Matt Morris

Beta Status: Esri Collector for ArcGIS and Trimble Mobile Manager

Blog Post created by Matt Morris on Feb 27, 2020

NOTE: As of the week starting March 30, 2020, the versions of Esri Collector and Trimble Mobile Manager discussed in this document have all been released to production and the "Known Issues" described below have been resolved. Please refer to this 4-part blog series for an in-depth discussion of the workflow.


As you are aware, the forthcoming version of Esri Collector for ArcGIS on Android will natively support various Trimble and Spectra Geospatial receivers with configuration performed through Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM). The new version of TMM adds key functionality including orthometric heights (choice of geoids) and advanced geodetic workflows (time-dependent datum transformations with support for intermediate epochs). This functionality will be described in detail in a forthcoming blog post in this space.

High-accuracy hardware to be supported in the combined workflows at release is expected to be [subject to change]:


Native Support

  • Trimble R-series (R1, R2, R8s, R10/R10-2, R12)
  • Spectra Geospatial SP-series (SP60, SP80, SP85)
  • TDC150/SP20

Support via Location Sharing (through mock locations)

  • Catalyst
  • Nomad 5 + EM100


TMM v2.3 was released on February 28th while Collector is still in beta:


In order to evaluate functionality, you will need to have both apps installed on your Android device.


It's important to understand a few points regarding differences with Collector Classic and gaps in functionality in the current beta release.

  • The new version of Collector is designed to work with TMM. GNSS configurations (e.g., real-time sources) made in TMM will be inherited by Collector when connecting to a Trimble R-series, Spectra SP-series or a TDC150 receiver natively. In this native support workflow, you will only configure the receiver through TMM - you should not connect to the receiver from TMM except for testing purposes. Collector and TMM cannot connect to the receiver at the same time.
    Known issues: Collector crashes on Android 10 when trying to connect to a Trimble receiver natively, Collector crashes when you attempt to make a second connection to the receiver through TMM, Collector crashes when trying to reconnect to a receiver that has been powered off (e.g., when re-opening a map), GPS Details screen still displays HAE when using an SP-series receiver.
    These issues will be resolved prior to final release.
  • Location sharing (mock location) workflows are also available for testing and evaluation in the current beta versions. This gives you the ability to work with receivers that aren't yet formally supported in Collector (e.g., Catalyst).
    Known issues: none
  • The current "classic" version of Collector (18.0.3 b1033) is designed to work with GNSS Status and not TMM. However, you can use location sharing in the new TMM (remember to set the Android mock location provider as well) to get some level of functionality with Collector Classic - for example, you should be able to see the effect of the GNSS and output datum settings in TMM. In location sharing workflows, you will connect to the receiver in TMM, and leave the app open. You will not be able to get orthometric heights in this workflow. This is unlikely to change for the final release as Esri expects most customers to transition to the new Collector.