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Tip of the Week #12 - Accessories to Complete the Catalyst Solution

Blog Post created by Mathias Roehring on Jul 9, 2020

The DA1 antenna is lightweight and small. It’s easy to use in all kinds of customized configurations!


Using the standard push-fit mount the DA1 antenna can be attached to any 32 mm diameter pole or rod. The standard push-fit 5/8 x 11 pole cap adapter allows the DA1 to be attached directly to any standard survey mounting accessory with a 5/8 x 11 sized thread. An optional accessory kit allows the DA1 to be mounted on different accessories such as a vehicle or off-the-shelf camera-style bipod mounts.


If you want to use the DA1 permanently on a pole you can use the lock-fit adapter. That provides a firmly attached ⅝-inch screw thread to the DA1.


If you want to use the DA1 on the roof of a car or need more distance to a flat surface you should use the tall lock-fit adapter, otherwise the cable may get in the way between the rubber antenna mount and the surface. When using the tall lock-fit adapter you can have confidence the antenna will not come loose with the push-fit adapter in a high motion/vibration environment. 

DA1 on a vehicle


In case you want to use a camera tripod you can use the ¼-inch push-fit mount. A small and simple photo tripod can be used to put the DA1 antenna firmly on the ground (for example when manhole mapping) or it can be used by photographers if they need an accurate position. The ¼-inch adapter also opens up opportunities outside the box.

DA1 on a manhole

The Catalyst DA1 Antenna Mounting Accessory Kit includes these mounting adapters:

  • Replacement rubber push-fit mount and screw
  • Replacement ⅝-inch thread adapter for push-fit mount
  • Locking ⅝-inch thread adapter for DA1 push-fit mount
  • Tall locking ⅝-inch thread adapter for DA1 push-fit mount (suitable for roof mounting in vehicles or other high motion/vibration environments)
  • ¼-inch thread adapter for DA1 push-ft mount (compatible with most common camera tripods/monopods)


Catalyst DA1 Antenna Mounting Accessory Kit