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New Penmap for Android version

  • 1.  New Penmap for Android version

    Posted 01-13-2023 09:56
    Edited by Cornelia Schmitz 02-06-2023 00:58
    Happy New Year!

    We have released a new Penmap for Android version
    This includes the following enhancements:

    • CSV export: added an option "GNSS report" to the cloud service, which includes available information for GNSS collected points.

      • the format matches to a user defined one with this settings: [PointId, FeatureCode, Northing:Meter:3, Easting:Meter:3, Elevation:Meter:3, Latitude:Degree:9, Longitude:Degree:9, EllipsoidHeight:Meter:3, Pdop, Rms3D:Meter:3, Rms2D:Meter:3, SatEpochs, SatCount, SatQuality, CorrectionMode, AntHeight:Meter:3, AntOffset:Meter:3, UtcDateTime, PointType]

      • Units in Meters with 3 digits.
      • As this change is implemented on the cloud service you will find the csv "GNSS report" also in existing versions of Penmap for Android and Penmap Project Manager looking like this
    • GNSS measurement improvement: We have added a new information popup Accuracy too low for average measurement to inform user that GNSS quality is not suitable for AVERAGE GNSS measurement mode.

    • GNSS measurement mode: UI changed to set the GNSS measurement mode using a dialog to get a better understanding of the selection.

    • Japanese language updated.

    Cornelia Schmitz