• Tip of the Week

    Here you can find all the tips published by product experts from the Trimble Mapping & GIS group in one handy place. Keep checking back or bookmark this page so you can find it easily later.   #1 - How to cr...
    Felicity Boag
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  • Tip of the Week #18 - Trimble Positions & TerraFlex Desktop add-ins: Photo handling in TerraFlex workflows

    When creating TerraFlex cloud projects through one of the add-ins for ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap), there are two photo handling workflows to be aware of. Store Photos as Attachments (multiple photos per feature) If a feat...
    Matt Morris
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  • Earthworks Takeoff

    There are always a lot of questions about how to do Takeoffs most effectively in TBC. In this Blog I will try to capture some of the key Takeoff Workflows for you. Please ask Takeoff Questions here and I will try to a...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Coordinate / Surface Data Display Window

    enhancement requests improvement request   It would be nice to have an option for quick object properties within the Coordinate Display Dialog.  Linestring length, layer, name of surface it is a member of....
    Matt Voge
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  • TBC Resetting Defaults and Options

    I had an issue the other day when I opened TBC and it acted as if I installed a new version and it asked what template files I wanted to keep. It then reset all of my options and my template defaults. So, not a big de...
    Adam Bower
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  • TBC gets stuck in a loop when importing a pdf

    This is strange, anyone know why?  When importing this pdf and i chose georeference vector pdf TBC starts computing all surfaces and then gets stuck in one, it never gets done....   Here is a video ht...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • Register e57 point cloud

    Hi, just installed Trimble Business Centre , complete newby.....  So, I imported e57 point cloud file but there is only one reference station in the list , nothing showing in the Moving Station view. There are...
    Klika X
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  • How do I download an old version of Realworks?

    I need version 11.3.1   11.2.2v = Current 11.3.2v = Downloadable   Realworks recommended update course as stated in the startup menu.   11.2.2v - > 11.3.1v -> 11.3.2.v
    Nick S
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  • Check for updates

    Why doesn't Realworks have the same facility as TBC when it comes to updates. After updating it still shouts at me in red saying update available! can be confusing as to whether an update has been done or not!   ...
    Alan Cliff
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  • TDC150 and ESRI  ArcGIS collector

    1. ArcGIS collector crashes after 15-20min on a TDC150. Lack of processing power might be a reason. Does anyone else experience the same issue?   2. The TDC150 and the TDC100 will not be supported by the ne...
    Wim Van Huele
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  • Trimble connect collaboration issue

    Hi everyone, i am new in Trimble connect and i am currently working in an MEP contractor company. As my company has purchased two hololens to see whether we could facilitate our works using the collaboration function....
    Anson Lee
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  • Discrepancy in TRM55971.00 antenna calibration

    Hey Everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has noticed a discrepancy in the vertical phase offset in the Zephyr 2 Geo antenna (TRM55971.00 NONE)? The label on the bottom has it at 8.564cm, the Trimble...
  • remove/add project member

    I have free version of Trimble Connect. I removed some project members (status removed), but can 't add new one. How can I add new member?
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  • Precise Orbit download fail in TBC

    In trying to download precise orbits using the "Internet Download" tool in TBC, I get a message about an error occurring "while trying to log in to cddis.nasa.gov", stating I should check my username and password (see...
    Marianne Okal
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  • Retrieve old project

    Hello, A few months ago I created a project of a dinning room and I could access to it without any problem many times. Today, after maybe three or four months without viewing it, I tried to show it to some friends. F...
    Albert Alapont
    created by Albert Alapont
  • Trimble Connect for Desktop GetAttribute()

    I use Tekla Structures to create a simple model with 1 column named as "COLUMN" and another named as "100". I then export it to IFC and bring it over to Trimble Connect for Desktop.   I use the following to read...
    Kelvin Ng
    created by Kelvin Ng
  • DragnDrop Cad line with keys

    Hi all.   I have found that I can use shift-key while DnD end-point (or other points in the cad-line) and it guides me only in 90% direction (XY) move from that point.  DnD+CTRL-key helps to move the whole...
    Luboš Bejček
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  • Linking Connect with EPM 2020i

    I am having trouble connecting Trimble Connect with Tekla EPM 2020i so that I can see the fabrication progress in the model. I am using Project Manager so I used the Link button on the project settings page. When I go...
    Monty Magner
    created by Monty Magner
  • Trim/Extend Multiple lines to bounding lines remains broke in 5.31

    after selecting the "Lines to trim or extend:" via the Select by Layer option, the selection set is lost when exiting the Select by Layer dialogue box. Please resolve asap.       This issue ...
    Richard Tyndall
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  • Very Lag'y when editing surface members

    Working on a project that was revised quite a bit. Whenever I make an edit to an element that is a surface member, I'm experiencing an unacceptable amount of "lag".   The laptop is pretty beefy: 32gb ram, ...
    Richard Tyndall
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