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Wim Van Huele
1. ArcGIS collector crashes after 15-20min on a TDC150. Lack of processing power might be a reason. Does anyone else experience the same issue?   2. The TDC150 and the TDC100 will not be supported by the new Collector that will be part of the package of Esri software called “ArcGIS Field Maps”.  At minimum, Esri will only support Android 8 iOS 13… (Show more)
Matt Morris
Click to view contentWhen creating TerraFlex cloud projects through one of the add-ins for ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap), there are two photo handling workflows to be aware of. Store Photos as Attachments (multiple photos per feature) If a feature class has been enabled with attachments (available with a Standard or Advanced license of ArcGIS Desktop), then any templates… (Show more)
Nicholas Klein-Baer
I haven't tried visiting the eCognition support community for about a year.  In the past it had it's own forum,  there was a ton of content, you could share and download rule sets, etc.    Now this forum is all I can find. Is the content from the old forum still around?
Evelyn Creel
I have a interesting situation and I just don’t know if this will work with what equipment we are currently using.   R2 GNSS Receiver paired to a Ranger 7 W10 (Same as TSC7).  We are using GPS Controller to set up the ports and NMEA String as well as the NTRIP Correction and then setting up the location provider in ESRI Collector to receive the… (Show more)
Sebastian Fischer
I am experiencing a problem on my and all of my clients TDC150: I select EGM96 as the Geoid in the GNSS configuration screen in Trimble Mobile Manager, switch to the Status screen to check my measurements and notice that the Geoid switches from EGM96 to RTCM and uses some Geoid Information from the RTCM messages, which is not the Geoid correction… (Show more)
Ryan Scott
Click to view contentThis page is designed to assist users in finding and sending log files to Trimble Support  TerraFlex Send logs via email 1) Sign in to TerraFlex and tap on the hamburger menu in the top left of the main screen 2) Select Settings 3) Select Send Log file at the bottom of the screen:     You will have a choice of apps, select your email… (Show more)
Alessia Bono
Good morning, GPS Pathfinder Office 5.85 differential correction utility is working bad under Windows 10, always tell be that 0% of my positions have been corrected but is not this is not true, because I’m getting 100% when I open the COR file. I have already try to reinstalling many times.   Thank you
Fred Limp
We are teaching a GNSS class this semester under the C19 restrictions. All the students are on-line and, as a result, they are unable to actually access the equipment. We are now covering post-processing using the TDC150. Our plan is to have the student complete the entire Positions "project creation process" following specific defined elements… (Show more)
Felicity Boag
Click to view contentIf you’re using Trimble Mobile Manager and getting stuck, or things just aren’t working the way you’d expect, support is at hand. Often your question will have been already asked (and answered) by another user and you can use this Community to search for product specific support content.   If you are generally looking for information on how to use… (Show more)
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