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What SCS900 Firmware Creates Earthworks Machine File

  • 1.  What SCS900 Firmware Creates Earthworks Machine File

    Posted 12-30-2023 10:26

    I recently bought a used base & rover with TSC3, it was unfortunately stolen from my vehicle while working overnight the fire station... I purchased replacement, however the firmware version 3.5.2 build 143 doesn't have the option to export files to Earthwork.  When I try to export files to GCS900 the only two options are cb430/cd700 & cb450/cb460.

    I tried the cb450 format but I couldn't get Earthworks to populate a 3D file, it would just load a 2D. 

    I'm fairly new to all of this, so if it's something I'm doing wrong I'm all ears... I was told the license would need to be updated in order to be able to export Earthworks files, which is how I've done my first 2 jobs, importing model and then exporting Earthworks jobs.

    Luke Wuckert

  • 2.  RE: What SCS900 Firmware Creates Earthworks Machine File

    Posted 01-02-2024 09:40

    Hi Luke,

    You will need to talk to SITECH and purchase a reinstatement Trimble Protection Plan (TPP)  to enable you to update to the last version of SCS900 which is v3.75.  

    The ability to export measured data to Earthworks was added to SCS900 v3.70, and the ability to convert a design to the proper Earthworks format was added in v3.72.  

    Note that SCS900 is no longer supported and developed anymore, so would strongly suggest talking to SITECH about updating your data collector to a TSC7 or TSC5 and starting to run Trimble Siteworks, which has a lot more functionality and is continually being developed.  The good news being that once you update your SCS900 Trimble Protection Plan on your TSC3 you'll be able to transfer and convert that to a Siteworks license on a new data collector... That being said if SCS900 is working OK for you, then you can still just get the reinstatement TPP and run SCS900 for as long as it meets  your needs.  
    All this will start with talking to your local SITECH, who is the only entity authorized to sell the TPPs to enable updating to the latest field software version. 


    Steve DiBenedetto