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Download project data from Penmap Project Manager

  • 1.  Download project data from Penmap Project Manager

    Posted 01-06-2024 14:59


    I have created a project in Penmap Project Manager that I assigned to 3 users for carrying out work. The Download option remains grayed out, making it impossible to download the project data.

    Is this because it is marked as "in progress" in the "Status Description" menu?

    How can we download the project data even though it is active for some users?

    Aziz TRAORE

  • 2.  RE: Download project data from Penmap Project Manager

    Posted 01-08-2024 03:03

    Dear Aziz,

    I have done some investigation and want to make sure I understand your problem correct.
    Can you not download the project you created in Project Manager to your android device to work with it? or can you not download it from Project Manager?

    If you can not download it via Project Manager and the status is set to in Progress, then this usually means that the Project was downloaded to an android device but has not been uploaded to the Project manager again yet.

    If the work in the field is done and the Project is uploaded to the Cloud again the status should change to complete and a download via Project Manager should be possible.

    Be carefull when assigning multiple users to a Project.

    Keep the overview of what version of the project is in the cloud.
    (If more then one user work on a project at the same time and upload it, it is possible that one overwrites the changes the other one has made if they didnt coordinate properly.)



    Patrik Stahlhut

  • 3.  RE: Download project data from Penmap Project Manager

    Posted 01-15-2024 02:22

    I had to create a separate project for each user. The risk of data loss was more significant than the advantage of having everyone work in the same project.

    Aziz TRAORE