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Disable Compass Map Rotation

  • 1.  Disable Compass Map Rotation

    Posted 04-08-2024 15:02
    Edited by Zach Edwards 04-08-2024 16:21

    PenMap Team,

    Can you add the ability to disable the map autorotation when performing a stake out? We have numerous users asking for this capability. If a toggle could be added somewhere in the settings, that would be great. If there is a workaround to disable the compass in an android device so the map CANNOT autorotate, I guess that could work. Thanks and please advise. 

    P.S. I am aware that you can tap on the north arrow to force North as up but as soon as you pinch and zoom, it starts autorotating all over again. ;)



    Zach Edwards

  • 2.  RE: Disable Compass Map Rotation

    Posted 04-09-2024 00:43

    Hi Zach,

    Many thanks for the feedback we will forward to product management. We do not know if and when it will be implemented.



    Patrik Stahlhut

  • 3.  RE: Disable Compass Map Rotation

    Posted 04-10-2024 07:12


    I appreciate the response; However, it would be nice to get more of a commitment from Trimble on these suggestions. This is probably the third or fourth solid enhancement request that I have put in on behalf of our customers that has gotten the same response. 

    Zach Edwards