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Salvaging a "corrupt" SSF file?

  • 1.  Salvaging a "corrupt" SSF file?

    Posted 03-29-2024 06:00


    I collected a ~12Mb data file using TerraSync on a Trimble Geo7x and imported to an .ssf file using PathFinder Office.  Despite the size of the files, I am unable to see any positions or features, either with the raw data files on the controller or with the .ssf file in PathFinder Office.  I have tried using the "Check SSF" utility in PFO, but without any luck.  TBC won't have the ability to read .ssf files again until v. 2024.00.  Any chance of salvaging the data?

    Dennis Skidds, NPS

  • 2.  RE: Salvaging a "corrupt" SSF file?

    Posted 03-30-2024 07:48

    I would recommend submitting this to your dealer to get over to Trimble through a formal support ticket. They are usually able to repair or salvage part, if not all of the file. They will need the entire Rover file (.obs, cfg, etc.). 

    Zach Edwards

  • 3.  RE: Salvaging a "corrupt" SSF file?

    Posted 04-01-2024 04:43

    Hi Zach.  Trimble Support also suggested this, but my dealer informed me that they no longer have the ability to work with the rover or .ssf files since the retirement of TS and PFO in fall 2022.  I know they used to have other tools that could tease these files apart, and I was hoping that someone at Trimble still had a copy knocking around.

  • 4.  RE: Salvaging a "corrupt" SSF file?

    Posted 04-01-2024 06:31
    I tried repairing your file, looked like an issue with time getting hammered.  You have the raw data  (7 files) and the SSF and you said you couldn't see the features on the Geo so the surgery.  The TS version was current, and I think this will need a deeper surgery on the Ssf records itself.  

    Send email to   this reaches mgis and Geospatial teams at Trimble including Ryan Scott.  Hope your park doesn't have to map the shoreline again. I could see in time view your data spanned a long time but the file did not close upon itself properly.   

    It's pretty rare Terrasync can't auto repair itself.  Good luck. 

  • 5.  RE: Salvaging a "corrupt" SSF file?

    Posted 04-01-2024 06:47

    Thanks for trying, Joel.  We didn't have any luck on our end either on the device or in PFO.  Seems to be beyond the tools we have on hand, so hoping someone at Trimble might be able to help.


  • 6.  RE: Salvaging a "corrupt" SSF file?

    Posted 04-05-2024 02:25

    Hi @Dennis Skidds

    Tom here from Trimble - did you get any help in the end on this?

    I'll direct message you with instructions and up a case to work on this. We should be able to repair them for you (if they are repairable)

    Tom Harrison

  • 7.  RE: Salvaging a "corrupt" SSF file?

    Posted 05-08-2024 04:13

    Hallo I have a similar problem with corrupted files, is it possible to send them to someone in order to try to retrieve the coordinates? Thanks in advance

    Simona Alberti

  • 8.  RE: Salvaging a "corrupt" SSF file?

    Posted 05-08-2024 08:02

    Hi @Simona Alberti

    I've just responded to your other post - Corrupted Files with some advice and next steps

    Tom Harrison