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Zach Edwards
Upon exporting to KML, the photos are not being included. Is this being worked on? I was hoping to get this work via hyperlinks but it's not working as files either.    #TerraFlex #Trimble Connect
Matt Morris
IntroductionWhen used with TerraFlex v4.4, Trimble Positions Desktop add-in v10.7.1.1 opens up a new workflow - TerraFlex with Offline Data Transfer and Post-Processing. While we work to provide all-new Trimble Positions Desktop add-in documentation on the Trimble Geospatial Help Portal, we hope that this Getting Started document will get you up…
Glen Stice
Hello,   New user here, long time land surveyor but recently joined the A team and this community.   I have a client asking about a report/stylesheet that shows any linked files and active map used in a Access .job, does anyone know or have one that would do this?   I have already sent out email to Trimble and support said there is not one and… (Show more)
Joel Cusick
Not found in the documentation.  But in the US Fed Govt. case, Offline TerraFlex is our only method (released this October).  Documentation specifies this will work as the add in with pGDB and fGDB.  Does this include a version checked out by SDE?
Zach Edwards
It would be nice, in an update workflow (with or without a task [ToDo]), if a feature would change colors upon updating or selecting a certain attribute value. I have a couple of customers that want to move to this but that feature is necessary, as they are currently doing this in TerraSync. If you could create a task and when the feature is… (Show more)
Miguel Espinoza
Hi  I have create a new a trimble account to try terraflex but is impossible to log in into trimble connect. Looks like trimble insphere was better.    Does Anyone know what are the steps to log in into terraflex only To test For free?   Note: With your Trimble account you can get started using TerraFlex for free. Upgrade to Basic and Advanced… (Show more)
Gaylynne Carter
Click to view contentHi Basic question but can't seem to find an answer on Google.... Is it possible to edit the geometry settings on a published or for that matter copied template? I have an erroneously assigned point that needs to be an area. The long solution is to create a new template to correct that one issue, but there are actually a couple of them and there… (Show more)
Elizabeth Cleaver
The Mapping & GIS Solutions community is setup to allow us to share key information relating to Trimble's Mapping & GIS solutions with end users.    Got a question?If you have questions about the Mapping & GIS solutions please click on the 'Mapping & GIS Forum' tab. Check out the previously answered questions to see if an answer has been posted…
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