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Introducing the TerraSync2TerraFlex App

Blog Post created by Hamish MacMillan on Mar 18, 2020

The TerraSync2TerraFlex application is now available to download! The installer for the app can be found attached to the bottom of this blog post, once installed you'll be able to run the TerraSync2TerraFlex app from Start -> Trimble -> TerraSync2TerraFlex


This application was developed to help users who are transitioning from TerraSync to TerraFlex by enabling them to convert their existing TerraSync Data Dictionary Files into a set of TerraFlex templates to quickly get up and running and to continue collecting data consistent with their system of record.


Using the TerraSync2TerraFlex App

The app is reasonably simple to use. The first step is to select the DDF you want to create templates from (this needs to be a data dictionary compatible with TerraSync v5.x)


Once you've select your DDF file, the next step is to sign in using your Trimble ID


Once you've signed in the drop-down will show all the Trimble Connect projects you have access to. Select the one you want to create the workspace in and hit Publish. The app will then start creating the workspace and templates


What DDF elements are transferred to TerraFlex templates?

The current versions of the TerraSync2TerraFlex app will read features and attributes from the DDF file and re-create them in TerraFlex templates (excluding Separators). This includes field names, lengths and ranges, default values, menu items, and required flag.


It will not transfer conditions from the DDF and re-create rules in the templates. At this stage the rules will need to be manually created.


If the process reports errors, please consult the log file found here:



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