Felicity Boag

Tip of the Week #10 - Using a local Geoid file for accurate MSL elevation output from your Trimble GNSS receiver

Blog Post created by Felicity Boag on Jun 23, 2020

Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM) and apps that use TPSDK (e.g. Esri Collector for ArcGIS) and configuration files created by TMM to configure Trimble GNSS receivers can now compute and output Orthometric Height using a local Geoid file to determine highly accuracy MSL elevation values.


By default, TMM allows you to choose from a list of pre-defined local Geoid files that Trimble maintains and updates from time to time. 


The following list of Geoids is supported out of the box:

  1. AUSGeoid09 (Aulstralia)
  2. AUGeoid2020 (Australia)
  3. Azores Geoid 2014
  4. Brazil SIRGAS Geoid Model 2015
  5. Canada CGG2013A (NAD83)
  6. Colombia Geoid 2004
  7. CR2005
  8. Cyprus Geoid
  9. DVR90 2013 (Denmark)
  10. DVRM (Slovakia)
  11. EGM 2008 Canary
  12. EGM 2008 Costa Rica
  13. EGM 2008 Haiti
  14. EGM 20018 India
  15. EGM 2008 REDNAP
  16. EGM 2008 Vietnam
  17. EGM96 (Global)
  18. EIGEN-6C4 Dominican Republic
  19. Estonia Geoid
  20. FIN2000
  21. FIN2005N00
  22. GEOID12B (Alaska)
  23. GEOID12B (Hawaii)
  24. GEOID18 (Conus)
  25. GEOID18 (Puerto Rico)
  26. Geoide-AR16
  27. GGeoid16 (Greenland)
  28. Guadeloupe - GT et BT 2016
  29. Guadeloupe - La Desirade 2016
  30. Guadeloupe - Marie-Galante 2016
  31. Guadeloupe - Saint-Barth 2016
  32. Guadeloupe - Saint-Martin 2016
  33. Guyane
  34. HBG18 (Belgium)
  35. HVRS71 (Croatia)
  36. Iceland geoid 2001
  37. Italgeo 90
  38. Korean Geoid model in 2018
  39. Lithuania Geoid Model 2015
  40. LV14 (Latvia)
  41. Malaysia Geoid 2004
  42. Minnesota GEOID12B
  43. Netherlands (2004)
  44. Netherlands (2008)
  45. Netherlands (De Min)
  46. Northern Ireland 2015
  47. NN2000 (Norway18B)
  48. New Zealand Geoid 2016
  49. OSGM15 (United Kingdom)
  50. OSGM02 (United Kingdom)
  51. OSGM91 (United Kingdom)
  52. Pl-geoid-2011 (Poland)
  53. Portugal Geoid (GeoidPT08)
  54. RAC09 (Corse)
  55. RAF18 (France)
  56. RAMART2016
  57. RANC08 (New Caledonia)
  58. RAR07 (La Reunion)
  59. Republic of Ireland 2015
  60. RovT4.04 (Romania)
  61. South Africa Geoid 2010
  62. SW172000 (Sweden)
  63. Swiss Geoid 2004
  64. VITEL 2014
  65. Wisconsin GEOID12B


Each time you select a Geoid in TMM, the Geoid file will automatically download to the GeoData folder, and will remain on your device unless you reset or delete the folder. Depending on the speed of the internet connection on your phone and Geoid selected, the file may take some time to download as each Geoid file can vary in size from 1-2 MB up to a 100 MB or more.


If your required/preferred GEOID file is not present, you can copy a Geoid file to the system storage on your device, specifically to the GeoData folder. After copying the GGF file to the GeoData folder, it will become available in the GEOID list in the TMM. Simply select it from the list and TMM will store this in the configuration file it uses to connect to the Trimble GNSS receiver. 

For more details on configuration Esri Collector for ArcGIS using Trimble Mobile Manager, refer to our 4-part blog series here, which goes into a lot more detail.