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Trimble Penmap Keeps Stopping

  • 1.  Trimble Penmap Keeps Stopping

    Posted 04-21-2024 08:25

    Hi, I am recently having issues with Penmap not functioning properly. I can create a file and use as normal but anytime I try and export it forces closed and never exports. I get the message that Trimble Penmap keeps stopping. Has anyone experienced this with suggestions? I have about 3 jobs that haven't been able to be exported and I don't want to lose the data. I have tried the basics, restart, battery pull and clearing the cache. My next resort is uninstalling/reinstalling the app but I feel that will lose my data. 

    Travis Paproski

  • 2.  RE: Trimble Penmap Keeps Stopping

    Posted 04-22-2024 03:18

    Hello Travis,

    sorry to hear you are struggling. 

    Are you able to upload your project to Trimble Connect?

    If you want to go forward by uninstalling/reinstalling I would recommend to backup your data.

    You can connect your device via USB to a PC and just copy the MyPenmap folder (e.g. This PC\TDC600_2\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.trimble.penmap\files)

    If you uninstall Penmap there is a notification which allows you to keep your data as well

    "Screenshot_20240422-120724.png" wird angezeigt.

    Please get in touch with your local dealer to analyze the issue if it persists.

    Kind regards

    Cornelia Schmitz