• TSC3: Error This version of general survey cannot open a version 1.0.5 job

    We recently updated to the latest TBC 5.30 and are running the most current version of Trimble Access (Trimble Access 2017.24) on our TSC3's. We just started getting this error message on the TSC3 when we export a .jo...
    john blaikie
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  • TBC - GNSS and Total Station Data

    I have a project with GNSS data, I imported a DC file with a local site calibration (i.e. scale factor). I set my control with GNSS and then came back with a total station and collected data with 1.00000 scale factor....
    terra survey
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  • 5.3 bug -  surface data dxf from SCS 900

    If you work at sea level dealing with negative numbers break lines come in correctly, but the points lose the negative sign.  Did this on two separate projects-surveys finding the same  results.
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    I am needing calculate the top of pipe under a road way to the bottom of the sub grade minus 6".  I understand how to get the smart text to give me the elevation of the to object and how to use the math function ...
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Why can't we have this for TBC or Siteworks?

    Trimble Access help portal    Must be nice...siteworks trimblebusinesscenter
    Shea Huckaby
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  • WorksManager Sync to Machine Issue

    Hello, I'm having an issue Syncing files through WorksManager with a couple of machines running EarthWorks 2.0. The machine until recently has sync files flawlessly, now i go to sync and get the error in the 2nd attac...
    Thomas Mauriello
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  • Ask the Experts - Trimble Access & TBC : April 2020

    Thanks to everyone that listened in to the recent Ask the Experts webinar. We've compiled the questions that were relevant to the Trimble Access / TBC topic of the session. If you have any questions or would like some...
    Steven Sheppard
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  • Webinar: Connecting the DOTs - Trimble and ProStar Geocorp define Colorado’s next generation of Utility Mapping

    Join us for an informative webinar to learn how the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) surveyors and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) managers successfully paired Trimble GNSS receivers with the Pro...
    Felicity Boag
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  • Configuring Catalyst In Esri Collector Classic

    To configure Catalyst In Collector Classic    1. Open Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM) and sign in.  Connect to Trimble Catalyst to allow TMM to configure the Catalyst DA1 to configure the subsc...
    Tom Harrison
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  • Add ECEF coordinates

    Hello greetings to all, I am new to the group and I would like to ask if it is possible to add and fix geocentric (ECEF) coordinates when a static point is being processed, in my TBC I only find the option to fix Gl...
    Jairo Ojeda
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  • The requested URL /a3d/ was not found on this server.

    Hello.  The error message shown in the image occurs when finalizing a payment transaction or when editing an existing method.  Error making payment or changing / adding payment method.
    Tais Ferlin
    created by Tais Ferlin
  • export shapefile

    how long should it take to get email shapefile with about 10-15 features or points?  is there some other way to get them besides waiting for email?
    Terence McNabb
    created by Terence McNabb
  • email shapefiles taking long time

    how long are we supposed to wait for these, starting to use software seems like not getting what we need out of this
    Terence McNabb
    created by Terence McNabb
  • Emails alerts

    Is there an way to turn off email alerts? The documentation I found here is out f date... nothing tis ticked yet still get email alerts     Alan
    Alan Cliff
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  • Email daily digest notifications for administrator only

    Dear All,   On Trimble Connect web, how is it possible to enable notifications only for the administrator? Only the administrator receives notifications email about downloads, uploads, visits activity so to say....
    Yanick Lusson
    created by Yanick Lusson
  • How to find a specific assembly

    How do you search for a specific steel assembly and have the model highlight it so it can be located?   Thank you.
    Ron Allen
    created by Ron Allen
  • My Earthworks Machines Stopped Syncing

    I have heard this a few times over the last couple of weeks so I have been trying to get to the bottom of why this is happening. This is what I have found so far - and I managed to get a User in the UK up and running ...
    Alan Sharp
    created by Alan Sharp
  • Move line work by center grip

    Is there a way to move a segment precisely by grabbing the center grip and say "I want to move to the left 1 foot or to the right 3 feet".   This is very useful but you need something to snap to in order to get ...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Import Zoom Extents

    Is there a setting somewhere to stop TBC from "zoom extents" after importing a file?  A settings toggle would be helpful.  Its annoying working in a large project, being zoomed in to the perfect location, im...
    Jeff Zegalski
    created by Jeff Zegalski
  • Menu popping up after drag

     When I right click and drag the window the menu pops up as if I had right clicked without dragging. This has been happening for a while in other versions also. I have just gotten used to it and hit esc or click...
    Tom Dew
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