. tengo muchas preguntas. Gracias

    Tengo preguntas con respecto al TSC3 ,TENGO LAS FOTOS EN LA CONTROLADORA PERO NO PUEDO BAJARLA EN EL TBC Ver.3.20.
  • Exporting point codes and coordinates from Trimble to DWG

    When I export my work from Trimble Business Center into a DWG, it exports the points and lines perfectly fine however it does not export my point codes nor the coordinates with it. When exporting, I select all points ...
    Jody Savage
    created by Jody Savage
  • Pathfinder photo paths

    Been a while since I have had to deep dive into Pathfinder Office.  Here is my situation, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction I have a customer that has  a consultant who has "helped" them...
    Doug Kotnik
    created by Doug Kotnik
  • TBC 5.20 best fit line to point cloud

    I have noticed that as soon as I draw a best fit line along power lines that my point cloud density diminishes substantially and does not come back unless I restart TBC. Is there a way to simply refresh the point clou...
    john blaikie
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  • USB Switcher App Does work on a TSC3

    Confirmed today connecting a TSC3, with a Windows 10 (v. 1809) that the USB switcher app works to bypass WMDC.   I made my own Cheatsheet.  I will revise the Geo7x/Juno section to include the TSC3.   ...
    Joel Cusick
    last modified by Joel Cusick