• Lost Project & Drafting Templates?

    So I backed up my ribbon and options, but I inadvertently forgot to do the same for my project and drafting templates before installing TBC 5.2. I uninstalled 5.1 via the Windows App manager, then ran the Trimble Cle...
    Richard Tyndall
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    I would like to know how to load a drawing in DXF format to my R-10 rover with a TCS3 data collector to use as a measurement boundry (while in the measurement mode)
    avi shaham
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  • TBC Network Adjustment - 3 requests

    #1) Please add the ability to create Variance Component Groups as we had in TrimNet Plus. We need to be able to treat GNSS observations differently depending on their type, such as static, RTK, VRS, etc. Also, if NGS ...
    Jesse Kozlowski
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  • Feature Request: CAD Circle/Arc Command

    Maybe this feature is already planned for a future release but please consider adding a CAD Circle/Arc command with ability to use tangent - tangent - radius.    This command like the one found in Autocad o...
    Tyler House
    created by Tyler House
  • Points command

    I frequently use both siteworks and TBC and sometimes I find that using the cogo function in siteworks I can create points faster in the collector than the computer. The create point and subcommands currently involves...
    Steven Lloyd
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  • Plotting Cross Sections

    I was given existing ground surface then did a topo of a section of road built. I want to plot cross sections every 50', horizontal scale to be 20 and vertical to be 10. I am trying to figure out the correct way of ad...
    Pablo Giraldo
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  • TBC 5.2 - Bug - Isolate Layer and Stored Measurements

    When I use the isolate layer, my stored measurements or grid volume map shows up. This happens with both the select layer by list and select line.    This seems to only happen with stored mea...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Alternate unit inch

    I know you can enter inches into offset boxes and such tbc will convert it for you, but when doing sanity checks with the measure tool alternate units only spits out decimal inches instead of ft and fractions. Would i...
    Steven Lloyd
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  • Bug: Rounding

    Create Linestring Coordinate via offset line/segment Select Line Problem: Decimal precision is set to .001 (units ussf) Distance along will round to the nearest .01 and will not accept fraction inches.
    Steven Lloyd
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  • Vertical Design Error

    Vertical Design won't compute a line with the cross slope rule. I can elevate the line using the connector rule but when I try to set a cross slope from the Center Line to the Edge of Pave it wont compute. Even if I d...
    Nathan St Laurent
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  • TBC 5.10.2 patch download

    I am trying to locate the TBC 5.10.2 patch download. Is it available online?   I was in the middle of a wipe and reinstall when the 5.20 update was released and con no longer find it.   Thanks in advance f...
    Charles Wilt
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  • Session Editor grayed out, process baselines failing

    Recently purchased new computer. Downloaded TBC and the new sentinel key drivers for HASP key. When I tried to open an existing job session editor tool is grayed out and the processing fails. Any ideas or solutions?
    Taylor Weiss
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  • Trimble Connect for Windows 1.8.2 Release Notes - November 18, 2019

    Trimble Connect for Windows (previously known as Trimble Connect for Desktop) version 1.8.2 release noteThis release contains a series of optimizations that improve performance and stability when viewing large size an...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • System Requirements

    Click the icon to skip to the section you are interested in. Trimble Connect Web System requirements: Supported browsers Google Chrome 64-bit Recommended hardware, desktop and laptop CPU x86 x64 rec...
    Jose Gonzalez
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  • Share with any user with the link does not work

    Hello, When I try to share projects via Trimble Connect to our customer using 'Share with any user with the link', the customer can't open the project. Even after registering, the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer says '...
    Frederik Bauters
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  • Locked out of our files

    Where are my files?  We have a license (NF/ Observatory) and I am working on three sketch projects (a house, a staircase, and an tower art project).  We can access our files.   Please help.
    Bill Neely
    created by Bill Neely
  • Meilensteine werden in 10.2 MR2 nicht dargestellt

    Guten Tag   Seit der Tilos Version 10.2 MR2 werden die Meilensteine nur noch als rechteckiger grauer Balken angezeigt. Das Bild kann anscheinend nicht geladen werden. Können Sie mir sagen, wie ich die Meil...
  • TBC v5.20 Released

    TBC v5.20 is here!  Download this latest release for Trimble X7, Trimble SiteVision, and Trimble Clarity support, as well as new tools to parametrically elevate linework, an aerial photogrammetry engine update, i...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Trimble Business Center - Power Hour: Create Vertical Design - A Peek at the Latest Toolset in v5.20

    Open video

    Anne-Marie Latvatalo
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  • Export cad points from point cloud - no elevation attributes

    Novice user of TBC. Trying to export cad points created from point cloud as either dwg or dxf...no elevation attributes are coming across so all I see in Autocad is a grid of 2-d points.
    Damian Crozier
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