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Folders for Grouping/Organization PenMap Jobs

  • 1.  Folders for Grouping/Organization PenMap Jobs

    Posted 10-18-2023 07:56

    I was speaking with a customer who reminded me of an enhancement that I meant to ask for a while back. In PenMap for Android, the list of projects are not organized very well. If you have 15 projects in multiple Connect "folders," all 15 show up in the project list. It would be nice to have a folder or sub-folder structure within the project list on the android side. That way, you can be in the folder (or sub-folder) that you want to be in to ONLY see those PenMap projects. Many customers create a new PenMap Job each day or week. I realize that they can be deleted from the device and left on the cloud but it still shows up as a "downloadable" project when it has been deleted from the device. Thanks and let me know if this feature could be added or if I am missing something that is already in place here. 

    Zach Edwards

  • 2.  RE: Folders for Grouping/Organization PenMap Jobs

    Posted 10-19-2023 01:12

    Dear Zach,

    thanks for the feedback we will forwared this request to product management. We do not know when and if this will be implemented.

    However, it is possible at the current state to manage what field users will see which projects and how many.
    If the user of Penmap Project Manager in the office double clicks a Penmap project, he can under the header "users" add or remove field users from a Penmap project.
    This way he can choose what users in the field see the version on the cloud of this project and which will not.

    Best regards

    Patrik Stahlhut

  • 3.  RE: Folders for Grouping/Organization PenMap Jobs

    Posted 10-26-2023 10:59

    Understood. Thanks for passing this along. It would be a great organizational improvement! There is only one user so the alternative way that you mentioned wouldn't work. They simply want to better organize so they don't have an endless list of projects. As of now, they are removing from device only but it still shows it as downloadable. 

    Zach Edwards

  • 4.  RE: Folders for Grouping/Organization PenMap Jobs

    Posted 10-27-2023 03:00

    Hi Zach

    This isn't directly what you are after but may help a little

    You can reduce the number of visible Penmap projects a user see's from ALL to only those '....assigned projects only'

    • Take a look at the support bullet linked here -  Penmap-for-android-trimble-connect
    • P.3 - How can I have Penmap show assigned projects only?
    • Also on p.3 is a section on - How can I hide projects in Trimble Connect for Penmap for Android?

    For larger teams with multiple field users this does make an impact and at least ensures only the projects relevant to THAT user are displayed in the app

    Tom Harrison