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Felicity Boag
Join us for an informative webinar to learn how the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) surveyors and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) managers successfully paired Trimble GNSS receivers with the ProStar PointMan mobile app to collect survey-grade utility locations and export the data into their Bentley MicroStation projects for… (Show more)
Matt Morris
Click to view contentAs you know, Trimble Positions Desktop add-in stores projects and sessions in a database that we keep "behind the scenes" as much as possible. When you first installed the software, you would have used the Desktop Configuration application to create a new database configuration. This is typically a Jet (.mdb) or SQLite (if you installed the… (Show more)
Hamish MacMillan
Click to view contentThe Template Library stores all the templates you have created within your Trimble Connect project, enabling you to quickly add existing templates to a new map workspace.  You can select multiple templates from the library to add to a new workspace at the same time. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the templates from the… (Show more)
Hamish MacMillan
Click to view contentYou can bookmark your favorite map workspaces from Trimble Connect directly in your browser. When you need to open a map workspace click the bookmark and you’ll be taken straight there, you don’t load them through the Trimble Connect application first!  
Hamish MacMillan
Connecting to Bluetooth GNSS receivers in TerraFlex With TerraFlex you can connect to most Trimble R Series receivers via Bluetooth to improve the GNSS accuracy of data you are collecting   Connecting to a Bluetooth GNSS receiver on Android: To connect to a Bluetooth GNSS receiver on Android: Ensure your device has Bluetooth enabled and your GNSS…
Felicity Boag
Click to view contentThe TDC150 is a fully integrated, high-performance, easy-to-use handheld GNSS field computer for GIS data collection and management. With flexible accuracy options, this fully rugged, versatile device is ready for all of your field data projects. In the webinar Trimble Mapping & GIS expert, Dan Colbert, discusses: The key features/benefits of… (Show more)
Michael Krones
We use TerraFlex with Catalyst. We recently began using satellite maps on our tablets in the field and find that the colors of some form templates in existing and active projects are no longer easily discerned from the satellite map.  I can see how to edit an existing form template, but editing the color does not appear to be an option.
Joel Cusick
Click to view contentThis would be an awesome enhancement, one that is done in Garmin workflows, any decent exercise app and the famous CALTOPO tool,-98.39355&z=5&b=mbt   This was never integrated into PFO, and now is your chance to make Positions a Profiler tool that allows creation of a profile for a Line (say a trail).  You… (Show more)
Felicity Boag
Click to view contentThe Trimble License Manager is where you can assign licenses to your field users for applications like Catalyst, Penmap, SiteVision, and TerraFlex. Before assigning licenses to your field users, you need to add them to the License Manager.   Accessing the License Manager: The Trimble License Manager can be accessed via the link… (Show more)
Adam Wright
Click to view contentHow to start a 30 day TerraFlex Trial for Trimble Connect   Sign into Trimble Connect TerraFlex uses Trimble Connect to set up and organize your data collection projects, and to share data with other people in your organization.  Once you create a Project and add a… (Show more)
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