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Nomad Unit with EM100 - Upgrade question

  • 1.  Nomad Unit with EM100 - Upgrade question

    Posted 05-15-2024 12:38

    Hi all -

    We have a Nomad unit that seems to be having problems with maintaining connection with the EM100 receiver. We have a second identical unit that works fine. Our Trimble rep isn't helpful on this ("can't be repaired and we don't sell them anymore").

    I have been thinking it would be best to upgrade to the Catalyst DA2 receiver, with the handheld attachment (we're biologists, and handheld is more important than 1cm accuracy).  

    Anybody have experience with using that DA2 with the Nomad? I imagine it would work just fine, but in advance of budget planning and other research, just wanted to see if anyone else in the community has "upgraded" in this way.


    Corinne Steinmuller

  • 2.  RE: Nomad Unit with EM100 - Upgrade question

    Posted 05-16-2024 15:22

    Hi Corinne,

    DA2 will work well with the Nomad 5, and with Catalyst you'll be able to choose your accuracy level, including using Catalyst On Demand to utilise cm level precision by the hour. My only concern with your suggested use is attachment of the Nomad 5 to the Catalyst handle. Attachment of the mobile device to the Catalyst Handle is achieved through the use of a stick on magnetic plate, and the positioning of the battery on Nomad 5 will mean this won't be possible (I wouldn't recommend attaching it via the battery).

    Another potential solution for you if you want handheld use is to use a backpack with a short pole attached. The connection to the DA2 is Bluetooth so you could have the Nomad 5 in your hand and the DA2 on the backpack. Obviously you'd need to take the position of the receiver into account when collecting your data.

    Note that DA2 will also work with any 'off the shelf' Android or iOS mobile device, and any device with a flat back can be attached to the Catalyst Handle (I'd recommend using a case as the glue on the plate is pretty strong!).


    Mark Kellaway

  • 3.  RE: Nomad Unit with EM100 - Upgrade question

    Posted 05-19-2024 15:15

    Hi Corinne

    I agree with Mark, DA2 would probably work well for you except for the "handheld" requirement. But if you have a Nomad / EM100 solution which does what you want it could be worth trying to troubleshoot that combination before moving on.  Some questions which might give pointers to the problem:

    • What application are you using?
    • Can you give more information on "having problems with maintaining connection with the EM100 receiver"?  Does the application ever connect to the EM100?
    • Have you tried swapping the EM100 modules between the Nomad 5s?  If you do that, does the problem follow the EM100 or stay with the Nomad?
    • When the application loses connection with the EM100, is EM100 still shown in EMPOWER Hub on the Nomad?

    Norman Smart