• Export ToDo's to Excel

    Just a suggestion: Wouldn't it be great if the pictures from the model would be added to the excel list automatically?   Best Regards, Yves
    Yves van Loon
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  • How do you print white font color for a cut/fill map?

    I'm struggling to get a cut fill map's text to plot as white. I've tried quite a few things, even changing the font color to just off-white to make sure it wasn't an issue with the black/white inverse. Am I overlookin...
    Adam Bower
    created by Adam Bower
  • New TILOS Marketing Piece out on MarketSmart

    Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new TILOS Marketing Piece out on MarketSmart - check it out!
    Bruce Thomas
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  • Problems with color

    Most of my sketchup models loosing color/material inside trimble connect. Sometimes it helps to explode groups and components, but having the whole model exploded is a little bit inconvenient. Any tips how t...
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  • Coordinate Transformation of VCL Files

    I have numerous TBC jobs generally by daily Surveys (over the last 3 years) from which I've extracted VCL Project Link as I want to retain Photographs with their associated As Builts,   I've then imported these ...
    John Mill
    created by John Mill
  • New line control code request.

    We currently have Horizontal offset and Vertical offset line control codes. Each code creates a separate line at the specified offset. What if we wanted to create a single line at BOTH a horizontal AND vertical offset...
    Lachlan McKinnon
    created by Lachlan McKinnon
  • view can not be updated

    In Trimble Connect web, if I update model, when I open views which create use last version model, but the view can not be shown latest model view, can help me to solve this problem. I just want if model update, view ...
    Andy Zhu
    created by Andy Zhu
  • Trimble Access 2018.**, file handling system.

    Hi everyone. After using Trimble Access since it was released, and Survey Controller before that, i'm wondering why Trimble left their excellent file handling system, in the 2017.**,  handling the jobs onboard t...
    Peter Løland
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  • How do I add the TML's that are free to the Ribbion?

    I have done this before, but for the life of me, I can't remember how.  I can click on the "TML Status". All the TML's show up and say wheither there up to date or not, but from there I'm lost.  Thanks for...
    Danny Wrench
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  • TBC 5.10 won't import DC file

    I upgraded from TBC 5.0 to TBC 5.1 last week.  The last two site calibration that I've tried to resolve do not work.  Usually, TBC will show a .DC file inside the imported files folder and the recorded ...
    Tyler Ramon
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  • Is there a way to use several boundaries with the offset surface function?

    I am using the Macros offset surface command.  It appears to work well when I have a single clipping boundary and use it in the command on creation.When I then try to add several surface boundaries (Undefined ele...
    Beth Safranski
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  • Does Trimble have an SDK that would allow me to create an app that can connect to a Trimble CORS network?

    I developed an app that uses GPS to determine locations in the field of construction projects. I'd like to get an accuracy boost by connecting/communicating with an established CORS network in the area. The CORS netwo...
    created by JB
  • Bulk Converter: job to jxl [Powershell]

    Hello,    I would like to introduce a job to jxl bulk converter   cmd script name: start.bat powershell script name: J2J.ps1   Start.bat @echo off cls powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy By...
    Mosaab Asli
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  • TBC Tips Vault

    Here you'll find all TBC Tips linked and accessible for viewing (and re-viewing!): To download a PDF containing all below tips (as of April 1, 2019) click here.     Field Data #4 - Spreadsheets - Febru...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Tip # 76 : Referencing to Object attributes and creating Smart Text

    Smart Text !! what a handy little tool, it lets us create texts by referencing to object’s attributes. Whether you are familiar with this function or it is completely new to you, I will walk through the process ...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • updated macro versions for TBC 5.1

    Hi, I tried to add the macros to the appropriate blog entries. But I can't add an attachment to my comment. I'm also unable to upload them to the shareware folder.   But here, creating a new topic, I'm able to...
    Ronny Schneider
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  • Create Points from Spot Elevations

    Create Points from Spot Elevations does not let you use letters in the point number. I would like this ability so that I can put a prefix and make sure my spot elevations do not interfere with survey data. enhancement...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Tip of the Week #33 - Easy *.job to *.jxl file conversion

    Did you know there is a quick way to convert binary *.job files from Trimble Access into *.jxl files that can be opened in a text editor for review or re-imported into different versions of Trimble Access?  The c...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Opening IFC model direct in Trimble Connect for desktop v1.7.1.140 not possible

    With the last update opening a IFC model direct in Trimble Connect for desktop v1.7.1.140 is not possible. When I open direct a IFC model this doesn't work anymore. I see that Trimble connect starts, but not opens. Th...
    Peter-Paul Brans
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  • Wrong models positioning in TC web

    I have two ifc models for wich the positioning is correct when viewed in TC Desktop, but in TC web there is a shift of several meters between the two models in 3 directions (cf captures of both viewers) It is the sam...
    Laure Delaporte
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