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WorksManager not reporting??

  • 1.  WorksManager not reporting??

    Posted 07-15-2023 06:56

    Has anyone see this too- Remote assistant is available but devices are not reporting

    Vito Patierno

  • 2.  RE: WorksManager not reporting??

    Posted 07-17-2023 14:43

    Yes, sometime this trouble happens too.

    In my case, I can check the report in the account page, but can't in the project page.

    Is your case the same?

    I tried to send some emails to the support, but not resolved now... 

    Sitech JAPAN

  • 3.  RE: WorksManager not reporting??

    Posted 07-18-2023 08:35

    Absolutely, there's a few things that could be going on here.

    What firmware is your SNM941?

        This is very important, as well as the firmware of the other connected devices.

    Is this an Earthworks device or a GCS900 device?

         Cb460's Can be tricky and the remote assistant is very picky on every little detail.

    Has this Machine been on another account before?

        If the device is still tied to the old account, you can't see the reporting data. However, it will still allow you to access the remote assistant and get into the Web UI on Earthworks machines.

    This is a completely different conversation if we are talking about a data collector.

    Blake Hall

  • 4.  RE: WorksManager not reporting??

    Posted 07-18-2023 08:47

    As Blake said it is important to know if it is Earthworks or GCS900 since the remote assistance is quite different.

    If the Remote Assist is green then you have an internet connection. You can check what the SNM941 is reporting at this will allow you to confirm that it is connected to the internet and how well it is connected.

    Note You CAN turn off status reporting in the machine system, GCS900 uses production reporting and Earthworks has a setting for it. 

    Geoffrey Kirk

  • 5.  RE: WorksManager not reporting??

    Posted 05-16-2024 02:38

    Hi, few of our customers are having this issue lately. Machines have EW 2.15.3 installed, SNM has v2.1.0 installed.

    What if this machine was on another account before? What does it change if it was removed from old account and claimed to the new account? It can be claimed to one account at the time anyway.

    Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

    Karolina Puzio