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WM lost data

  • 1.  WM lost data

    Posted 01-30-2024 13:08

    Created a design for stake out a building this morning.  Went to sync my tablet and it shit canned all my work orders and designs created prior to Dec 2023.  They are not in any archive folders on TCC nothing!! WTF!!!  Is there something going on with WM??????

    Ben Ryschon

  • 2.  RE: WM lost data

    Posted 01-31-2024 08:46

    Make sure the time on your data collector is set correctly.  This used to be a big problem with TSC3s.  If they lost too much power, they would factory reset the time and any work performed would be at an old date prior to what they are syncing with.  You can restore a prior version of your .spj file by going into your portal and then Legacy TCC.  Right click on your .spj file for options.

    Another way to safeguard your data is to instill a policy where after field topos are performed, the gradechecker exports work order results to a .csv.  This creates a backup of your data in case the .spj gets corrupted or overwritten.


    Matt Eklund, PE
    GPS Program Manager
    Sukut Construction
    California, USA