Gareth Gibson

Tip of the Week #8 - Sharing Catalyst On Demand

Blog Post created by Gareth Gibson on Jun 8, 2020

Trimble Catalyst is a cost-effective way to precision enable any smart-phone based field workflow. It uses a small, light, and low-cost antenna which plugs into compatible Android phones and tablets via USB, and runs a clever standalone GNSS receiver using the CPU of the phone to generate high-accuracy position data without the need for or use of a hardware GPS receiver.  Using the "location sharing" feature of the Android operating system, or by using the Catalyst SDK to build support for Catalyst directly into your app, high precision GPS data (down to 1 cm RTK) is achievable in any location-enabled app.


The On Demand feature allows you to access Trimble Catalyst hour-by-hour. This means that you can pre-purchase time credits in advance, and then use them as needed hour-by-hour. 


Catalyst On Demand accounts can be shared with as many users as you need to support - meaning that you can operate a single shared 'pool' of time-credits, and then nominate who in your team you want to share the pool with. Sharing a pool is managed using the Trimble License Manager interface, and simply means recording the email address of each user you want to share the pool with.



Users only need a Catalyst DA1 antenna, and Android phone, and the Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM) app installed on their phone to use the service. When they run the TMM app, they sign in with their email address, and Catalyst recognizes the user as the member of the pool and presents the interface to draw down licenses hour-by-hour. 



If you have a large organisation, and want to be able to share the pool across the entire team, you can do so simply by enabling the "Share with my domain" feature in the License Manager. With this switch enabled, any user with an email address with the same domain (the part after the @ symbol in an email address - e.g. will be able to access the pool and draw down time.  This prevents you from needing to specifically identify every single user who may be utilizing the account.




You can keep track of who is using your account with the usage feature, which generates a simple report of where your On Demand hours are being utilized. The report can be downloaded and viewed/analyzed in your favourite spreadsheeting tool.



You and your team can continue using Catalyst On Demand so long as your pool balance is above zero. When the balance reaches zero, you need to top up your account. You can also use the License Manager to set a reminder for yourself to top up at any time once the pool balance reaches a certain limit.