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VCL publishes to some but not other data collectors.

  • 1.  VCL publishes to some but not other data collectors.

    Posted 05-29-2023 07:51

    We recently picked up a new batch of data collectors, and have run across a situation where the new data collectors are getting only .ttm files published to them.
    The legacy data collectors on the project are all receiving the .VCL files correctly.  They are all running Siteworks 1.5, I have run TIM on them and checked the Windows versioning already.  The only difference that I can see is the old data collectors are the TSC701 part number and the new ones are the TSC703,

    Any suggestions before I fire off a support ticket?

    Travis Bernsen

  • 2.  RE: VCL publishes to some but not other data collectors.

    Posted 05-30-2023 07:42
    HI Travis,

    What is probably happening is that the "new" collectors that are still only getting TTMs have not reported in a status message yet for WM to get the Version number.  If you click one of the collectors in the Devices panel of WM, does a version number show up in the properties window on the right side?  If no version is appearing they WM thinks it's an older device and will not send out the VCL. 

    The version number gets reported into WM after the device is connected to the internet and running Siteworks, which sends the "dot on the map" and status message. WM needs to see that the device is running Siteworks v1.20+ for it to start sending VCLs out, otherwise until it sees the version number it's running, WM will just send out the TTM/DXF design types. Before a device reports in, WM assumes its a SCS900 device or an older version of Siteworks, and therefore sends out the older file formats. 

    So try running siteworks for at least 5 minutes (the status message update rate) while connected to the internet with a project open, and that should report in the version number, and then allow future design packages to be sent as VCL.  


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  • 3.  RE: VCL publishes to some but not other data collectors.

    Posted 05-30-2023 10:17

    Thank you for the response Steve.  You are on the money with the assessment.  Where we messed up was syncing in the office before ever connecting a positioning source.  

    Travis Bernsen