Release Selected Files to Users

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Release Selected Files to Users
Releases are used to send versions of files or folders privately to users who are part of a project.  If a user is not allowed access for a particular project but we want to allow the user access a particular version of the file in that project, then this feature is very useful.


Creating a Release:

  • To create a release, Go to Data page select a file and click the Releases tab on the bottom left.

 Releases function on Trimble Connect

  • Click button to create a release and a dialog for creating release will come up when clicked.
  • Enter the Release name, select a Due Date (default date is release creation date), enter the user information with whom you want to share it with and enter any notes if needed. User information is auto-suggestive based on the name of user and you can also assign it to a group. Click "Submit" to save and send the release. 

 Create new release on Trimble Connect


Viewing, Sending and Deleting Releases

  • On the left pane, click "+" next to "Sent" to expand and view sent releases.

 Sent release to recipients

  • Select the release by clicking the check box.
  • Selected releases can be viewed on the right pane. To send the selected releases, click on "Send." You can confirm it by selecting the release and see the details of it on the right pane. 

 Details of release

  • The file(s) that are associated to an open release can be deleted by clicking  "Delete" button.   However, the file(s) that are associated to a sent release can't be deleted. 

Attaching Files to a Release

  • Files can also be added to an open release.
  • Go to the "Data" tab, select file(s) from the middle pane, click "More" button and select "Add Files to Release".

 Add files to release

  • Select the existing release you want to add files to, once finished click "Save".  This will save file(s) to open release.  If ready, click "Send Release" to send the release to recipients.

 Add file to release

Downloading files attached to Release

You can download the files attached to release by clicking "Download files from release" button.

  • Select the release and file(s) that are attached to the release will show up in the mid pane.
  • Now select the file(s) from the mid pane and click "Download files from release" button. download file from release