Web 2.38 Release Notes - January 14 2016

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New Features 

  • Updated modern user interface
  • Sketchup 2016 file format support
  • LandXML v1.2 file format  support (Beta)
  • Public API now supports search
  • Trimble Connect Revit Add-in is now out of beta with support for Revit 2016 and shared coordinates
  • Public API: BSQ download option





  • Check in files by selecting root folder.
  • Created todo from selected snapshot does not get listed in todo on 3D page
  • API to provide Read-Only/No Access Folder information
  • API - Uploading rvt files without plugin directly should display correct processing status
  • Clash : thumbnail on the shared email should be modified





  • App doesn't update/refresh the row selection.

  • Instant email - Instant email is not received for Rename release and Edit Notes.

  • Daily Digest - Folder Added activity is not displaying the default Image and name of the Folder created

  • Even though file is already checked out , Error message is not getting displayed

  • Public v2.0 API : hasChildren is false for folder which has subfolder

  • Download button is not working in 2d viewer

  • Todo Sorting : Sorting is not happening correctly for label and created by columns

  • Rename a folder, "export for excel" feature gives error when try get excel for it

  • Default user image in profile page is not getting displayed when we try to upload a corrupted file.

  • Project Name Field is not accepting more than 3 numbers

  • Email settings : user able to customize his settings even though admin did not set permission

  • Public v2.0 API: Random NonUniqueResultException on create folder API

  • Public v2.0 API: Random HibernateOptimisticLockingFailureException on invite user API

  • TCPS Clash API issues

  • Email settings : "User invited to project" option is seen in 2 sections

  • Activity for Invited user does not show user that was invited

  • Creator of clash gets permission denied error while trying to update, after self-assignee is removed.

  • Clash indexer gets stuck if mashup models are missing

  • Selecting a folder gives error in console that "Filetype_not_supported"

  • StorageObject path updation for moved objects - affects download

  • Move files from Folder A To B : By default file is getting selected

  • Clashset status stays at 0% if clashset is created before files are assimilated

  • Error message is NOT getting displayed for Special Characters for Clashsets

  • User is NOT able to checkin files

  • User is not able to create view error "Invalid Json","errorcode":"INVALID_JSON" gets displayed

  • 2D-Viewer: No success message after creating Todo

  • LoadTesting-GetClash list private API- ResponseTime increased in 2.37 release

  • APIDOC : "permission" parameter is missing in Folder Object Representation

  • Activity : Same filter type displayed twice in the left panel of activity page

  • Public v2.0 API : Create ViewGroup fails and returns permission denied error

  • An empty Folder is getting checked out successfully

  • Activity : Internal error occurred when the user clicks on activity tab in right panel

  • Search : Search searches by itself if To date is given (Project wide Search)

  • Profile - Thumbnail which was loaded before uploading the corrupted file is displayed while refreshing profile page

  • White stripe appears on the app.

  • Alert message is not shown properly

  • TODO: Right panel styling fixes

  • Projects : Removed user able to view the the project in the project dashboard and while clicking on the project, either the page keeps on loading or getting request access page

  • Multiple user invites gets error in the invitation window but invitation is sent.

  • Public v2.0 API : Search API : For Views type is displayed as "SNAPSHOT" which should be "VIEW"

  • DWG file thumbnails are broken