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Jason O'Rourke
Click to view contentHello!   I have a FXL file converted from a GDB .    In TBC , GIS Module we selct: Write Feature to GIS. Features were selected in the view. The OK button is greyed out. Is their a step missing so we can Write Feature to GIS can execute?   Thanks!
Dan Colbert
Click to view contentDoes your collected GNSS data not line up with your existing data properly?  Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM) has powerful features to help.  And, to help make it as easy as possible, TMM uses an “Auto” selection feature which makes educated assumptions about how to set it up for you.  This is vitally important in the case your existing data is in a… (Show more)
Sarah Sienaert
Hello,   I need to perform a segmentation and classification in eCognition but only within the areas (polygons) covered by my thematic layer.   I have successfully performed a chessboard segmentation using my thematic layer and a very large object size to derive image objects from the polygons in my thematic layer. However, I cannot figure out… (Show more)
Simone Spykers
Would it be possible to have GDA2020 EPSG:7855 added to the available Geodetic Datums in Trimble Manager? I note last time the Datums were updated was the 29th July 2020.
Evelyn Creel
I have a interesting situation and I just don’t know if this will work with what equipment we are currently using.   R2 GNSS Receiver paired to a Ranger 7 W10 (Same as TSC7).  We are using GPS Controller to set up the ports and NMEA String as well as the NTRIP Correction and then setting up the location provider in ESRI Collector to receive the… (Show more)
Fred Limp
I would like to be able to perform OPUS and PPP corrections to my R2 data as well as using the standard Positions post-processing options. Is there any converter or workflow that allows movement from the offline TerraFlex world when using carrier systems like the R2 to RINEX or other OPUS compatible formats?
Fred Limp
I have read the 4 part guide for TMM and Collector and it is much appreciated but am still unclear on the relationship between TMM base-station settings and collector settings when doing high accuracy work with an R2. Do the settings in TMM "override" the Profile settings in Collector? I gather that the TMM setting persist even after I disconnect… (Show more)
Jeffrey Mallory
I am using hyperspectral imagery and in Layer Values I have generated over 100 Mean Layer values and they show up as selected. I want to remove them from the selected but I can only remove 1 layer at a time. Is there a way to select all layers and remove them in one operation?
Wim Van Huele
1. ArcGIS collector crashes after 15-20min on a TDC150. Lack of processing power might be a reason. Does anyone else experience the same issue?   2. The TDC150 and the TDC100 will not be supported by the new Collector that will be part of the package of Esri software called “ArcGIS Field Maps”.  At minimum, Esri will only support Android 8 iOS 13… (Show more)
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