• How can I limit the template matching algorithm to one region (object) in eCognition? - I used a region variable (because it possible to update it by action) but the result is always an empty layer. Anybody else faced the similar issue? How can I fix it?

    When I limit the template matching algorithm to a smaller area on the map with a region variable the result is always an empty layer and class with zero founded object (tree - in this case). When I run the same for th...
    Levente Papp
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  • how to convert an ESRI ARCMap feature class to file type usable in Trimble Terra Sync ie. a field data file that can be taken out in a Geo XH

    I need to revert the file to a SSF type so it can be exported to my hand held to go out to update the features, the original files have been lost (new computer) Im running Positions now from Pathfinder so that has bee...
    Larry Miller
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  • How to share Positions Project specifics between users

    We are teaching a GNSS class this semester under the C19 restrictions. All the students are on-line and, as a result, they are unable to actually access the equipment. We are now covering post-processin...
    Fred Limp
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  • Trimble Terraflex frequently crashes on my Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 10

    It happens frequently and seemingly at random, causing the app to close automatically and lose all information collected thus far on the form. It happens most often when saving many pictures or when I have the form op...
    Max Cickovskis
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  • Hardware ? Geo7x, 6000 SD Card not Engaging Issue

    Have others seen this, or hopefully someone can help. I am getting consistent (on 7x and 6000) the inability for the SD Card slot to engage with the card. You press in to a lock position.  and you can't c...
    Joel Cusick
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  • Error In Elevation from Connect to ArcMap

    Client has an R2 Sub-Foot utilizing Fieldpoint for correction paired with TerraFlex.  He has everything in feet on app and in connect, the height is showing correctly on status screen but when he exports the file...
    Evelyn Creel
    created by Evelyn Creel
  • Resources for segmenting Sentinel-1 SAR data in eCognition?

    Hello,   I am looking for resources to help me learn how to perform an object based image analysis (segmentation) of Sentinel-1 SAR imagery in eCognition. All the learning resources I have come across to date fo...
    Sarah Sienaert
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  • GPS Receivers and Coordinate systems in ESRI Collector

    I have a interesting situation and I just don’t know if this will work with what equipment we are currently using.   R2 GNSS Receiver paired to a Ranger 7 W10 (Same as TSC7).  We are using GPS Contro...
    Evelyn Creel
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  • Is there a workflow to convert Trimble Terraflex offline (*.tfout) files to RINEX - e.g. a *.tfout from an R2? The Trimble Convert utility does not appear to support Terraflex.

    I would like to be able to perform OPUS and PPP corrections to my R2 data as well as using the standard Positions post-processing options. Is there any converter or workflow that allows movement from the offline Terra...
    Fred Limp
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  • Removing Mean Layers

    I am using hyperspectral imagery and in Layer Values I have generated over 100 Mean Layer values and they show up as selected. I want to remove them from the selected but I can only remove 1 layer at a time. Is there ...
    Jeffrey Mallory
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  • TDC150 and ESRI  ArcGIS collector

    1. ArcGIS collector crashes after 15-20min on a TDC150. Lack of processing power might be a reason. Does anyone else experience the same issue?   2. The TDC150 and the TDC100 will not be supported by the ne...
    Wim Van Huele
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  • Easiest way to create a .ggf Geoid file from CSV, TIFF, or BIL?

    I have a local Geoid file in CSV, TIFF and BIL format and want to create a .ggf file for use in Trimble Mobile Manager. What is the easiest way to convert to .ggf file format?
    Sebastian Fischer
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  • where i can find edit condition dialog in ecognition? i tried to find it but can't find it until now. i wanna tried this command but confused what should i do?

    Dani Ramadhan
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  • I recently had to change my email and after updating my email address I can not login with my new email address. I receive a 503 error.

    I can login online with the Trimble Insphere website, but I can not login to the TerraFlex app on Android.
    Kevin Lias
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  • TerraFlex Offline repeat field values

    Is it possible to repeat field values in TerraFlex offline project?
    Yashwant Chauhan
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  • How to use a thematic layer to restrict a segmentation and classification in eCognition?

    Hello,   I need to perform a segmentation and classification in eCognition but only within the areas (polygons) covered by my thematic layer.   I have successfully performed a chessboard segmentation using...
    Sarah Sienaert
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  • I am unclear on relationship between TMM and ESRI Collector on setting profiles

    I have read the 4 part guide for TMM and Collector and it is much appreciated but am still unclear on the relationship between TMM base-station settings and collector settings when doing high accuracy work with an R2....
    Fred Limp
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  • shp file

    I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm really struggling here - how do I import shp files onto the Terraflex app so that users have reference points in the field to follow - e.g. parcel/property boundaries. I ca...
    Madara Vilde
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  • Enhancement Positions TerraSync Tool Bar Shape to Waypoint

    Currently, there is no way to select what field to use to identify waypoinT id's.  The tool simply uses shapefile name and the ObjectID (not helpful).   Trimble, mapping (maybe PFO group) invented per reque...
    Joel Cusick
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  • Terrasync Positions Toolbar enhancement

    I would like to see the following utilities from PFO be incorporated into the TerraSync Positions. SSF Record Editor.  The interogation of the SSF file and editing of the SSF can correct for egregious errors tha...
    Joel Cusick
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