• Rwp file missing

    I have some how deleted the RWP file but the folder (.rwi) is still there- is there a way of still using this data by created a new rwp file?   Alan
    Alan Cliff
    created by Alan Cliff
  • Scan to BIM service

    Hi all!   is there anyone here in the community wich have this service or does anyone know someone? I have a project with about 200 scans wich i need to model out. Its inside a building, 3 floors.  I would ...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • How do you measure?

    i'm a first time user of this software trying to get information from a client's drawing, i'm normally an autocadlt user so i'm lost with the way the program works, do you have to highlight the item you want to measur...
    kevin richardson
    created by kevin richardson
  • Export TeklaStructures model to Trimble Connect

    [TeklaStructures 2017 SP3]   I have a Trimble identity, have logged in to Trimble Connect online and completed my profile.   I'm logged into the Trimble account in my TeklaStructures model.  To open the...
    Peter Officer
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  • Trimble Connect Anonymous User Access

    It would be really great if we could share our Trimble Connect models with anonymous users.  Similar to sharing files on Google Drive with a shareable link.  We would just email a customer the link and they ...
    last modified by PETER OFFICER
  • Slow web viewer for pdf files

    Does anyone else have this problem? TC for web is working fast, but when I want to open pdf or other type of files, it takes about 1 minute for small file and up to 5 minutes for large file. It is very annoying.
    Janis Dzenis
    last modified by Janis Dzenis
  • ToDo eksport to BCF

    Description: We use Trimble connect ToDo for design review meetings. In the end, we need to print and sign a document about the decisions we have made. I have two options for how to prepare this document: 1. Export T...
    Janis Dzenis
    created by Janis Dzenis
  • todolist remove

    trimble connect 에서 todolist 작성시 실수로 remove를 한경우 다시 remove한 todolist를 recovery 할 수 있지 bak file 이 있으면 경로를 알려주세요 todolist restoration
    last modified by 초이윤경
  • Read/open Navisworks files in TC

    Hello all, is there any future development to give the option to open Navisworks files .nwd .nwc in Trimble Connect? It would be really beneficial for the coordination in projects. Thanks, 
    Marco Perazzo
    last modified by Marco Perazzo
  • Uploading linked Revit models

    Is it not possible to upload a 3d view from Revit to Trimble Connect that only shows the linked architectural model from my working model?  I am having issues with that.  I have a 3d view with only the arch ...
    James Yobby
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  • cancel payment

    I need your help. Last year I subscribed to scketch up Trimble for $ 129 and this year there was an automatic renewal, but I do not want to continue the subscription and even with a plan that I was charged is much mor...
    created by Cristina
  • Member colour change not saving in Trimble Connect.

    After I change the colour of a piece in Trimble Connect, close out and open the model again, the colour change is lost. Any way to save the colour changes in Trimble Connect?   EDIT: I've just discovered that by...
    Corneil Byl
    last modified by Corneil Byl
  • Lineweight doesn't display correctly on PDF from plotbox

    Have being trying to print to PDF from TBC v5.3 using a plotbox, but whenever I do my lineweights do not display correctly on the PDF they are all thick to the point that the contours are almost pushed together. I am ...
    Peter Vigneri II
    last modified by Peter Vigneri II
  • Date format

    Hello team, Is it possible to change the date format for a project or in user preferences? It is important for the European market. - mm.dd.yyyy or dd.mm.yyyy or yyyy.mm.dd - may 15 2020 or 15 may 2020...   ...
    Alexandre Collin
    last modified by Alexandre Collin
  • Idea for Trimble Connect

    Hi Developer TC Team,   I have some ideas below to improve TC in next version 1- Tag member in Comment 2- Attach file in comment 3- Can combine with Snipping tool of windows to take snapshots in comment ...
    Hoa Nguyen Duc
    last modified by Hoa Nguyen Duc
  • BCF link to model

    When I use imported BCF-files, there is only a snapshot instead of a link to the selected objects in the model. Is there a possibility to use the link, which is generated in different software (e.g. solibri)?
    last modified by nicolas.keller@synaxis.ch
  • SX10 and TBC as a dedicated Roads Survey Solution

      Hi guys,   I'm looking for "power users" on the SX10 and TBC as a Roads Survey solution. I would like to have a one on one session to discuss some of our findings and also discuss best practices when usi...
    Gustav Fick
    last modified by Gustav Fick
  • TBC 5.32.1 Plotting Errors

    Hello,   I am running TBC v 5.32.1.   1) I am still getting green back ground when trying to plot with background aerial images on. 2) Presence of "Draped Points" in the project prevents the dynaview from...
    Marian Plucinski
    last modified by Marian Plucinski
  • QR code to BCF issues ?

    Hello community,     - Is there a possibility to attribute a QR Code to BCF Managers issues ?     It would be read upon opening .bcf issues in XLS format.  This can rapidly: ...
    Enea KOTSA
    created by Enea KOTSA
  • I'm having trouble logging into the Connect app on a Hololens 2?

        I assumed I should use my trimble credentials that I created under sketchup, but where I put my email it asks for a username. I don't believe I even have one, but maybe I missed something. Is there a pr...
    Bren Marvik
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