• How to access Trimble Connect as a Tekla Structures maintenance or subscription customer

    We have Tekla Structures maintenance 2020. There is no other option for Trimble Connect  at Tekla Online Admin tool. Please advise how to set up our Trimble Connect license.
    Kant Liang
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  • TBC Utilities Export for Tilos

    A customer has asked for the following:       Would like to generate an Excel utilities report from TBC to go into Tilos. The alignments he refers to would be road CL as opposed to the Utility run its...
    Paul Miller
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  • Datasheet - TDC600 Handheld - Finnish - Screen.pdf

    Rev D
    Judie Wert
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  • Is The Dark Theme Persistent?

    On my system I have to enable the Dark theme every time I open TBC. Is this normal? If it is then I assume that it is because it has to run a macro to change the theme.   Can a macro be made to run at startup by...
    Marshall Cant
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  • TrimbleConnect Desktop -  crash on start. Not working.

    TrimbleConnectSetup-  crash on start. Not working. Not starting   I see that the programmers from trimble dont know anything about try - catch - finnaly block. Start making your programs stabl...
    Dawid Dyrcz
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  • KUDOS To Alan Sharp and Rockpile Solutions

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Alan Sharp and Rockpile Solutions for their updated TML Status interface. The "Dark" theme for the TBC interface has returned! No more staring for hours at a bare white screen with ...
    Marshall Cant
    created by Marshall Cant
  • Connecting to an Android across the Trimble Universe of Software

    Issue: A recently purchased TDC600 with access connected immediately to TBC 5.3 (after just one minor install). Why couldn't this same device, or any other android connect so efficiently.  Trimble positions work...
    Joel Cusick
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  • Positions Session Incorrectly Sensing The Model of Receiver

    Here is a screenshot of the Device Type attribute (a common field) in Positions when consuming data from a GeoXH 2008 receiver.  Positions is incorrectly sensing the device is a GeoXH 2005, which it is n...
    Joel Cusick
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  • EGM96 Geoid to NAVD88 Datum conversion

    I collected data with my Trimble Catalyst using screen shots of the "Status" page in TMM (beta).  The coordinates were collected in ITRF2014 and the elevations were collected according to EGM96 (Geoid).  I u...
    Matthew Skakun
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  • Trimble Connect 3D Viewer Release Note - July 3rd, 2020

    This version update contains new features: Renewed measurement tool with shortest perpendicular distance mode ( Favorite properties Property set notifications This version update contains fixes and imp...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • Trimble Connect for Windows v1.10 Release Note - June 25, 2020

    Support for Windows 7 has ended New Features Local folder permissions Fixes and improvements   Support for Windows 7 has ended  Microsoft has ended technical support for Windows 7 on January ...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • assimilation error, whats wrong with this file?

    I tried to upload this sketchup file it twice but i still get a error. The model cant be downloaded and displayed in my Hololens. Anybody knows what the problem might be? 
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • receipts / invoices

    Hi, we need tax receipts / invoices for accounting purposes and cant seem to find them.  Where are they being sent? How do we access them?  Cheers,  
    Connor Jolly
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  • ive forgotten my password but have changed my email address

    Hi my old email is no longer working - this was john@hanks.demon.co.uk. i have also forgotten my password - can you help  i need to work on my sketchup.
    John Steadman Hanks
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    selezionando un'insieme di elementi come posso ottenere il peso totale?
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  • lost all saved views

    Hi All of my saved 'own views' are still showing as thumbnails however un able to open.  I click on thumb abd they do not show in view (all but one).   Please help as i spent a long time organizing the diff...
    Ben Clipson
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  • Todo's attachement views

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if it's possible to get the attachement view of a Todo with the TC API? I'm developping an application who get filtered todo's informations but in order to be usefull the app hav...
    Jean-Michel DETAIN
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  • Linestring Editing in Profile View

    The profile view for linestrings (accessible by selecting a linestring, right-clicking, and selecting "Profile Viewer") could stand to have some of the editing functionality available in the alignment profile view add...
    Stephen Gibson
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  • Berechtigung zum upload von Daten

    Wie kann einem user die Berechtigung zum upload von files erteilt werden?
    Andreas Kavcic
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  • Missing Atributes on IFC object

    Hello, As we started preparing object and wanted to check if all atributes shows, there are some missing: AcousticRating atribute in CurtainWallCommon; Tag in Ifc2x3Product. In other viewers (Solibri, BIM Vision) ...
    Mindaugas Laurikietis
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