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  • 1.  IBSS Base Station Trouble

    Posted 05-29-2023 01:47

    Hi WorksManager Users!

    On 5/24/2023 16:57 ~ 5/26/2023 03:34, I can't use the IBSS Base station.
    I confirmed the Connection History report, there are "AUTH_FAILED_BAD_IDPW" as disconnect reason.

    But I didn't change the setting, and my colleagues too.

    On 5/26/2023 03:35, the reason was suddunly changed to "BASE_TCP_CLOSED".
    I think the system error is solved that time, because I didn't change anything...
    In this case, I use SPS855 as a base station.

    If anyone knows this issue, please let me know.
    My customer wants to know why it occurs and what cause this issue.