Jason Hayes

Using Geometry Fitting For Precise Measurements

Blog Post created by Jason Hayes on Feb 13, 2020

Sometimes you just need a quick diameter, distance, or angle on objects. Using tools in Trimble RealWorks that best fit a geometry to the point cloud can be a way to quickly get precise answers.


Start by opening the Measurement Tool.




For a quick diameter you can use the Fitted Cylinder Diameter Measurement tool. Select the tool and then click on the point cloud and move the mouse out to define an area to extract a cylinder. Then click a second time set the area.




After the second click the software will fit a cylinder to the point cloud and display the diameter.



You can also quickly get the angle between two secant geometries. Secant simply meaning that the two geometries such as cylinders are of the same radius and that the axes intersect.


Start by selecting the Angle Between Geometries’ Measurement tool.




Click to select the two cylinders.




The angle will be displayed at the point of measurement and also in the upper right-hand corner in the Information box.



There are several useful options in the Measurement Tool so be sure to explore them all.