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Tip of the Week #17 - Getting TMM support is easy!

Blog Post created by Felicity Boag on Sep 28, 2020

If you’re using Trimble Mobile Manager and getting stuck, or things just aren’t working the way you’d expect, support is at hand. Often your question will have been already asked (and answered) by another user and you can use this Community to search for product specific support content.


If you are generally looking for information on how to use the Trimble Mobile Manager app, check out the online documentation which explains the supported screens and workflows step by step.


Contact the Trimble Mobile Manager Support Team directly

And finally if you are really stuck, Trimble Mobile Manager provides an easy way to get in touch directly with the Global Trimble Support team - directly from the app. From the main menu, tap About, then tapSend Log File.


Screen shot


This will extract the most recent log files from Trimble Mobile Manager and this information is extremely helpful for our support team to help troubleshoot any issues you may have (e.g. not being able to connect, or unexpected results from Trimble Mobile Manager). After you tap the Send Log File button, your device will create a templated email and will automatically attach a ZIP file of the TMM GNSS logs from your phone, addressed to the TMM support team. You can add any additional details or attachments to the email and when you press send a helpdesk ticket will be automatically created.


For iOS users not using the default iOS Mail client

Note: On iOS devices, if you don’t have the default Apple Mail client app installed (e.g. if you only use the Google Gmail app), your iDevice will not be able to launch a default email. You can manually access the log files after it has been generated using the Apple Files app. To access this, follow the following steps.


  1. Follow the steps above to generate the zipped up log files
  2. Open the Apple Files app on your iOS device
  3. Tap Browse > On My iPhone > Mobile Manager
  4. Tap and hold on the EmailSupportData.zip file, then tap Share
  5. Choose the app/option you want to use to email it or copy the ZIP file off your device
  6. Email the file to the TMM support team at catalyst_support@trimble.com


Screen shot