Jason Hayes

Trimble RealWorks 11.2.1 Now Available!

Blog Post created by Jason Hayes on Feb 21, 2020


  • FLS Import: Added support for latest FARO instrument importer SDK 2019.2.2.3361
  • Trimble X7 Data Import: Improved performance of scan colorization - up to 40% - when importing TDX / TZF files Target-Based Registration / Georeferencing: Significantly improved performance on projects with many targets Refine Registration using TZF Scans: Improved behavior - some loops were not properly closed
  • 2D Image Display: Improved performance on large imported images - e.g., in annotations.
  • Annotations: Displayed content can now be resized and has a vertical slider for long descriptions

Resolved Issues

  • RCP Export: Some clouds had a wrong bounding box or were wrongly positioned
  • Profile / Cross-Section: Fixed regression – the tool no longer produced slices
  • 3D Inspection: Improved stability when deleting colorbars
  • Geometry Creator: Fixed issue when changing picking parameters
  • Ortho-projection: More consistent behavior of the preview button with use depth option


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