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TCC / WorksManager Email Notifications

  • 1.  TCC / WorksManager Email Notifications

    Posted 05-07-2024 17:34

    Trimble's TCC - Legacy tab would had the feature to setup email notifications when field rovers would sync to TCC. This was a great resource for keeping all the rovers I support organized. Knowing when the field would complete a topo, calibrate a site or download the latest design. We have since divided our TCC company wide account into 3 regions. This option isn't available, or I just don't know how to set it up. On the TCC web UI, the legacy tab had this option to set up email notifications:

    The TCC Legacy no longer shows the "Construction Site" tab on the upper right. (Can I add this? And if so, how?)

    Is this no longer supported?

    If not, how to I request it to be part of WorksManager in the future. 

    Ryan Lepke

    GPS Tech

    Teichert Construction

    SF Bay - California

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    Ryan Lepke