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FW: Trimble Penmap Digest for Tuesday May 31, 2022

  • 1.  FW: Trimble Penmap Digest for Tuesday May 31, 2022

    Posted 06-09-2022 18:03
    Edited by Cornelia Schmitz 06-28-2022 02:27

    Hi Patrik


    I'm working with the New Zealand support team here and they say they are at exactly the same level as I am. They are learning from what I discover and what you tell me too.

    You see, they are using Terra flex and iPhone which is completely different to Penmap and android


    So I'm back to you to get some more help please


    The links that you sent me on 7 June on how to edit a template took me to where I've been before. But it's hard when it's all in text when it could be just a few pictures of the screen that would help me guide through easily


    but I really want to know how to get to the dialogue box you sent me on this earlier email (31st of May I think) so that I can turn on the camera function


    But nowhere in the help notes does it take me to a iFeature editor like this


    Please, can you help me to more




         Tom Gardiner



    From: Tom Gardiner
    Sent: Friday, 3 June 2022 8:02 pm
    To: '' <>
    Subject: RE: Trimble Penmap Digest for Tuesday May 31, 2022


    Hi there Patrik


    thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions


    I have some areas run still a little confused


    please see below in red -




         Tom Gardiner



    From: Trimble Inc. <>
    Sent: Thursday, 2 June 2022 2:03 am
    To: Tom Gardiner <>
    Subject: Trimble Penmap Digest for Tuesday May 31, 2022


    4 replies from 2 authors in the "Trimble Penmap Community" community ... DA2 - adding a photograph as I record a datum ...

    Trimble Inc.

    Trimble Penmap

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    May 31, 2022



    started yesterday, Tom Gardiner (5 replies)

    DA2 - adding a photograph as I record a datum   external link to thread view


    Dear Tom Gardiner, nice to hear you enjoy... Patrik Stahlhut


    Hi there Patrik Thank you for your reply.... Tom Gardiner


    Hi Tom, when creating a project use the... Patrik Stahlhut


    Hi there I followed through what you've... Tom Gardiner






    Re: DA2 - adding a photograph as I record a datum

    Patrik Stahlhut

    May 31, 2022 1:12 AM

    Patrik Stahlhut

    Dear Tom Gardiner,

    nice to hear you enjoy working with our Catalyst DA2!
    You mention recording a "datum point" can you explain what you mean by that exactly?

    • Sorry the correct term is node/point


    You can collect an iFeature which has a photo as attribute and a datum.
    You can define this in Penmap Project Manager.

    • This looks great - I've tried to find the dialogue box in the image below but am not able to
    • can you tell me how to find it how to set it up so that I get the option of choosing a photo each time I'm take a node/point please?



    • There is another thing that I've discovered that I would like to learn –
    • under settings, user-defined CSV formats
    • I would like to know what variations are formats I can have
    • e.g. can I introduce a column like date and time?
    • Is there a link to a tutorial for that to please?


    An iFeature is a node/point with attributes. (In this case the attribute would be the picture)

    Kind regards
    Penmap support

    Patrik Stahlhut


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