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  • 1.  TDC150 gone wrong

    Posted 03-05-2024 17:02

    We took delivery of our TDC150 in February 2021.

    In September 2023 the internal GNSS started giving us problems. The briefest summary is that we would note in Terraflex Settings on the TDC150 that the Location Service would default to None rather than Internal, without warning. So we would set it back to Internal (i.e. the build in GNSS receiver), and then it would reset to None by itself, and so on. So we spent a lot of time fighting with the device. Though we could still get some field work done albeit painfully. We would lose the connection to our internal GNSS, or in Terraflex the location settings would suddenly revert to "waiting" for a satellite correction with no change in our position or the surrounding conditions.

    In Terraflex the Location Service keeps going to None

    We troubleshot with our helpful Trimble Resellers by updating GNSS loader, Updating Terraflex, Performing a factory data reset and removing the SIM to address a known issue. All to no real avail - the intermittent but very frequent problems with the internal GNSS kept occurring.

    For the time being we intend to use the TDC150 with an external R10 (which our survey group have stopped using due to its age) connected via Bluetooth. It looks like it should allow us to continue with our field work workflows for the time being, and with Centerpoint RTX providing a correction for the R10 I'm hopeful we have a good workaround. But it was disappointing to have the TDC150 go wrong like this.

    I am documenting our issues to help other TDC150 users who encounter the same kind of problem. If someone else has had a TDC150 Internal GNSS go wrong then I would be really grateful to hear from you. 
    Or if there are any suggestions for further troubleshooting I would be very grateful to hear them.

    (Many Thanks to Zach Edwards at Allterra (NM/TX) for all his help)

    Brian O.