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GEO7X cellular ability

  • 1.  GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 08-16-2021 11:40
    Does anyone know if the GEO7X will work on a 4G or 5G cellular network?
    My signal strength is at the most 1 bar if that at time and the only thing I can think of is that 3G is being phased out.
    I am on Verizon, Cincinnati, Ohio.
    Can I upgrade the GEO7X sim card and not use the internal card?


  • 2.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 08-16-2021 11:59
    Hi Mike,

    A Geo7x contains a 3G internal card and communication components, and is therefore unable to connect directly to a 4G or 5G network. The most straightforward solution as a Verizon customer would be to use a Jetpack MiFi or similar device to connect to the mobile 4G/5G network, then in-turn connect the Geo7x to the wifi network created by the MiFi device.

    Lane Carter

  • 3.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 08-16-2021 12:10
    I cant thank you enough for replying to my question.
    I was told by my distributor that I could get a 4G/5G sim card from Verizon and use the side slot to install and delete the 3G internal connection.
    Is that correct?  if not, I'll have to go the wifi route.

    Thanks again for your help.



  • 4.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 08-16-2021 13:04
    Hi Mike,

    If this does work, it is the first I have ever heard of it and it would not be a Trimble-supported configuration.

    Lane Carter

  • 5.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 08-16-2021 13:23
    Hi Mike,

    Just to add to Lane's comments, the modem in the Geo7X is not capable of connecting to a 4G network, inserting a 4G SIM will have no impact. The Wi-Fi modem method Lane suggested will be your only way forward if you need to utilise 4G/5G networks.

    Best Regards.

    Mark Kellaway

  • 6.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 03-31-2023 08:03

    my verizon hotspot only has WPA-WPA2 authentification and the Geo7X only has the options: open, shared WPA,WPA-PSK,WPA2, WPA2-PSK.
    Try to use my iphone hotspot and the iphone doesnt list any authentification.


  • 7.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 04-02-2023 14:53

    Hi Mike,

    I've just connected to my iPhone with a Geo here to test. Select the iPhone personal hotspot from the Geo (I had my iPhone Hotspot in 'Maximum Compatibility' mode), when you configure Network Authentication on the Geo use WPA2-PSK and enter your password. 


    Mark Kellaway

  • 8.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 01-23-2024 18:12
      |   view attached

    Hello Mark. 

    I have just acquired a Trimble GEO 7X Explorer and want to evaluate it for a single task of mapping 

    I want to connect to my iPhone 15 Max Pro and read your post on setting max compatibility and entering access code for hot spot. 

    but as Mike mentioned no authentications appear in menu. 

    I also tried to use WIFI - I have several routers on my property but to no avail. 

    am I correct that I need 'internet' connectivity  either blue tooth to iphone or should it be WiFi to iphone??

    and assuming I can get some type of connectivity to geo 7X and the 'internet' 

    first question. 

    are maps available for my location - outside of Albany NY. 

    off yes does a GEO allow them to display with my points imposed?  Or do I have to post profess?

    Thank you. 

    Gerd Beckmann, PhD

  • 9.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 01-24-2024 09:04
    Edited by Tom Harrison 01-24-2024 09:06

    Hi @Gerd Beckmann, PhD

    If you want to use your iPhone 15 max as a hotspot the first thing you need to do is change the name of your iPhone to something simple WITHOUT spaces.
    I've found spaces render the iPhone invisible when you search for the hotspot on the Geo7x

    Once that's done you should be able to set up a personal hotspot on your iPhone and like Mark mentions enable 'Maximum compatibility'

    On the Geo7x

    • At the bottom of this screen select MENU > WiFi SETTINGS > and you should see all the available WiFi connections in your vicinity
    • Select your iPhone Hotspot and CONNECT

    • Go through the configure network wizard and accept the defaults
      • Authentication WPA2-PSK
      • Data Encryption AES
    • Enter your Network Key i.e. your iPhone Hotspot Wifi password and hit NEXT then Finish
    • This 'should' connect

    I tested my Geo7x today (OS 6.7.18 - release notes) with an iPhone 11 running the latest OS v17.2.1 and this all worked. 

    I used Terrasync v5.90 to connect to the GNSS and tap into a local VRS network to deliver corrections and get me down to a couple of centimetres

    Note - the Trimble Geo7x reached end of life July 2022 ans runs the WEHH OS which went end of life with Microsoft in January 2020. As a result you WILL encounter limitations using this when accessing web services/web sites or anything 'connected'. I'd recommend contacting your local Trimble reseller for advice/support and a look at the modern replacement solutions we have to offer

    Tom Harrison

  • 10.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 01-24-2024 12:44

    Hi Gerd

    A few points:

    • You have a Geo 7x with TerraSync 5.86 - that should work well for general mapping tasks. What are you actually trying to do with this, by the way?  That information might help give guidance on how to proceed.
    • The accuracy of Geo 7x can be sub-meter, sub-foot, or cm-level, depending on what options it has installed.  To see what version you have, tap on the "Geo 7x" at the top of the home screen (or go to Settings / System / System Information) then go to the Options tab.  If Centimeter option is activated, it will do Centimeter accuracy (with real-time corrections or post-processed), if H-Star option is activated it will do 10cm accuracy, otherwise it will be sub-meter.
    • Terrasync on it's own is fairly useless - it depends on office software for some aspects of its operation.  For example, to display a map of your area on a Geo 7x you'll need to prepare it on a Windows computer with Trimble Pathfinder Office, and like the Geo 7x and TerraSync, Pathfinder Office has been discontinued so second-hand or rental are your only options.

    Norman Smart

  • 11.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 01-25-2024 15:40
    Appreciate you feedback - this is really looking like a crazy rabbit-hole to go down with GEO 7X - so abandoning ship

    Bruce from WayPoint - your rep here in Albany I me with yesterday has these sugg4stions and they look like forward supportable.

    Good Morning Gerd,
    It was really good chatting with you and talking about the various solutions that would work for you and your son on the properties you mentioned.
    The easiest way to purchase the solution we spoke about yesterday is right through our website. This link will bring you to the DA2 catalyst solution where you can purchase the DA2 receiver as well as the accuracy configuration that you will need for the project you are working on. This linkwill bring you to our store page where you will have the option to purchase the TerraFlex software. You may or may not need this depending on the software that you plan on using on your phone.
    Please let me know if you have any questions about the information above.
    On a side note, this link will bring you to the NYSNET home page where you can create a free yearly account to receive corrections through the NYS Cross network.
    Bruce Bartels
    Geospatial Support Services Manager
    Waypoint Technology Group, LLC | 4 Walker Way| Albany, NY 12205
    518-438-6293 option 3
    Authorized Trimble Survey Distributor

    Really want to thank you. Also I do find a copy of OFFICE on eBay for $500 (OBO) but again it really can't be justified.

    And really need more accuracy I feel than GEO 7X can do given high price and unavailability of upgrade tov centimeter resolution capability

    Have a great day and Thank You

  • 12.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 02-02-2024 20:47


    i I have a Geo 7X  

    has CE OS 5.2.29385 (Build 29385. 2009

    and terasynch ver 5.85

    I see below in link that the OS and TerraSynch release is at level

    Operating system version 6.7.15 (released October 2014)
    Version 6.7.15 is the Windows Embedded Handheld operating system currently shipping for all Trimble Geo 7 series handheld products. Trimble recommends that all Geo 7X customers upgrade to this version.
    Resolved issues and enhancements
    • Adds support for versions of the Geo 7X handheld with Trimble AccessTM software.
    • Resolves an issue where sometimes the camera application does not correctly show the video preview and
    cannot capture photos.
    Bundled applications and GNSS firmware
    The individual language 6.7.15 operating system installer files include:
    • GNSS firmware version 4.10.2
    The multi-language provisioned 6.7.15 operating system installation file includes:
    • GNSS firmware version 4.10.2
    • Trimble Rangefinder Utility version 1.2
    • Trimble TerraFlexTM field client software


    given that I am not original purchaser,

    and wanting to maximize the value of this geo 7X - 

    what OS and TerraSynch release can I update to, and how??

    must it be done release level - by - release level?

    I do not have any installed software, except I do see Microsoft Office programs chat, email, etc…

    I am seeing a laser range finder is available and if I wanted to add that - how would/could I go about that??

    I still have yet to get the geo to connect to WIFI despite hours of effort; however, thinking an OS upgrade and TerraSynch update might help  

    I even went into my box of old routers and found an old Netgear vintage 2009 , thinking maybe my new FIOS second generation router might have incompatibility with windows embedded - but only get network availability label  have only been successful one time (and for a very very short time did the access point name show and be connected but could not even access web on Explorer unfortunately  

    I really would like to get geo 7X 'working' to learn  

    I am extremely patient   

    Appreciate how to get windows embedded to highest release level that can work on geo 7X and same for TerraSynch  

    thank you very much

    Gerd Beckmann, PhD

  • 13.  RE: GEO7X cellular ability

    Posted 02-04-2024 14:37

    Hi Gert

    The OS version that the Release Note refers to is visible under Settings / System / System Information / Device - that's where you will see the "6.7.xx" number.

    That NEI Release Note is old.  According to the Trimble MCS Downloads page the latest version of OS for Geo 7x was 6.7.18.  But looking at the release notes for OS 6.7.18 on the MCS downloads page (includes all previous Geo 7x OS Release Notes), OS 6.7.17 was only available as a full install which would wipe out any applications which were installed including TerraSync.  I think the original owner of the unit might be able to re-install TerraSync 5.86 but since you bought it second-hand I don't know how this would be done.  Based on that, I'd try to leave the OS as it is.  The Release Notes also say that SHA2 security was introduced in OS 6.7.16 (which was replaced by 6.7.17), so if your Geo has 6.7.15 or lower that may add to WiFi connection complications.

    I can't offer any advice for fixing WiFi connection problems - I always found that tricky myself, and it gradually became more tricky over the life of the Geo as security features on WiFi networks were upgraded.  But I've just tried using a Geo 7x with OS 6.7.18 (I don't have anything earlier), and I have connected to my company's "Open" Guest network (settings on the Geo for no Security - Authentication = Open and Data Encryption = Disabled) and I can do Google searches etc.  Rather slow.

    I also managed to get an Internet connection using my Android phone (a Nokia 7 Plus with Android 10) as a WiFi Hotspot.  On the Nokia I turned on WiFi Hotspot (Security WPA2-Personal, maybe "None" would have made the connection even easier and AP Band 2.4 GHZ because Geo 7x doesn't support 5GHz WiFi), then from the Geo 7x I connected to the Nokia WiFi AP with Authentication = WPA2-PSK, Data Encryption = AES and with the Network key set to the Hotspot password I had set up.  Worked a treat - actually I was surprised it was so easy.

    I didn't try an iPhone, but that's personal, I dislike them because they make everything technical more complicated than it needs to be!

    Now, down to the "easy" hardware bit - the Laser Rangefinder.  That's a screw-on module which connects to the 5 contact points near the top of the back case.  The Rangefinder App is built in to the OS. All you'd need is the Rangefinder module which appears to be available here - but at $1390 you might want to find one second-hand on eBay.  The Rangefinder module uses the camera of the Geo 7x to aim at targets, maximum range is around 100M, I think.

    Norman Smart