Gareth Gibson

Trimble Corrections Hub - May 2020 Coverage Update

Blog Post created by Gareth Gibson on Apr 19, 2020

Trimble Corrections Hub is an automated corrections service that is bundled with Trimble Catalyst. Thanks the efforts of the Trimble Positioning Services team, the availability of corrections through the Hub (or TCH) now covers the entire continental United States, further improving the availability of high precision positioning 'out of the box' when using the Trimble Catalyst service. As of the day of publishing this blog post (May 2020), TCH now supports accuracy down to 10cm (RMS) in even more places, with RTX Fast coverage available in more than 3.5 million square miles in North America. 


This expanded coverage means that even more Catalyst users can benefit from the TCH 'zero-config corrections' workflow. The latest coverage maps are available on the Catalyst webpage.



North America Trimble RTX Fast Coverage Map

RTX Fast coverage has expanded to cover most of North America.
Catalyst subscribers are provided access to RTX through the Catalyst service and depending

on the level of subscription, delivers precision down to 10cm in real time.