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Trimble RealWorks 11.2 released!

Blog Post created by Jason Hayes on Jan 13, 2020

New features and enhancements included in this version:

  • Trimble X7/ Perspective Support: Added support for the new Trimble X7 and Perspective software.
    Includes annotations, labels, and panorama image creation.

    ·         Annotations: New 3D annotation creation tool to let you improve your deliverables and share information about a 3D content.

    ·         Inspection Tools UI: New interface for editing color maps.

    ·         3D Inspection: New algorithm provides more accurate results in significantly less time.
            New algorithm also provides unique capability to reduce exaggerated effects when comparing two point clouds of different density.

    ·         Beam Extraction: New AI tool for automatically segmenting support beams from the point cloud.

    ·         Floor Flatness: Improved area selection and the ability to use parallel/orthogonal sample segments.

    ·         Ortho-Projection: New rendering options to provide more detailed orthophotos.

    ·         Import/Exports: Added support for import and export of IFC files. Improved RCP exporter no longer requires ReCap to be installed.

For a full list of bug fixes, please read the Release Notes.

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